part 1 of chapter 2 is done

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>“I’ll drop you if you keep struggling!! If you won’t shut your trap, I’ll silence you myself by jamming my pointy tail right up your asshole, boy.”
Touma is canonically made for pegging

What the fuck, Haimura can draw boobs now?

Any pdfs or epubs for GT 5 yet?

He's been pretty consistent since NTR22

So if the spoilers are true about Aleister having to do with Alice's current form what if Aleister plan is just to get Alice to erase magic through Touma?

literally no one cares

Is this supposed to do anything to my penis?

Call me crazy but this almost feels like true gremlin but if Kamisato didn't flushed them down the toilet immediately . Between Touma directing, and them needing to agree on how to change the world.

I care. I'm not using that site to read Index. Whoever makes the damn things needs to get a move on already.

This is gremlin 1 with gremlin power level

So are they stronger than Magic Gods?
They are 99% of the magic side

> You see, each and every one of us Transcendents is powerful enough to rival the entire magic side on our own.”
>“Hence, the Anglicans and the Roman Catholics can’t stop us in their usual ways. Well, some of us may be closer to what the Russian Orthodoxes are used to dealing with.
It's our time Annihilatus bros

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They are powerful glass cannons, not omnipotent like MG.

Not so fast Zfag, Ogino already kneeled to the jew

>Annihilatus deals with spirits that should not exist
Transcendents are all fictional/fake, aren't they?

Is the letter Z a hate symbol yet? Would make it kind of hard to spell Zelensky for those who keep sucking him off.

>So are they stronger than Magic Gods
nah, notice how she mentioned the churches and not the gods. Even then she said Russians got a shot. As long as you are strong enough to beat Elizard you can pretty much safely say you can fuck up the magic side especially if you have some trick. We need more info on what the hell transcendent is because they aren't too consistent yet. We already know Aradia is a lot stronger than succ and Mary has already been given limits.

>“Persecuted witches? But that’s ancient history. Why is she still fighting for that?”

>“How would you respond if the goth girl who moved in next door came up to you, smiled, and introduced herself as a real witch?”


>“You wouldn’t know how to respond, would you? And yet you wouldn’t mind at all if she was a shrine maiden, a nun, or any other identity that society has decided is legitimate,
Witch lives matter too

It's like comparing Aleister to the MGs

He was "weaker" but he could take out multiple by exploiting weaknesses or just by casting MG tier spells that would use up the life force of multiple possibilities. So in a way they're weaker but more dangerous since MGs were pretty lax and didn't mind fixing the world when something went wrong

Bunch of jobbers then

Sounds like shit

First volume of Testament in English fucking when?

>“Eek! Officer, this woman is a necrophile freak who loves stripping brutally murdered corpses and making them into her personal dress-up doll!!”
What a fucking statement.

doujin fucking when

No if anything, he will want to kill Alice like with Anna.

What happen to Alice 100% seen to be an accident on Crowley part.

Pretty sure Kingsford is only talking about the appearance of the little girl being Crowley's fault and the Othinus part makes her something closer to WR

MG's are not even close to being omnipotent

Which jew? The russians are jew too.

The greater jew

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Z already became a hate symbol in some European countries already. I wonder what would happen to Dragon ball Z?

>Was it similar to two countries with fundamentally different religions and economies discussing their plans for the future with massive armies staring each other down?
>If either side got fed up and left the negotiating table, the world could be torn to shreds.

>The button triggering war sat within reach of them all.

>This was on a completely different dimension from the cold military and financial calculations.

>Kamijou Touma’s importance had skyrocketed like the first lady whispering in the president’s ear to take control of the international conference.
Kek all these analogies are already aged up pretty badly

>“You can’t be serious. Alice was basically dragging me around everywhere. And what makes you think I can just control her like that? I’m not that #5 I’ve heard rumors about.”

Watch out for Accelerator! He’s committed a number of heinous crimes including:
- self-defense
- taking in an orphaned child
- saving that child and almost ten thousand others from a targeted attack
- destroyed falsified data that could have led to the deaths of countless people
- saving that child from a deranged kidnapper and prevent that man from unleashing chaos upon a metropolitan city
- saving an old lady
- helping a thug who tried to attack him for no reason
- rejecting an extra-dimensional being who’s appearance caused psychic burden on thousands of people
- defeats forces throughout a war without any casualties and ultimately saves Europe from magic fallout
- eliminated the “need” for Academy City’s criminal network more than once
- helped to prevent a mobile castle from crashing onto a city
- protected scores of people from the hubris of a bug swarm monster
- defended a huge amount of people, time after time, in every event he found himself in
- including multiple mock fights he threw to protect them
- saved people from reigniting the fires of war in England, as well as protected those under fire
- disabled a great demon
And many more evil deeds, including whatever happened in the spinoff!

I don’t think you know what pegging is. What you quoted is some sort of furshit monstrosity.

>Was that similar to how everyone just let America take the lead at international conferences as long as it helped create a peaceful world?

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>To be blunt, I think children are a violent and cruel lot.
This is what someone who hasn’t been around many kids, but was probably a little twerp as a kid would say.

Kids are cruel Jack

Or people who mistake retardation for malice.

not compared to teenagers and adults

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you need to see more porn

HAhaha. Touma is official gay.

Hmm? I don’t get it?

Horny part.


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let it die bro

Nice wheels

I have the desire to turn the car into a technical

so is it an electrical?


kill yourself

Stay mad, retard

Stay happy

The USA in Index is so lucky too have this guy as the President. Well in real life we basely get the real life version of GT 4 Vice-President as the President of the USA

I have seen the future and we will get NT Season III with High Priest Arc in it around 2025-2026, more likely to be around 2027

So how would Birdway be involved if that spoiler is true

Name my band

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Man, I really can't bring myself to care about these guys. After Fiamma, The Magic Gods, Aleister and Cronozon they feel like a huge downgrade. I'm also not a fan of what they did to Aiwass since Anna's introduction. Oh well, let's see how this plays out.

So Alice is Crowley and Othinus 's daughter. They are doing a terrible job raising her

tail-based prostate massages are definitively seperate from pegging