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Naga nails

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so when does she pull the rug out from under senpai and reveal the biggest ruse in all of manga history?

Shikki and Prez are disproportionate

Nanashi ends up getting banned from several countries

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If anyone is playing 4d chess here, it's Sakura.

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Reveal that she likes him and the teasing was all a pretense to spend time with him. Prankmaster Naga.


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I pointed out that right leg, but if you imagine it like she's taking a step leaning in, it makes more sense

Attached: 1649434057494.jpg (322x552, 82.7K) sexy.

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Nagatoro is not flat

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I rabu Sakura!

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>sis with noodle arm
How does this work, is this genetic or a secret technique passed down secretly in the Nagatoro family?


At least Shikki survived the zombie apocalypse, Hayase

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El hermano also used the noodle technique

I think it is a function of being close to him rather than the family bloodline.

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>faggots want to eat BSC
>Real chads want eat the hole Senpai

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Senpai confronting someone who accidentally jacked him off (on purpose) when?

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Senpai: Stand together!!

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>Senpai ate the Nika fruit, turning everything into rubber


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Use the manga, the true canon look you coward shits

Maki is my girlfriend, i called her first

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>Just the series title in the subject field with no other content
We /KPOP GENERAL/ now boys

Naoto... we have talked about this before. Yea Forums is not for you, please, leave and never come back.

Do it for us, for your own good.

You cant make me, Nagatoro

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Sakura can take all my semen


I half expect this as a plot twist leading upto a final big confrontation. Like Naga fucks up and gets super autistic in a vulnerable moment and hurts Senpai's feels bad enough he doesn't want to deal with her shit. Then she has to actually confess her true feels to get him back.

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I wasted too much time for you not to post the full one

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it took me a minute to place where it was from, but i understood that reference. bravo, fellow connoisseur, i applaud your efforts and dedication to the shitpost
god i hope the movie is good, whenever it comes out

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Only to find him fucking another girl and we get a kino ntr ending.

Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment, but it's better to take it than to sit and waste away.

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My ONE (singular) hope for this series is that senpai gets ripped by the end. Doesn't need to be a musclefreak, ottermode would do just fine. Just put on some weight.

i mean, i spent years being mad that it was never gonna get a conclusion. they filmed themselves ripping up a fan petition to continue the show, then one of the people behind it died, so hope was lost. but now, theres a glimmer, so why not hope for the best? im used to severe disappointment anyway

if she fills out like her sister then hayase will have the perfect body

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And Sakura rabu you, user.

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that is one horny gyaru

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It's BEEN a general for the past couple months now. Fanficfags, avatarfags, you name it. Only solace is that the memes and art can be great sometimes, but even that gets annoying when the same 50+ things get said in every single damn thread.

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she is not that pale

I want to lick Rabu's under boob sweat

Gamo sounds like a less angry, more playful Caenis
Thank you Komatsu

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>2 pairs of ears
why is this still a thing

all the better to hear you with, my dear user

this shouldve been her hair color.

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And Shikki's hair should have been green

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Still painfully generic, and a visual misreading of her personality as a "fiery redhead" (she's actually a laidback onee-chan type with a deliquent streak). Sorry user.

maybe this green, but not bright or neon

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Youre entitled to that opinion, but I'm allowed to think that 774 has shit taste in hair coloring. Onee toro should have stayed dark black; Yoshi and Sakura's are too close to eachother, and Shikki's hair color looks great, actually. Still wondering about Orihara

>but I'm allowed to think that 774 has shit taste in hair coloring
You are not allowed to have this opinion while parading around your deviantart-tier sonichu recolors. Sorry.

We ride until dawn, bitches.

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hey man, those recolors came from these very threads - dont you dare compare a fine anons work to deviant art. we're far worse.

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Oh God, poor Naga...

(Great work.)

i think the official hair color only looks corny with the anime's art direction. nanashi himself makes it look good

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Good point. The cover does look nice, but gamo always looks nice. I'm not saying i hate the official color, i just think dark red would've been sexier. Was never fond of her golden eyes in the fan version desu

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i kind of agree with the other user that dark red doesn't fit her character as well but i think it's a nice alternate look at the same time

I know this manga bills itself as a romcom, but if we could avoid the faggiest behaviors of the romance industry like ascribing personality to hair or eye color, that would be lovely.

Seriously, please be better than this.