Primal Gods in Ancient Times / Touge Oni

I caught up to the chapters released today and I must have the other chapters to read.
Why does it have to be like this?

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dafuq is dis?

That the fuck is that? I need to get back to reading this series though. I remember the pages with the nice huge dragon chick. Does she ever come back in the story or was she a one-chapter-and-done type?

>Does she ever come back in the story or was she a one-chapter-and-done type?
The group discovered she's in the moon so now they got to figure out how to get there

This manga is so good, shame it's basically unknown on Yea Forums.

Nice, also that spoiler, might have to read to see how that happened. Do we see her dragon form anymore?

Which chapter was that?

Is that Tsukuyomi?

storytime it

I liked the side stories involving that snake god's servants and worshipers.

>new chapters

I thought this was axxed.
What's the release cycle? It has been forever since there was another chapter.

I think it releases monthly but whoever is translating it only does it when a new tank comes out

I think we've had a couple big dumps before.
Its just hampered by the slow release schedule.

SO MC and the oni are destining to marry each other then

He wishes


>senbei kudaki
>biscuit hammer
So is the manga inspired by real Japanese myth, or is this manga referencing it?

They are, look at their name, Zenki and Goki are mythological oni couple

Thats literally just how Japanese people eat senbei.
They're too hard to bite, so they smash them with hammers first. Like what soldiers used to do with hardtack.
In Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer, it was referencing the same idea, with Earth itself. And this made a joke about that.

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oh I see

Will Goki also become an oni then?

That is the unknow part, we don't know if whether she eventually got put in a situation where she become an Oni too.
We do know that the Monk would eventually seal away the dragon Kami lady, we just don't know what that actually mean due to how myth are view and written by later generation

Seal her with his dick

I remember a touge Oni thread that went to the bump limit some time back. It started with this page I think, but I cannot remember the title.

(coom)baiting is the only way to get obscure manga threads to stay up sadly.

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I'm guilty, I got into it because of this page. No regrets.

If the elephant kami got killed during the transfer of land, how does he show up here? Is he a ghost kami?

He didn't die. The pact was fulfilled before he got hit

Did it? Can he just force Nisiki into the pact like that? I thought the act of killing him sealed the deal.

Also we know other death Kami exist too, like the bond he gave the group gives them a bargaining chip to talk with the 144 Kami that died before they made the deal

Well there's a cut away and big explosion, and he's alive at present. Look, it's Kami magic, I ain't gotta explain shit.

The 144 Kami that died are physically no longer, the epitaphs are to commemorate their sacrifice as well as to contain their remaining malice towards the high kami (can't remember their long ass name rn). He gave them 1 epitaph to call out the high kami.

Is the spider god Anansi and does having his eye damaged in that war means he can no longer see with all 8 eyes?

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Can I interest you in another obscure Japanese historical manga?

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What's about?

>(coom)baiting is the only way to get obscure manga threads to stay up sadly.
It sucks. If I want to talk about an obscurer series I have to wait for a new chapter and even then no guarantee it'll get more than 100 replies
Anime will easily hit bump limit as long as it's seasonal and often even if it's not

Why does so Ninigi often portrait as villain compare to his grandmother?

19th century Scottish noblewoman exploring Japan with her Japanese guide. I've only read the first few volumes because I prefer reading slower manga all at once. But this method sucks because now I can't discuss much of touge Oni here only having read the first 2 vols.
The only real discussion you can have is in storytime threads outside of new releases and those are rare and cannot be repeated often. And when your favourite manga releases about once a year it's painful. When the next volume of Magus comes out I really hope it's dumped chapter by chapter to stretch one thread out to 6.

It doesn't really have coom pages so those threads are all we get. What sucks is that the shitposting potential is crazy high it just requires a decent population of autists familiar with the source material (like what world trigger has). But the glacial releases and its lack of popularity will never make that happen.

Basically we need a slower manga board.

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I agree with what you say, it sucks and Yea Forums is worse off for all that.
>Basically we need a slower manga board.
I've been suggesting it for years but mods won't listen. I've tried making ones for obscure series and they just die in 2 hours.
World trigger threads are great but even then they're only really "allowed" once a month (or less if there's no chapter then)

We dont need a damn manga board. Yea Forums has already gotten way slower.

