ITT evil women you want to fix

ITT evil women you want to fix

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my wife

What's with this new meme of faggots wanting to downgrade top tier waifus?

you will never fix her even if you lived for 10s thouands of years

Or being fixed by her, idk.

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The Negima storytime has made me want to fix Tsukuyomi
>badass fighter who can take on the Big Bad and actually perform better than the protagonist could before he pulled a major cheat
>becomes cutely disoriented after losing her glasses
>impecable fashion sense
>but also can walk around wearing no pants without a problem
>turbo libido

none of them. why would you want to fix her?
join her and take over the world.

How many times are you going to keep making the same shit tier thread?

as many times as it takes to make you seethe. Didn't take much

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No man can fix this....

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Akane sensei was fixed

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Yeah the skin cancer from her tan is terminal.

So go to bed.

you can fix her boots. with your tongue

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Thank god esdeath is dead forever and murdered by some dyke.

meanwhile pic related is still alive
>but she's not evil
kurome is still evil, enough to use anohter teigu.
>but wave
wave kills people too, as the time passes he will turns into a danger beast.

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She got away with everything.

>He can't train every day for 10,000 years with the goal of becoming strong enough to dominate her.
Don't speak for other people you weak willed bitch.


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but she has been fixed by the Holy Mother from that City...

how wonderful it is to live in your head all the time with your delusions

Someone beat me to it.

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Fix? Nah, nigga. I'd make them even worse.

she just cucked a bunch of people, that's not a crime, well fucking mugi was a crime but he's begging for it. If anything she's saved by true love from a giga autist that might as well be the final form of the romcom protagonist

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Not exactly fix, but I want to help Cima heal and tell everything will be ok

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>100 years to punch 10,000 times in a single day.
>100 years to kick 10,000 times in a single day.
>100 years to punch and kick 10,000 times in a single day.
>100 Years of tanking those 10,000 punches and kicks from my projection
>100 Years to punch 100,000 times in a single day
>100 Years to kick 100,000 times in a single day.
>100 years to punch and kick 100,000 times in a single day.
>100 years to tank those 100,000 kicks.
Not even 1000 years in and I'd break her spirit.

those are some wide shoulders

I just want her to be happy.

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kamille couldn't do it TWICE & he actually tried.

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Kamille is the only MC that goes all in on fixing crazy bitches. Poor guy.

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She'll fix your anus if anything.....

That random male is hotter than her actually

You're a faggot that's why. Dick is what you like.

Wrong. I imagine she puts up a strong front but is a sub in bed.

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Women can't be evil


Nah, too easy.

Is there any canon material where she gets fucked by MC? i never read the visual novel only seen the anime.

well said

I swear I never met you on Yea Forums before.
Sentinel is still best bot.

Nice bait

Been bored as shit lately, mixed with self esteem being at its lowest. Though maybe trying a new board might work. It really hasn't. Sopaboxing over, tip your waitress.

Only if you never met a women before

There were a bunch of good anime made the last years you should check them but I won't say which ones because >recs etc.

Shut the fuck up, Boco.

Yes sir...

For me it is Kurome.


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Don't let that fag talk to you like that.

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she gets fixed which is nice

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>anime with kissing
noooooo you'll scare away the modern anime watchers

She's not evil, just brainwashed and turned retarded.

Cima did nothing wrong

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You can't fix her.