One Punch Man

When is she coming back?

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The sooner the better.

From the last thread

>All relevant character growth from that scene has already happened.
>It's being skipped if the manga even continues after this arc.

I legitimately forgot this scene happened in the manga and now I'm pissed. This just ruined the entirety of the setup for the Saitama vs Tatsumaki fight. How the hell do you set it up now without retconning this warm fuzzy moment that wasn't plot necessary and shouldn't have fucking happened?

I want to know what MANGA ONLIES think about the arc so far.

Can Bang replicate this?

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what do you mean? SM choked her to death.

She survived.

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yeah sure why not.
Even Metal Bat could

MB piggy backed off Garou’s power.

>absolutely hate everything about murata's nu-garou
>no stakes whatsoever, garou is just a blatant good guy
>go off to see what the normals think, surely even they can't be okay with this garbo story
>they absolutely love it
>they love everything from his shitty new monster design, his stupid cliche scenes with bat and bang etc
>they use his design as their screensavers and praise murata once again


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____ ______ ___ ____?

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>normals like generic shounen, don't care about the plot
Why would you ever be surprised by this?

full chapter bdsm session between dom fubuki and sub do-s when

What? Running around? Bang can counter attacks from a Garou who was unironically trying to kill him in his sleep. And he can break a part of Garou’s shell by redirecting Garou’s own deadly force back. If Garou wanted to murder Flash and use the same fighting technique he used to back then, Flash’s flesh would literally disintegrate.

>Wait... Murata now shits?

Sonic is for-

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This manga chapter is by far the most liked OPM chapter release on Murata’s Twitter ever


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> Do-S OP
We are reaching new levels of based.

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I honestly am sad for all the people that will never read the webcomic version because the manga has better art.
The Garou arc was such a good, tighly structured story.

Yeah, we're reaching Page 10 at record speed

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fuck... early garou was so fucking COOL

What actually killed the hype?


Garou’s always cool

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He's not. He used to have a personality, both in his attitude and the manner in which Murata drew his face. Now he's a cliché piece of shit that resembles nothing from his former self.

Why do you still take the bait?

This is so stupid

This is why you don't go to Reddit for anything but new chapter releases where you don't read the comments

Garou has a great personality, it’s called gap moe, nips’ favorite
Evacuate yourself outta the nearest window already, dumb edgefag

because you let them

why do I keep seeing black souls shit everywhere?


doscucks and tatsucucks GTFO

This is a Fubuki board.
Always was, always will be.

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No, but if Flash tried to do even one of those clashes with Bang, Bang would have already predicted his movement and slammed his head onto the ground.

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Actually, this bait is for you.

Spending several years on one bloated arc

Anyone has a link to the nipple edits?

Soon I hope, the new chapters are so bad that I feel like a monkey paw curled when anons were begging for main story chapters.

never ever Murata only gets off to raping webcomic moments now

Hopefully never. Shit character and ugly at that.

Story by ONE
Edit by Murata

>shitty overused op of a time wasting character
We are reaching new levels of cringe.

Garou fight scene got raped holy shit, I'm so fucking sad

I just check on these threads to see if Murata wrote any more coomer stuff.

Who else is on the same boat?

She ugly, Her sister is better

What are you? Gay?

Remember when she had abs? What happened with that?

>no "more more MORE.. more what?" scene
>no display of extreme dex and reading of Saitama's moves
>whole scene is tone deaf >dialogue is leagues shittier
I managed to cope through the ridiculous expansion of the arc, and I somewhat looked away while Garou character got assassinated chapter by chapter, but this one is the last straw

>Redditors WILL defend this chapter

2 more chapters

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Too much detail to draw, probably. With all the redraws, putting in that much effort can be rather tiresome.

One is, but this isn't one's story anymore. You can't patch up the broken characterizations, undo the shitty tone or bring back the stakes.

This is the best possible example of how soulless Muratas manga is

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But there are other girls with consistent abs!

I don't even like the original OPM anymore, Mob Psycho eclipsed it easily with both the manga and the anime.

Murata really has no idea of tone, does he?

I honestly can't comprehend how NPCs are defending this shit. Murata should be ashamed

Is she dead or not? Can't keep up with the rewrites

Because they’re NPCs? I deal with people like this on a daily basis. They have no critical faculties, no standards or expectations. They only know how to consooooooom.

Why does Garou look so feminine in the right panel

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