I really hope Gentle hasn't lost any episodes due to the long hiatus.

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Black hair civilian Gentle is ugly, please tell me that is not her real hair.

I find it genuinely upsetting that Gentle doesn't keep those curly locks on the sides of her face in civilian form. Why do redeemed villain's always have to be cutest in their villain form that disappears halfway through it's not fair

>Why do redeemed villain's always have to be cutest in their villain form
Not true for Ruru.

ah fuck another diaper thread

God we're so fucking close

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Saaya or Homare?

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In what capacity?

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Who you like more.


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She's the only exception

Very cute.
I like Saaya a little more than Homare.

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Saaya, I just love Saaya so much.

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Then I will give you a Saaya

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She did the thing!

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I'm thinking on buying those Saaya figures that come with candy, I won't eat the candy though.


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You made it!
I have them, they're pretty nice

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It wasn't by many votes but /pc/ preferred Saaya's dance when I made this poll for her and Homare's dances. Very odd one since the theme was so niche but using gifs as examples was enjoyable.

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I just finished TR. I enjoyed the show quite a lot, but it kinda slowed down from mid season until the final episodes, I shed some tears towards the ending scene,but and was it all very cute.
What was /PC/'s opinion of TR ending?

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>I have them, they're pretty nice
I just bought all the ST sets so I think I will get the Hugtto ones after.

>it kinda slowed down from mid season until the final episodes
Generally, that's how it goes for Precure. I thought it was a good stretch of episodes though.
>What was /PC/'s opinion of TR ending?
I think it was well liked. I know I personally loved it.

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Someone keep that idiot away from Hana.

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One of the cutest waves.

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I hope she lost all of them.

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Also a cute wave.

Good night /pc/. Sleep well and dream of cute waves.

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I actually wasn't a big fan of TR until around 2/3rds in, and from there I felt like the whole rest of the show was pretty strong. Though that also might have been because that's around the time most of the characters finally clicked with me. I thought the ending was great, I didn't realize how attached I had become to the cast until I started crying at the last episode.

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Watching this scene on the actual episode is like a rite of passage for /pc/

She's so perfect

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Beautiful Laura...

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Angelic Saaya.

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I want to get fizzy with Saaya.

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Cure and Spicy

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imagine how soft saaya's feet are.

Cute cat-nyaa!

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One week left until waga Precure's reurn, my friends.

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Jizzed to the thought of a footjob from Saaya with that pic.

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Good thread.

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Why is Laura so?