Dragon Ball Super

Got any ideas for new forms or techniques?

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Who is that irrelevant jobber? GT filler or something?

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A technique that lets the characters power up by eating their own feces.

Already done.

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my bf

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Super Bejita landed next to Trunks and Bulma. Krillin landed next to Piccolo, who kept a fearful distance from the Saiyan.
"Wait! Do not touch him!" Piccolo called, stopping Trunks dead in his tracks. "Bejita now holds the power of the Emerald within him. It's too much for any one creature to handle. I'm sorry... but he's just not the Bejita you once knew."
Super Bejita floated eerily for a moment, then placed one gloved hand under his armpit.
The fart sound hit with the decibels of a bomb blast.

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It doesnt matter when strategies boil down to PUNCH, SCREAM, OR BEAM HARDER!

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Not true in OG or Z.

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Imagine being a fan of SHITper Goku.

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Imagine being a fan of SHITper in general

It is true as fuck in Z. No one overcomes a more powerful foe with any sort of strat. Its always higher numbers.

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No fuck off, this franchise should be dead.

Based OP.

>Buu gets trapped and removed as a threat by a clever self sacrifice of Piccolo in the room of time
>Escapes by just screaming harder

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I would let Tien fuck my ass. All night.

>No one overcomes a more powerful foe with any sort of strat

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I want to lick those abs.


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You will NEVER associate the Tenshinchads with that furry porn artist.

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Mugi's juicy open pussy and hot deep ass

>the creator of shitgang

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KEKhan? Defeated by two teenage girls.

Based Shitgetashinhanbro

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Holy based Tienbro.

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bejitabro....she's only 15

PlagueOfGripes? Tien's biggest fan and a true Dragon Ball scholar.

fixed for you

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I watched that Gohan video he made. Ass. Actual projection the entire time. And then he recommends that they put some TFS shit in there. What a faggot.

Orange hair Saiyan form?

Holy kek.

will these be in the movie?

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TeamFUNNYstar's characterization would improve every aspect of Dragon Ball

Yes. Toyotaro will finally win. It's our time.

FUCK no. Goku and Jobeta will be stuck at SSJB forever.

How can Pan play video game so casually with a 40-foot-long tapeworm slithering up her ass?

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>the richest man on Earth
>one of the smartest humans to have ever lived, only surpassed by his own children
>invented a device that can fit an entire house in your pocket
>created Earth's first interstellar spacecraft
>made gravity chambers that generate over 500Gs
>has a smoking hot wife, even in her GILF years
>has pet dinosaurs in his backyard
>has a cat that never ages
>doesn't care if he dies because he knows he will be revived with the Dragon Balls

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What if Vegeta and Tenshinhan went on a double date with their girlfriends, Tsumugi Kotobuki and Tsumugi Shirogane?



To it.

Poopshit lost.

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Kill yourself.

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why does vegeta not have more children? can't they just pay for their grandkids?

Panchy cucks him and he LIKES it.

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>the mentally ill PanPEDO is still here.
Holy shit, you're fucking PATHETIC, but it's to be expected of the PanPEDO.

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He can buy all of the wives he wants. He's the richest man on Earth.

Do you notice how Tenbros never reply to posts that should obviously be ignored? That's because the disciples of CHADLORDSAINT are wise and experienced.

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Vegeta was stronger.

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>What if Vegeta and Tenshinhan went on a double date with their girlfriends, [moeshit for pedophiles] and [moeshit for pedophiles]?

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Vegeta and Tenshinhan are just taming moe women. Nothing wrong with that.

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>not posting the best Pan

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Tien repressing cell was the most inspirational scene in anime history.

>How can Pan play video game
>not only disgusting and pedophilic but also IESLB
I should have known

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OG wins again.

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Fr fr, no cap BRUHly

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>stop MOCKING my H-

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Kek, did Tardkubitches really get mindbroken by fucking Tenshinhan?

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These threads are getting worse. How is that even possible?