Birdie Wing

Is it me or was the first episode rather boring and not very good?

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Pretty standard for a sports anime. I'm in it for the waifus.

I want to beat you with a 7 iron

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any major male for self insert? all bitches are trash

Suck my 9 Wood

They should make it yuri.

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Is this the pits anime of the season?

There are two, and right there in the key visual.


it's a sports anime. wait for it to approach a regionals or championship whatever

Well, at least we know who the main characters are.

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Red is permanently in armpit pose in every shot.

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I want to hire a mercenary brazilian golfer and play some hole-in-one with her

It's you.

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More illegal golf scams.

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Same energy as Kandagawa Jet Girls minus the random nudity.

Enjoyed the first episode, maybe it's not for u

>minus random nudity
Truly a tragedy.

The nudity was the best part of KJG, the girls being all great was not bad either.

You can't really tell that much from a first episode, but this one was honestly kind of weak.

Dibs on the Hot Topic one.

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The bathing scenes are fine but I've seen better bathing scenes. The rest I can agree although I personally felt that its SoL scenes are the best part.

I thought white-hair was a man. Disappointed, really.

Not a fan of androgynous characters in general, tbqdesu.

She isn't androgynous at all, she just has a manly face but otherwise has a body of a tall slender woman with well-endowed assets.

I didn't realize that was a woman until I read this and looked back at her.

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Literally a goth version of Akane Tsunemori

Don't worry about it, Yea Forums just has a chronic case of shit taste due to Redditfags and zoomies invading in recent years. It WAS boring and looked like shit. Embarrassing for a first episode.

Birdie Wing Creditless OP:

Birdie Wing Creditless ED:

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It was shit. I turned it off after 10 minutes.

>sports anime
Looked more like an espionage anime to me.

St. Andrews

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>not liking the over-the-topness
>not knowing that the anime is half-sport half-betting mystery story

That is some radioactive ass looking grass

>we bribe the police to let us squat and run an illegal alcohol dispensary, but we keep a bunch of kids at the bar with the single alcoholic woman instead of letting them get proper families so you should feel bad for us
It was complete garbage and hitting the ball hard isn't enough to make this shitty "sport" anywhere near interesting.

It'd be better if it was just about hitting a ball hard. All this forced drama stuff is worse.

Is the episode tomorrow? anichart says it aired, by I see no raws.

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Reminds me of SK8 as you said when they add a bunch of mystery-ish stuff in a spokon.

>Birdie Wing Creditless OP:

This is looked like the storyboard made like a Gundam opening.

I'm sure it's the same fags who've been whining about Virgin Road and Tsubaki

>Kohmi Hirose
Damn that takes me back

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So Aoi's father is connected to Eve somehow. Is this going to be another Hanebado?

Aoi's parents were both famous golfers, bet Eve's father was just as good but didn't succeed for reasons

>letting them get proper families
Kids are obviously illegal too. At best they get sent to the system, at worst deported to whatever shithole is closest.

Mc is scissoring that immigrant lady, right?

Her mom talked like the dad was dead or divorced. Seems that Aoi was taught by her mom to play perfectly technical golf. Meanwhile Eve's father(?) was all about guts say yeah.

Is this yuri?

They'll be something else as well, like he was betting on the side and got banned, that's why Eve doesn't want anyone to know her surname

Better than staying where they are and ending up as street whores until a client beats them to death.

Not yet

They're ballsexual.

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