Male protagonists written by males:

Male protagonists written by males:
>crying, bitching, emotional messes
Male protagonists written by females:
>pic related

What explains the difference?

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I don't know what pic related is.

>Females want nearly psychopathic men

well this faggot seems to be crying.

She's just good at writing characters. Have you seen Beastars? Written by a female who sidegigs as a clown

Dungeon meshi

The more time i spend on this board the more i start to think that women love blonde autists

Men write betas for other men to self-insert, women write alpha men they want to fuck.
MC's party fail to follow his orders in an ambush so he's forced to solo a horde of dragons with pure wits to take out the wizard commanding them to avoid a total party kill. Pic related is the look on his face once he has the wizard cornered.
Its actually fluid dripping off him.


She also draws the darkest elves I've ever seen. Like usually dark elves are at best some shade of dark gray but hers are pitch black

Male mangaka are betamale self-inserters so they write bitch characters for themselves and their audience to insert into. Female mangaka write men they wish were their husbandos.

Show me one male character written by a woman as complex and cool as Guts or Griffith.

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>Naruto and Sasuke

Women just want men to be covered in the blood and guts if their enemies and men want to express shit they aren't allowed to in public.

Wish fulfillment for both.

Men know the real struggles of men, so they depict what would logically happen (something women are lacking). Females on the other hand, write their wish fulfillment embodiment of "men" and project that onto their manga

Honestly, you could just generate these fucking threads with an AI and I wouldn't tell the difference

Nothing wrong with writing man as he should be and ought to be.

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>MC's party fail to follow his orders in an ambush so he's forced to solo a horde of dragons with pure wits to take out the wizard commanding them to avoid a total party kill. Pic related is the look on his face once he has the wizard cornered.
Damn that's fucking badass. Picked up.

He's a funny tall and athletic human fighter chad who has his own dungeon exploration company. He's pretty up there

That's interesting, because then you have women who write characters like Edward Elric who's an annoying retard who whines nonstop

>Men know the real struggles of men, so they depict what would logically happen
kek how does that explain hordes or harems and romcoms

Yea Forums only does selective simping

Didn't known people cried from their fucking forehead/scalp

>sidegigs as a clown
I really wish I had a mangaka Wife

>male protagonists written by females:
pic related

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Literally who are any of these people

Female mangaka depict what attractive men are supposed to be like while male mangaka depict their pathetic selves

Main character of BokuYaba + his fashion model wife + her friends

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>He looks abusive

Male mangaka are generally losers that come from backgrounds of being bullied and having no friends, and they write for magazines that try to cater to the same demographic.
So weakness, indecisiveness, lack of any personal skills and generally being inexcusable as a human being are painted in positive light for the typical "hero".

Female mangaka writing non-shojo/josei are fucking weirdos that not only chose the absurdly hard path of being a mangaka, but managed to do so in a country where people might still look at you weird if you expect to actually work for your own success instead of serving tea and acting like an office maid.

They're not the same.

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They project their insecurities into a character of their own gender and their ideas into a character from the other camp. I don't think that's necessarily good character writing, but it's a understandable behaviour

Beastars was just paper thin characters in destructive relationships, got old really fast, and without the animal gimmick it wouldn't have had any traction.

Sanda only has slightly better characters, but I must admit that I like the wacky setting where Santa Claus is considered a terrorist in a authoritarian regime Japan.

Dungeon meshi is based as fuck, but it's not a "badass" kind of manga. It's mostly a comedy.
Laius is the main human guy, he's cool as fuck because he has autism and doesn't afraid of anything.

Moe is just boy crazy.

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But those female characters in those works still end up being complex and are actual "characters", something you can't say for male-written stories most of the time.

I want to see him interact with the friends more. Moe got her screentime, I want to see him get to know the other two. Moe clearly approves, but my impression of the other two is that they probably wouldn't.

noooo don't destroy OP's bubble like that

All that headcanon and projection when you see shit like ...

Well, women across asia have a thing for blonde blue-eyed guys.

Japanese and Korean media aimed at women often bring this up (there's like a thousand videos of kpop stars fawning over blonde guys).

