Yuru Yuri Thread


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I found that Ayano makes the best sounds of exasperation when confronted with kyouko.

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She cute

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Keep making YRYR threads. I'm almost done with S2 and I absolutely love it

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she needs fuel to her spastic behaviour

Himegoto flowers is CANON

Who's your favorite yuru?

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Why is China so gay? Her levels are above and beyond any other Yuru.

>Who's your favorite yuru?
Akarin. I want a daughter like her. She's to cute for this cruel world

You'd have to home school her so she doesn't become a boy before 1st grade

Why is Akari so cute? She improved the entire series!

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geiger counter akari

She would fall for it

Is nachuyachumi adapted from the manga or original?

literally me

Every yuru is pretty gay, China is just really bad at hiding it
Based. Seeing anons discovering and enjoying yryr this "late" is nice

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Kyouko has an awful taste

I've actualy never had Rum Raisin myself. I don't eat a lot of ice cream aside from the traditional cone at the hand made place in a quaint little town, where I get lemon and liquorice.

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who is this pretty lady


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A flexible ex-deliquent, I remember her being blonde though for some reason

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namori is so pretty and hot and sexy

The truth cannot be repressed.
neither can these knockers

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i'm intimidated

Her voice in the anime didn't feel ex-delinquent unfortunately.

yuru yuring

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I'm pretty sure her butthole peeks out with the panties slid to the side like that

What is Chinatsu practicing for here with Akari?

Saw another Pic where someone got an engraved metal spoon. Was this person just not lucky?

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Himawari and brat are both switches

I messed up, you may be right

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Pretty much all of them are bottoms made for the missionary position except the ultra gay ones which are Chinatsu (top), Sakurako (switch) and Himawari (switch).

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I love the little details and differences between Akari-Brat and Chinatsu-Himawari in this. Namori is really good at this

Himawari wants sakurako to top
Sakurako doesn't even know about sex so she physically cannot top
It's quite the predicament

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I don't think the yurus would be willing to do compensated dating..


I think the artist's drawings are hot, but I don't appreciate the yurus being depicted as whores and I think more emphasis should be put on their prime bodies than badly drawn dicks.

I don't know what this is but I don't think it's yurus.

>got her own ice cream brand
>still no S4

>still no S4
At least we don't have to see how they censor Kyouko's beautiful flat chest and wide child bearing hips..I guess

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Akari top Kyouko and Yui

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reminds me of the wojak of 2 people pointing lol

Cutest underutilized pair.

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Akari is a treasure as always, I wonder what happened to Kyouko though. She was such a cute girl

those hips..

But Kyouko is cuter and sexier than ever before!

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what is hima's canonical boob size?

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Maybe she's still the same deep down and just hides it better now.

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How does Namori make these pictures so erotic? They don't have any nude girls in them, yet they are more enticing than most of those that do.

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>They don't have any nude girls in them

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They are so good..

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To user who drew this picture, do you have a pixiv or something? Would be nice to have a look at your other works.