>Why does it have to be like this?
It's the pain of following a monthly manga

>We do know that the Monk would eventually seal away the dragon Kami lady, we just don't know what that actually mean due to how myth are view and written by later generation
How does the myth version goes?


The ink-drinking guy read the wiki and told him the version of the myth where the monk sealed the sick Kami away.

It a metaphysical death I guess.
He was sent in the real myth to another world that he was given dominion over, in place of Earth.
I guess the beheading was a representation of that.

Generally because the taking of the land from Okuninushi is treated as a very Might Makes Right affair.
Rather than something about divinity and grace, its more, "these Gods of Heaven dominated the Gods of Earth and you must obey them because of that."

And I think that if you read the Okuninushi myth, you really start to sympathize with the guy and see him as the good guy in comparison to Amaterasu and her sons trying to establish dominion.
Its pretty interesting. I think I'm going to have to do more research on this because it really has me curious why thats so.

I can only find a myth version where Hitokotonushi is an ugly god that was forced to build a bridge by En no Ozunu but due to his ugliness he only work at night. Eventually the two grow dislike of each other so Hitokoto told the Emperor bad stuffs about Ozunu, hold his mother hostage and force him into exile. He returned after some years and then seal the Okami away.

>Manga board
>80% dailies
>Can't keep up
>Forever backlogged once more

In the myth version, the God of Heaven send 3 messenger down to order the Gods of Earth to hand over their land rulership to a son of Susanoo. The first one go down but see it soo dirty that he came back half way, the 2nd one go but got bride by Okuninushi, the 3rd one became his son-in-law. SO eventually the Heaven Gods send down Kami of Sword and Kami of Thunder. They "talk" with the 2 sons of Okunikushi and then he agree to hand over the ownership of the land.

In the myth Ozuno gets Zenki and Goki to chill out by tricking them into thinking he had boiled their children alive, I doubt the manga goes that way

Yeah, its really interesting to me.
Okuninushi's a descendant of Susanoo and even got some respect from him for his efforts.
He builds Japan in its primordial form into a country. And had a bunch of tales written down/told about him being a generally pretty cool dude, helping others, having loving relationships with his wives, etc.
The first 3 messengers from Amaterasu sent to give him an "offer he can't refuse" either puss out or become his bro.
Then you have the last dude come in, who scare his sons into submission with their greater power, and then Okuninushi hands over Japan while being given rights to control another world instead. Because even at that point he was still in a position to cut a deal.

Its supposed to be a story justifying the Japanese Monarchy they say, but who justifies themselves as being descendants of Kami like that?
I guess Japanese culture was really different back then, for that to seem good.

You have to make it bait-y enough that the regulars will bite but not overly inflammatory to the point where it's obvious you're trying to start shit.

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>Its supposed to be a story justifying the Japanese Monarchy they say, but who justifies themselves as being descendants of Kami like that?
>I guess Japanese culture was really different back then, for that to seem good
Myths change over time, often to serve politics, Japan was originally china's bitch (the original name Wa meant something live submissive), maybe the myth was supposed to show how even how the chinese are stronger the japs still got the honor and managed to get a deal that kept their rights but then as the empire got more power and independance from chine the emperor identified himself with the conqueror gods

I didn't wait a whole year for 2 chapters. Where the rest of it?

They're going to blue ball us, the fuckers.

I believe the scanlators decided to only work on tankobon raws instead of magazine raws because they do not like any potential censorship

Based. All for that dragon pussy

The Ryukyu Kingdom was a kingdom in the Ryukyu Islands from 1429 to 1879. It was ruled as a tributary state of imperial China by the Ryukyuan monarchy, who unified Okinawa Island to end the Sanzan period, and extended the kingdom to the Amami Islands and Sakishima Islands. The Ryukyu Kingdom played a central role in the maritime trade networks of medieval East Asia and Southeast Asia despite its small size. The Ryukyu Kingdom became a vassal state of the Satsuma Domain of Japan after the invasion of Ryukyu in 1609 but retained de jure independence until it was transformed into the Ryukyu Domain by the Empire of Japan in 1872. The Ryukyu Kingdom was formally annexed and dissolved by Japan in 1879 to form Okinawa Prefecture, and the Ryukyuan monarchy was integrated into the new Japanese nobility.

Is Japan's founding myth related to the ancient kingdoms in Japan that were forcibly conquered by the Japanese Shogunate?


This website really does encourage autism