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What are your expectations for Film: RED?

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blackbeard beats shanks AGAIN

He never beat him at all.

spee D. reader blackbeard was the one who put the scare on his face

Film: Red.
August 6th.

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That doesn’t suggest defeat on Shanks’ part.

Nami throws away that outfit 5 minutes into the film.

Hope other girls make a appearance like Tashigi, Bonney or Hancock

shanks shitters are bigger jobber deniers than mihawk fags

wasn’t Hancock’s seiyuu confirmed to have done voice roles for the movie?

Prove from the manga that Shanks lost that fight against Blackbeard. All he said was that the scar he received was from him.

Is this the thread?

Really? I don’t remember.

>two parallel plots with Shanks and the strawhats
>no Gear 5 but a heavy focus on Gear 2 and ryou with a hint at Gear 5
>movie ends with Shanks leaving just before Luffy can catch up to him

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The Cum Cum Fruit.

We don't have a good timeline for when he got the scar, but if it was around the time when he was having his legendary duels with Mihawk, Teach might even be stronger, which is insane.
For me, it's kind of hard to consider him *that* strong because of how he got dominated by Newgate, but it's possible.

Probably this. Shanks has just been used for promotion but I feel like he will have very minimal screen time.

It'll be complete garbage like all one piece movies but maybe some webms of someone jobbing and tiddies will be posted here before ultimately being forgotten for more nakamafaggory nd wano shit posting, no fucking way in hell will this battle end before August, It's on track to last for the entire year

beating nami's head in with a rusty hammer

>webms of tiddies
All I want/need.

>Movie 6
>Strong World
>Film: Z

Luffy goes gear 5

the new girl is shanks adopted daughter. shanks adopted her because of her capability to upset the world as implied by the teaser trailer. when luffy learns that the new girl has the ability to create a dark future for common people, shanks gets in luffys way, insisting that letting her do this js the right choice. luffy fights shanks and then the new girl as the major 3rd act fights. minor battles for sanji vs lucky roo, zoro vs Beckman, and usopp vs yasopp

ONE PISS has movies lmao which ones are good. I'm binge watching the series currently on episode 60 loving it so far. Got to episode 700 before I caught up to weekly releases and stopped. Can't remember anything that happened. This time in watching filler for fun just tryna escape school stress. Weird how I like Sanji now used to hate him. Worth reading the manga?


Bro are you shitting me? Shanks finally doing something??? Can't believe my eyes right now never thought I'd live to see this. I'll catch up with the story in time if it's in August nice

Everyone loves Baron: Omatsuri. I liked Gold but some people've been kind of eh on it recently. Film: Z and Strong World get built up a lot too. Most people i've talked with thought Stampede was all fan service. Any other ones aren't relevant and didn't involve Oda

You know what!? Yeah go Yamato jump into the fucking sunny already I don't care anymore! Kaido too! Everyone for Nakama! Let's just fucking LEAVE WANO 4EVER AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH


Music peace lots of singing and dancing
Brook has a big role
Chopper and Sanji are idol otaku

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Damn you're awesome thanks for the heads up. I'm glad one piece is going well the last couple seasons have been a drought for me and I'm in Nursing School so I only have time during summer to enjoy anime. Still read a ton of manga though. I just think seeing one piece is better for watching imo because cool stretching scenes and the laughs, comedy, music choices in big fights etc but I've been really thinking about taking a look at the manga. Plus I get to turn my brain off I read a lot as is

>come on Paypay, user said we could join the mugiwara pirate. Lets go so we can stay relevant after Wano tss.

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For me, it's kind of hard to consider him *that* strong because of how he got dominated by Newgate, but it's possible.
Extremely old, stabbed, shot and dying of aids whitebeard literally could make earthquakes felt across the planet and was planet buster tier, prime whitebeard was galaxy buster tier.

reminder that Sanji is the only straw hat who betrayed the crew TWICE

>who is slutmi

Timeskip chopper is soulless, ugly hat too

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Victim-blaming is cringe

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I'll give you movie 6 but the rest were shit

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if sanji learned how to punch he would be yonko tier

Are there any doujins of loli Robin? Shes so cute

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I agree.

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Time skip ruined all except Luffy and Zoro. Women had terrible proportions, chopper ugly, Sanji look gay asf ussop became a black guy cringe Rastafarian. Franky hideous.

Robin > Slutmi

at being shit.

>Time skip ruined the series*

>no, like this! dumb tangerine

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Blackbeard is a bitch that couldn't take down a dying cancer patient with five of his buddies.

Bots don't exist in /dbs/. That was a pysop created out of jealousy od our threads being the most influential on this entire website. Everything posted here? Created by the sheer creativity of the human MIND.



But he did

I remember when you fags bitched at the song choice

I feel bad for bullying my autistic cousin for watching one piece when i was 14

the manga fight should easily be done by august. I'd even say ends early july. then we got the wano warp up shit which could go to otober.
anime no it even restarted yet?

Gear 5.

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You seem like an asshole. If you were my cousin i would shove in you in a trash can and roll it down a hill.

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Anime will continue next week, with a episode adapting chapter 999.

No just the main cast designs. Series is fine. I don't like what Oda did to the designs because Im not one of those fags who say "Oda Sensei" or "Oda-sama" even though I'm a white American who watches jap cartoons over the age of 18. Good show. Weird how people suck his cock though. The arcs kinda drag post time skip desu and it loses stream but still going good. Excited to live to see the end of the series put it to bed

No fucking way is it lasting past June

uuhmm user they literally gunned him down for fun

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>You seem like an asshole
Yeah I used to be
It was a long time ago and I doubt the guy even remembers it anymore, but I still feel bad

>robin doesn't even seem to age.
Lord have mercy. Those are some good genes.
>Ussop becomes Rayleigh basically
How odd.

unfunniest poster ITT

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