Machikado Mazoku

Look upon this meat, ye mighty, and despair!

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First (and possibly last) for Uga

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Never mind then, three seconds too slow

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That beef vocalization was great.

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I can wait to hear uga. I literally have no idea how will she sound like

How can Mikan be dealt with?

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Remove citrus.

That kills the mikan.

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what kind of meat is that? half of it is pure connective tissue

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Looks like wagyu.


I can't lye, I love this little tart.

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Give her vitamin D while embracing her pomelos from behind. Those are going to grow quite a bit further.

They stepped on that moment a bit in the anime. Seiko acting like she's still young with Gosenzu telling her to accept she's not.

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Momo's momos


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>has never gazed upon high quality beef before

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we'll get to see this scene animated this season. the anime staff should honestly sell every single t-shirt in momo's wardrobe, they're all great.

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I want that too.

ugh that's a lot of fat, never understood how that's desirable.

I haven't tried wagyu

But I can say that, fat on a very good steak, tastes different than fat on a shitty steak.

Because that fat is basically pure flavour, think of it as a butter with a strong and delicious beefy flavour. it's not the same as cheap cuts who have very low amounts of almost tasteless fat.

моя жiнка Операцiя дуже файна

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It's good but only in small portions. 100g of wagyu are enough for me.

Its all shamikock's fault


Nah, cheap fat has a terrible texture and taste. In general Americans don't really grow up eating it, they consider it cheap pieces of meat if there's fatty chunks. China has a culture of eating fat for most meals, loving it, certain other cultures really love fat as well, but America and certain western nations typically not.

Its kind of an evolution thing honestly; some cultures grow up having to use cheaper cuts of beef, end up really loving the fat. Some cultures deem it bad, typically cut out the fat, or stigmatize it. The best example of "food evolution" is Hawaiians loving spam, because they grew up on it after a period of hardship and that's what they had, so now a lot of them just really love spam. What foods become popular, and dressing up shitty cuts of meat in different ways, typically come from periods of hardship where you have to make something work.

Fat on most steak is like gummy in a bad way, its really not smooth. Its like rubber but with a snot like texture.

But for a quality steak, the fat is a bit different, I've had two steaks in my life where the fat actually was alright, you weren't turned off by getting the fat in your mouth, you could feel the quality. Its a world of difference sometimes.

I did, it's like good prime rib in softness but in steak form.

>The best example of "food evolution" is Hawaiians loving spam,
wasn't it lobster?

Which release do I download? Thought I saw something in the catalog about the subs.

Nah, Hawaii really loves spam

Also another example of food evolution in a sense. Lobster used to be considered a trash seafood fed to prisoners because it was so plentiful, until some guy managed to convince everyone that it was super valuable. Then they started charging big dollars for it. Its like a diamond, its all manufactured hype.

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the same america that prefers chicken breasts over thighs, holds a holiday to feast on turkey, douses sauce over literally everything, should not ever be used in the context of quality cuisine

something funny i didn't notice before. shamiko forgot fans aren't staffs literally one chapter later.

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Shamiko's power is her stupidity. As long as she can realize how to harness it.

>embracing her pomelos from behind
Good thing she's got her cute daughter to do that for her

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its understandable that most poor people dont know what real meat looks like

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Fuck I live spam musubi, I know I shouldn't since it's just salted meat product on rice but I always enjoy it.

For steak, it's a problem of cooking method. The fat should be crispy.

Fatty beef cuts are so fucking good

>The best example of "food evolution"
I have no idea where you're pulling this term from or what is supposed to be evolving. this is all just food culture.
and there are like half a dozen countries that the US occupied that have a thing with SPAM, not just Hawaii.
>Lobster used to be considered a trash seafood fed to prisoners because it was so plentiful
lobster was considered trash food because it starts to rot and stink as soon as it died. it became more popular once people learned how to handle it.
there are tons of better examples of food that became popular purely through marketing efforts. including most of the American breakfast since that culture was invented by the food industries from the ground up (cereal, milk, bacon, orange juice, etc).

By tenderly hugging her after another great citrus infused meal

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that costs $500 in Canada now

Just imagine developing a citrus allergy, and Mikan keeps sprinkling citrus on your food. She cries every time you get sent to the hospital, but refuses to stop feeding you citrus, even giving you more in the hospital. Someone sends you a gift-basket in the hospital, candy, balloons, etc. She sprinkles citrus on the balloon knowing that it'll pop the balloon and destroy it. Can't stop herself even if she knows she's doing harm, its far too ingrained in her. She buys a pie as an apology, but before she gives it to you she pulls a cap off a bottle of orange juice and pours the entire bottle on it, then demands you eat it. If you say you can't eat it she just starts hitting you with a bag of oranges.

their first meeting

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How come Momo never shows addiction to momos?

Its just a job for Momo

Mikan literally grew up in a citrus factory, that makes only citrus products.

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I feel like this scene in the manga was done a lot better, it felt more special, but the anime made it more like a gag.

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Animefags probably didn't catch it since it was such a quick joke both times it was brought up so far. Her entire family is obsessed with citrus, and citrus accessories.

In fact the entire reason Mikan is cursed is because her dad fucked up a ritual due to his citrus addiction.

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Some user said the anime shows it from Shamiko's pov while the manga shows Momo's. And that's how I cope.


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has anyone clipped this? does it loop properly?

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>Used to have an even quartet of characters wearing different outfits in adverts up to this point.
> Two light characters, two dark.
>Now they're adding a new character to outfit adverts
Oh no, the symmetry is ruined
And if they add Apple-chan in as another light clanner, it'll be too many characters. Four characters was perfect symmetry.

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remember the basics of CQC sakura taught you

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Is Shamiko ever going to learn how to use her tail to actually pick things up?

it would require much shamistrength

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Knowing Sakura, she'd probably say that assassination is the way to go, and if it became a brawl you've already failed. Momo and Mikan both talk about Sakura using very dirty tactics like its nothing.