Dragon Ball Super

Making weapons from chi is so fucking lame

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>the SHITnga
Anyway, let's talk about something worthwhile.

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Lame ability for a lame character.



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50/50 chance

A) Goku pic
B) Bejita pic

Take a risk!

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>Anyway, let's talk about something worthwhile.


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>Anyway, let's talk about something worthwhile.
Seasonal moe anime?

It's cool but really doesn't fit DB worldbuilding

Black could already do it anyway, it's not even like it's a new ability

>no Chadgeta
Don't care, not canon.

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50/50 chance
A) Pic of Gohan jobbing
B) Pic of Broly on a rape rampage

Take a risk!

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Yes. What are you watching this season?

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The Cooler Consumer.
The Broly Buster.
The Baby Beater.

>the good old days before JOBgeta

Gohan won that fight.

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Rilldo? Stronger than Buu.

The new season of Kaguya-sama.

SHITnime black* and it was still lame with him.


100% chance of both.

>the optional days before CHADgeta
Boring but optional.

>universe destroying entities can be killed by the sun
Dragon Ball powerscaling is nonsensical. And that's OKAY. The STRENGTH of Dragon Ball is in fun fight choreography, not fight mechanics. Nobody complains about how Kenshiro doesn't instantly kill every single villain with hokuto shinken in Fist of the North Star. People only complain about that kind of shit in Dragon Ball because it attracts braindead spics, who are the only people retarded enough to care about that kind of thing.


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*CANONime Black, and he made it look good, just like with anything that's both in the CHADnime and the PROMOnga.


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show me BLAST1


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>universe destroying entities can be killed by the sun
Just because they can destroy the universe with brute force doesn't mean they can withstand Sun-sama's sizzling wrath.

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Name the filename "B-97"

Ask nicely.

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...and it's stolen from the anime.

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show me BLAST1 please

It didn't look good. Not the scythe and not the Dante move. It always bordered on retarded try hard territory.

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>m**shitter cope image
2-0 in Chadgeta's favor.

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The only things good were Gokek jobbing to a laser and the prince beating the shit out of the sissy lizard.

1:45:00 of a Gold space lizard jobbing until time has to get reset. I liked it more than Battle of Gods I guess.

The part where Bejita jobbed was funny.

Good. I recommend Ya Boy Kongming.

Imagine if Janemba actually wields the legendary authentic Z-Sword, that can kill any god?

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The 2nd worst movie of the franchise, only a step up above Evolution.

Full power point blank Kamehameha from FPSS Goku couldn't do shit to Broly and here we have rusty SS2 Teen Gohan causing post Zenkai Broly to flinch with a single kick, it only shows how big of a gap there was between SS2 Kid Gohan, Super Perfect Cell and everyone else.
SS2 Kid Gohan, who was arguably twice as powerful as SPC since he overpowered him with half his Ki gone as per manga, would mop the floor with Broly in the first movie if he turned SS2 right there and then.

>a guy who wants to kill all life in the universe and reign supreme as its only god is tryhard and edgy

Ugly as shit, every single character comes out looking like shit, insanely boring. Worst DB Movie.


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Modern-day /dbs/ is like wars in Africa. Primitive African tribesmen use advanced weaponry developed by those more sophisticated than them to destroy one another; the same way Gokufag and Bejitafag tourists use edits made by long-since departed scholars to shitpost at each other.

>Mo*shitter gif
GODku remains undefeated.

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Chadgeta did it also.

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Fusion Reborn is top-tier. The hitler guy was total kek. I didn't like how the outlines were bigger in those scenes though.

But SHITnga is not canon?


what the fuck

the SHITnga looks so garbage

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Notice how the only way to create interesting fights is to forbid the characters from flying... almost as if making flight an ability shared by every character was a terrible decision.

Shitku lost. 2-0.

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Toei Animation.
Jiren The Gray.
Nothing else matters.

>Come back to this thread after hours of being a functioning adult
>Bejitabots are still going strong
What dedication.

>BulmaBITCH is here

Thanks I'll check it out.

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Absolute Kino

Who the FUCK are you talking about?

>TurlesFAG is here


Great adventure show, funny characters and great character designs. Peak shonen. DBZ is just as good but for other reasons, still has great character design going for it tho.
GT and Super are dogshit. GT is worse tho.

