Tomorrow is the big day we've all been waiting for

Tomorrow is the big day we've all been waiting for

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Oh hell yeah. Time for some forehead cunny.

You could sit a beer can on those fucking foreheads.

>They never show any of the girls fudonshis.
Shame on them, I know that the mangaka only does tame stuff like Takagi-San and it's countless spin-offs so one can't expect fanservice like in Nagatoro or 2x2 Shinobuden, But it's a shame still

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Personally I've never cared for fundoshis. Something about them riding so high kills it for me.

Big head

fuckoff Digitroon, you don't know the first thing about moe.

Fuck off, Yea Forumsedditor.

For me it depends on the girl, i think they look pretty good on petite girls and lolis. But I think I know where you're coming from, normal panties that cover the cheeks and give that bit of skindentation are very appealing.

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Old but good, but why was it scrubbed from panda?

the fuck are those 5head

Got copyright claimed.


irodori grabbed it.

One third of them wear nothing down there.

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jewcob and his minions
you will own nothing and you will be happy

>2x2 Shinobuden.
That was a good show:

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Looks like there is a bit of yuri fan service despite the premise of finding men

Sex with benisumomo

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so Yea Forumsnons who is your favorite squad?

Yes, the day of great disappointment for animeonlyfags. Manga is boring as sin and there is close to no lewds to compensate

shouldn't they be trained to seduce enemy warlords?

Isn't loli inherently lewd?

>Manga is boring as sin
just like Takagi and Ayumu. arr the same boring recycled shit..

In real life fundoshi were male underwear. Girls would just be nopan, they'd only wear a fundoshi if they were sumo wrestling or swimming or something.

When will the tyranny of flats abate?

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Rabbit squad. Can't wait to hear their singing.

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So it's about Ninjas?

It's about little girls

Cunnychads, we won...

Who are ninjas

how did they get away with this jesus

whats wrong with their foreheads?

Boar followed by Tiger.

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I hope they showcase all the squads in a balanced way, although it's clear that Dog squad will become the spotlight along with other popular side characters like Mokuren and Benis.

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The anime that saved Yea Forums.

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First Akebi-chan, now this...

...I don't know how to deal with good things happening so frequently, guys...

So this is the new akebi?

Akebi was just yuribait of girls with literal alien heads, this is better.

Not letting this thread die. I want Yea Forums on the pulse with this one.

I'm convinced that anime was a money laundering scheme. Why would they bring in every big-name seiyuu under the sun for a 1 cour gag manga adaption that never got anything ever again?

I can't wait for all the cunny doujins.

>same boring recycled shit
I don't recall Takagi has the dude teasing the shit out of the tryhard loli.

I think he means the art is recycled, but his inner pirate slipped out, which I don't really get: if you don't like big forehead cunny, that's fine, but isn't consistent style a good thing for mangaka?

Loli ninjas, here I come lol

This anime is gonna be watched by most pedophiles all over the country. Just who in hell came up with the idea of loli ninjas in a hidden village? Thats literally a hentai plot. I think there was a debate before if this anime should be adapted or not by the anime community before. There are gonna be some real ugly dou mangas coming out from this. Can't wait till April for the hen...i mean anime to come out

The storytime threads were super comfy, of course they go to shit once anime only niggers join the club even before this has aired.

Normalfaggots expecting narushit with pure cute little girls will get filtered out in no time.

Stop complaining and look at this cute retard.

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Loli ghost will give me diabetes
Aharen will give me a heart attack
Ninja mesugakis will blast my nuts off

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Tsubaki art from the director

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A cunning shot

Oh god loli ghost really was too much, those chapters where she dressed up as sheet ghost, HNNNNNNNG

These forehads are way too big

What, Moot is coming back?

is it as big as the foreheads?

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Nothing can beat the foreheads

hope it doesn't have romance

I already kinda had an inkling of this while reading the manga, but this is really the mangaka just finding an excuse to draw pseudo-feudal lolis isn't it?
Also, I want Azami and Tanpopo to bully my cock with their mouths until I explode all over Sumire's forehead.

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Not a single girl with big boobs?

I don' like how the head is drawn... it's so... big. It's like a watermelon.
I know Yamamoto also draws big heads, but it looks more propotional somehow.

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Can't believe you just glossed over best girl like that.

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