I just remembered miura is dead and berserk will never be finished and I got sad

I just remembered miura is dead and berserk will never be finished and I got sad

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Based lolichad RIP

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Stop spamming threads of your garbage dead series.

it's better that berserk will never be finished so (more) people won't realize what a hack he was. he already ran into an imaginative dead end halfway through and spent more time playing video games than working on the series

don't be sad that it's over, be glad that it happened

why would you go and use that word you fucking heartless cunt

It is a shame that censorship in Japan is getting worse due to outside intervention in later years, Not just in loli but on almost everything, Way to shit on Miura's legacy

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what are the chances oda and togashi croak before they finish their series?

I kinda hope they give Berserk to someone young and talented and we have a new Berserk manga that continues the story.

If it turns out to be shit then it's fine since it's a sequel separate manga

If it turns out to be good then that's fine as well

Togashi might as well be dead while Oda keeps stretching the hell out of his series, so it can happen.

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Miura's hermaphrodite manga is also unfinished but no one cares about that

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He finished his loli pee drinking manga so it's not all bad.

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I don't understand the transformation at the end, I am still seething by the self wanking Griffith doing

That was a good manga
That's a good butt

Good, berserk was trash anyway
Based Japan doing something about their pedophile problem

Its going to be fine.

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Everyone's so happy you're here. Did you tell your foster parents you'll pay them back yet? Did you apply for that job you wanted? Did you do your 30 minutes of exercise for the day? Yeah of course you did, bro you're well adjusted. You come into threads over stuff you don't care about and shit post. Here's a Pepsi, or Pepsi max if you're europoor.

I will finish Berserked. Glorious ending to feels. Guts will be avenged>


based retard
his apprentices are in legal battle with his estate for the right to use the vast amount of notes he left behind to finish the series


Is it allowed to be spamming canceled series threads?


I am just rereading my favourite Grunbeld story while watching anime 2016 with clang sounds compilation in the background.

It could still be finished, just not the way he probably intended. Even so, it wouldn’t be the same.

How you do, fellow strugglers?
Jessica from school rejected me again and reported me to the principal. She just doesn't understand she is my Casca baka. Principal told me that he has to suspend me so I simply answered "Do whatever you want now. But if you disturb me, I'll kill you." in my most menacing voice. Of course, this coward had to call cops on me, and now I am expelled. Mom is yelling at me all the time. She doesn't understand my struggle, but I have to keep going. Guts would never give up.

I hope you are doing better than me currently, and let me tell you - we will have our revange on that stupid fag Griffith. If noone is going to continue Berserk after death of master Miura-san, I will apply. I have couple good ideas actually. They all end with Griffith and his stupid new "band of the hawk" massacred by Draognslayer. Guts will decapitate Griffith and show everyone how cool he is. He will be emperor of the biggest empire, not some tranny and his parade of drag queens.

So did Guts slam or no? I would be pretty pissed if the kid got her

I thought his assistants were going to finish the story, what happened to that?

Not confirmed

Isidro? Pretty sure he was simping for the half-mermaid no?

>miura is dead and berserk will never be finished
Oh yeah, if miura was alive an ending was around the corner

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>normie shit is abandoned
>Pedo is dead
>Endless seething from faggots

He was never going to finish it anyways

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Fuck off and die, incel. You will never be as successful as Miura and no one will care about you when you die.

The Doraemon creator didn't even got a sticky when he died and all his threads got spammed with frogposters saying "I'm glad that pedo died", Yet a english Funimation VA did got a sticky.

Co-creator, Still not getting a sticky when some random Murican VA did was disrespectful probably the worse this board has ever done aside from that year they didn't do a Pani Poni Dash sticky.

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Now that the dust has settled, what that really necessary?

Dude was broke and had to be constantly hospitalised till he finally dropped dead.

He sold 50 million volumes. Not to mention merchandise and anime/movie income.

oda is already dead.

kys faggot

It's finished, just not complete.

is it a controversial opinion to think miura is 100% a pedophile? not that it makes berserk less enjoyable

Maybe? He apparently went out on a date with a female mangaka for the release of the 3rd golden age film, don't know how true that is though.

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>Is that you Casca?

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>dude semantics lmao

just remember that it became absolute dogshit when the little brats joined and it became an RPG fantasy

budbros why cant we stop winning?

>the vast amount of notes

His schizophrenic delusions, which admittedly I hope are right for once.

Yasuo Otsuka, Eiichi Yamamoto and multiple other industry veterans got no sticky.