On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate the fun and enjoyment factor of Symphogoat.

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Still mad about how terrible the final season was.

0 but +10 for Shirabe only.

Something like this.

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desu desu /10

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This but without any downward trends.

That looks like a heart attack

I agree with this chart but no one dare post the graph afterwards as its doesn't keep going up.

On a scale of one to ten how retarded am I for only liking season 1 and 5?


I'd give it a Jackie Chan out of 10.

Can you convert that to numbers?

It keeps going up until GX 1 though?

I like this one

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10, but it sometimes fluctuates and goes down to like 4-5 because how frustrating some plotlines are

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why do I feel like I remember Kanade's VA having something to do with it?


Symphogear 9/10
G 8/10
GX 4/10 and two of those points are just because of how much I liked the dolls
XV 6/10
AXZ 5/10
I especially hate how good writing and character interactions was pretty much entirely thrown out the window as the franchise went on in favor of fanservice, don't get me wrong I can enjoy some cheesecake from time to time but it only works as an additive not as a replacement for the solid core the series lost.

This but switch S1 and G.

there was a solid core?

There was an interview saying it was her idea that the director ran with.

is the person in that image Kanade's VA?

Yes. The og3

He basically just wanted to make Macross

This. Wish we got more OG3 instead of the diluted teams we have in the end.

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literally greatest anime ever made (all seasons)

Kanade's VA is the one that came up with the battle songs not using the CD recording. Characters singing during battle was a result of the director being lazy and literally not reading the documents he was send before the first meeting


Rewatched again all the series.
I liked them like always but the battles became boring in the last seasons.
I think that the writers should have given regenerative powers to all the users of the symphogears.
The battles would have been much more compelling if filled with gore and even more over-the-top action.
After GX I was never in real tension during the fightings, it's really bad to see swords, blades and lasers but no one of the protagonist is ever stabbed or shot even in a light way.

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my wife

they sold out for $$$
nobody gave a fuck about good charactarisation in the end and only focused on seiyu fanservice and excuse for singles pumping

I don't even see what's great in S2E1. I haven't watched episode 2.

Seigi wo shinjite and seeing the cast post timeskip

What plotlines do you find frustrating?

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Tsubasa resetting her character development every odd-numbered season

I regularly forget that was a thing.

Hahaha, look at this dork


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Do you forget it or do you repress it?


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DESS for real

Tomatoes are good though. The rest is true

Symphogay needs more ryona

10 out of 10

Which character ryona do you want to see?

Tsubasa getting BAT'd or Chris'd would be nice

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Fuck the geahs.
Except maria.

S1 was shit from start to finish.

>Except maria
But user, she's lonely.
Reach out and touch the cow.

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I'd make Maria a mom


XV is hot garbage

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it was cool

Carol's was the only cool episode.


XV's only saving grace was that since it was the last season they threw in every piece of fanservice they could think of. Even if it came together into a horrible schizo mess as a whole.