Maybe we’d be in fucking Nirvana with the rest of you if you broke the Belgian’s curse of infinite timeloop he cast on us instead of ascending past it and leaving us behind, fucking dipshit. We’ve been here for fucking THIRTY YEARS. THIRTY!!!

I am here.

The more I think about it, the more I hate this film

... jobbed to Li Xin.

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Shut the fuck up, Tardkuscum.

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What are you thinking about?

Any fellow Roshifriends ITT?

>He doesn't know

What do you use to scan and translate your DB books?

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From a writing standpoint. They tried hard to give him a unique move set, ignoring how the universe they are in works. They are just as retarded as Toyo.

>worse than Super


>make the characters more like CAPESHIT, a genre notorious for its insultingly bad, weightless fight scenes
>DB fights lose all meaning and become a sea of bland, incongruous paste laden with ATATATATATATATATATATATAs and glowing skittle blasts

Bejita never cheats.

I telekinetically tear out pages and beam them into the internet.

It looked good.

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Only in SHITper, though. Z still has great fights, even if it does stretch the flying thing thin.

>Bejita [HEADCANON].
He hit Goku after they both agreed to stop fighting.

What will make the Bejitabots stop their reign of terror?

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Shitren? Lost.

Still a win. BITCH

>DB fights lose all meaning and become a sea of bland, incongruous paste laden with ATATATATATATATATATATATAs and glowing skittle blasts
That's only in the Super anime. Z and dare I say GT both excelled in airborne fights.

Wouldn't it be nice if Dragon Ball was actually about well, the Dragon Balls?

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It's not Dragon Ballsey

The way Goku just fucking AAAAIIIIEEEs is killing me.

Post-flight DB is very hit or miss to me, but I agree that it never gets as bad as capeshit even in the most mundane fight.

Does this kill you?

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Nope. Where's your Saiyan pride?

No I'm behind you.

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>Defending Moeshit
>Anti-GODku post
Every time.

Nah, not really. It's missing some wounds. The other one is funny because he's stabbed all over and has a giant fucking hole in his chest..

Ironic how Tenshinhan, while being the first character (sans Puar) to be able to fly, is still probably the least "capeshit" character in DB right now. I think that's because his flying in the 22nd Budokai was very limited, and he couldn't move quickly or attack efficiently while doing it.

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Okay this is a big hole.

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No, Vegeta is actually a sympathetic character.

Unoriginal Tardkuanimal piece of SHIT.

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Strict adherence to some arbitrary "Dragon Ball-sey" standard is why the SHITnga is fucking boring trash.

Toriyama didn't, and doesn't, give a shit about what fits the average tardbro's idea of Dragon Ball. Your favorite arc is not "Dragon Ball-sey" either when you compare it to the first arc of the series.

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Yeah, this is better. Funny.

This is the funniest AAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEE. You can't prove me wrong.

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It was floating not flying

My favorite arc IS the first arc.

That's one of the 4 fight scenes (SCENES not even the full conflicts) that looked good in the Black arc.

Right, but it's still referred to as "bukujutsu", which is the term also used to describe flying in later arcs.

I have none. Bejita does, however.

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I don’t even read the posts here. I just look at the pictures and gifs (not webm I’m on my phone).

Holy shit I just now realize it's 3 AM.
Goodnight bros, last thread was pretty fun.

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>The first arc is the defining arc
That's not how it works. The defining arc is the defining arc, and for Dragon Ball that is NOT the first arc.

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Is that blood? CHAPERBROS... HOLD ME.

And people say Super is shit?

>being dragon ballsey
You are kidding

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>Replying to that thing

You with the gay purple penis head.
Me with the god-like physique and wonderfully polished, grayish dome.

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Are those shoulders even larger than Cell Arc Tien?

Yeah, the animation is okay here, but it's just boring.

A shame, you won't get to watch this one

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>he RAN

No one cares about the gagshit parts of Dragon Ball.

>The defining arc is the defining arc, and for Dragon Ball that is NOT the first arc.
Very true, this is a King Piccolo household.


>no damage
Based Buu torturing JOBgeta mentally, and later physically.

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What makes it boring?

Actually, it's MY arc.

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Thanks for the replies. Not reading them though. Would you mind converting those webms to gifs so I can watch them?


Kek, saved.