Please don't forget about Bocchi

Please don't forget about Bocchi

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I'm eagerly awaiting her rock anime.

How could I?
She's fucking impossible once she activates the natto with white rice buff

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I won\t forget you, uh... Whocchi? I think that's what people around here call you.

how much different would this series be if she was ugly instead


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Absolutely criminal her manga getting axed

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Imagine how soft her feet are.
I bet she'd cry if you randomly whipped your dick out and started fucking her feet. Imagine how sad she would be able being violated in such a violent way as she feet are spread open by your cock.

I want a sleep x sheep shirt.

Me too user, me too

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Is there even any kind of Bocchi merch?

Bocchibucket for vomiting

Bocchi will nevera have friends, everyone hate her.

>there will never be a season 2

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S2 coming up soon

i want to pinch her chubby cheeks

She should become a teacher in her local school

Bocchi you just got here! Don't die yet!

Too late...

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covering sotoka's forehead in glue and making macaroni pictures

Please don't bully this cute retarded ninja

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bocchi (faker)

There is an unfortunate lack of it. There is only one garage kit figure and nothing licensed. For official merch, there are one or two acrylic stands and keychains for the major characters, as well as a small collection of pens and stationary, posters, t-shirts, and other knickknacks. There is a plush of the Ganbaru fairy. I was really hoping for figures, but even the merchandising division must have forgotten about Bocchi.

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what's her theme music?

Wa ha ha

That's this guy, right?

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She must Sanae Dekomori's twin, both look alike!

never forget

how strong?

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I actually started watching her show for the first time. On episode 10


Bocchi is die

VERY strong.

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I thought we were getting a new Bocchi soon to make up for the one we forgot.

Any Boochis from this season?


Bocchi, your friend. Don't forget her.

Nah, sorry. Doesn’t ring a bell.

Faking a friendship with Bocchi and exploiting her so I can get close and date one of her friend!

Bocchi JAV

Waiting until she is alone and vulnerable to speak very loudly to her about nothing in particular, just to make her cry from interacting with some person she doesn't know.

Don't die Bocchi!

kunoichi were made to be bullied sexually

Please stop that

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i want to ask bocchi directions in english

It's just not the same if it's not official merch

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calling sotoka a gaijin phoney while furiously masturbating in front of her


Let me buy Bocchi.

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You are almost as scary as Nako-chan user..

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>Hitori Bocchi
>is not Hitori Bocchi
I will never watch your anime.