It's true for China as well (don't watch this if you're black):

Chii got some chapters with him and Yamada recently. Sekinya is the only one who doesn't really interact with Ichi, but she clearly knows Yamada wants to /ss/ him and gives her her approval

Laios is a fucking cut above the rest mate.

While everyone mocks him for his obsession when the poop tackles the ventilator, everyone shuts up and does as he says because they know that he knows his shit.
Also while people dont hold him in high regard, its a weighty gossip that if someone can conquer the dungeon its him and the party he leads.

And my man isnt made of stone but neither is he a bitch that thinks someone looks like they could be saved, pic very much related, nobody would blame Laios if he unleashed a tear but instead he knows hes the leader, people look up to him and hes their stone and core, if he shatters then its going to become a rout.
Instead he suffers and feels quietly, his life has been a bad joke, a failed betrodal, a dissapointment to his family, a sunk military career, spent his formative years being exploited to do the equivalent of gold farming low tier mobs, has nobody that he can truly call a "friend" and is unable to relate to normal people due what might be a high functioning mental dissorder.

Yet he keeps going, because his sister saved him, and he cant rest until the favor is returned.

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I'm not sure what a bonus page from a series published in a shonen magazine is supposed to prove, those are gonna be shit regardless of the author's gender

The "bonus pages" from BokuYaba make up like 10% of the series by page count my man. They are relevant to the plot and often foreshadow future events.

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Laius is the nicest guy ever

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>not posting pic related

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The entire point is that "Males write X and Females write Y" is a meme spouted by tryhards that don't actually read enough to be aware of the variety for both.

>Male character written by a MAN
Pic related

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Is this series back yet?

Bro, I fucking wish.

She's working on the next chapter right now. Don't know when it's out.

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A lot of female mangaka seem to consume a lot of literature where a lot of male mangaka seem to consume a lot of manga and comics.

>working in a new chapter
>get horny
>fuck like a rabbit
>another baby

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>working a new hentai
>get horny
>fuck like a rabbit
>another baby
>fix Nipland birth rate
Sasuga Yuuichi-sensei

>t. globalhomo influenced teen?
Men and women are different and think different and act different and have different interests and priorities.

If you read manga writ by women theres trends that are entirely lacking from male manga. gatsu no lion, beastars, dorohedoro, dungeon meshi, all have the same gary stu male lead that has typical female desired partner traits that aren't realistic. The friends of said male are drawn intentionally unsexualized to inform something? Like kiriyamas best friend is a fatty, and rest males are much older. Dorohedoro has tertiary males drawn as clowns basically. Dungeon meshi has differnet races to take care of the problem.

One recurring trend in female mangas is the psycho female antagonists. You have the female self insert, and theres some female enemy character who is absent from the lives of men who don't really care to include in their stories.

Women don't actually know what ticks mens visual system in terms of sex appeal so women usually are drawn with different emphasis, the scenes with female nudity are built differently because they can't really bank on it because they dont care.

Males relationships with other males is a complete mystery to average female mangaka and they are horrible. That beastars + panda mentor dialogue was painful at times. The peer relationships are incredibly shallow.

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>of being bullied
do people actually get bullied? like how does that even happen i feel like i would be a prime target for bullying but it never really happened to me

That's not true. There are tons of manga written by men that have their roots in literature, history, and philosophy, like Kingdom or Vagabond or etc. The thing is is that the reader of those manga have very little overlap with the mainstream manga community, which almost entirely overlaps with the shiteaters that read Light Novels with obnoxiously long names.

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one is for self inserting
the other is for inserting into yourself

Happened to me for years but I am autistic and weigh like 40kg so maybe it was a good target. Was annoying as fuck and embarrassing and happened non-stop but despite that I never cared that much as soon as I was at home and free again and I cannot self-insert into loser characters either, so I am not sure if this necessarily related to having being bullied as kid and teen.
I think it's just boring people what cannot write interesting characters because they are devoid of ideas. I know at least two of such amateur writers where I know that they were never bullied in life but their OCs are the most boring shit you can imagine regardless. They just write shit for the sake of having their name plastered onto something, they cannot come up with decent plots either it's just a series of unconnected generic tropes.

so rapeable

Some men write peak males though, see Golden Kamuy. Though that mangaka might actually be gay.

Do not rape Yamada's boyfriend

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One is writing their fetishes.