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Daily reminder Deku and Bakugou are endeavorfags. The main protagonists, the gods of MHA universe don't give a shit to Dabi.

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>give a shit to Dabi
ESL dekufag.

Slovenian here, sorry about my engrish

What's gonna be?

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No one gives a shit about Dabi, not even Hori himself.


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>Kid who wrote this is the closest thing Dabi has and ever will have of a friend

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So did Dabi burn up his grafted-on skin or did it literally just start rotting?

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And that kid is probably a nomu now.

He burned it off.

seeing as he currently barely even has skin on his jaw left (including his lips) it's safe to say he burned it off while excessively using his flames


Dabi really brings in the hype, huh? So many threads are hitting bump limit quickly compared to previous weeks.

It probably has something to do with previous weeks not having a chapter

Weeks is plural.

probably a bit of both, without medical care infection and rot would be an issue but his quirk also burns it

All of his chapters are masterfully crafted

>The author showed us everything leading up to the present involving Dabi in a way that makes sense. It's a character that is viscerally alive with feeling. Hori has done a great job with Dabi
Todoroki chapters really bring in such a insane clownery that is akin to the Erenfags in /snk/ still thinking EH can happen.

Honestly the difference between how Hori handles Dabi vs how Hori handles Toga is just blatant misogyny at this point.

Inserts her in as many arcs as possible and gives her character development and relations beyond her one note obsession? Yeah it is a completely different treatment Toga has.

Either that or Dabi bbq'd him/her.

Both can be true.

>burned to death

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>Orphan kebab
>parentless kid BBQ with sunflower seed mustard

Did Shigaraki attend class with the other vessels, or was he kept seperate from them?

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Dabi death when?

His hatred prevents him from dying

O, my hatred

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Dabi won’t die until he gets closure with Endeavor.
Or it could happen like the Frankenstein novel, where Victor dies alone of pneumonia and the monster finds his father’s corpse and commits suicide by throwing himself on an ice floe.

I guess it would be dramatic if Dabi committed suicide when he sees Endeavor that died without talking to him.

I guess Touya didn't burn all the orphans to death.

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pretty soon judging by his appearance, I think the only skin left now is a little bit of his forehead

Overhaul is a few years older than Dabi though, he would have already been in his 20s when Dabi escaped.

Overalls is older than him so he would have been there before Touya

or possibly at another location entirely, I wouldn't be surprised if AFO had multiple kidnapped baby jails

Overhaul was over 20 when Dabi was 17.

I don't know about that. He seems to be a seto-Nomu.

Hori did back down on most of his jaw sking falling off last chapter.

Overhaul cucking.

>Girls wanted to hump on him even then.
Lol. I wonder what the alternative universe looked like.

do you expect dabi's quirk to evolve to the point where he becomes some sort of evil "will-o-wisp" mutie that Shoto has to literally nuke with some ice+fire attack?

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>do you expect dabi's quirk to evolve

If he keeps on his fire as it is right now he's die in 2 minutes. If it gets hotter he'll only have seconds.

don't compare pop the basedgod to a character in this gay homo capeshit faggotry manga

>bakugou yaoi/shipperfag gets banned for three days
>threads slow to a crawl
Was he really sustaining this crap

>>threads slow to a crawl

there's nothing to discuss this is unironically the worst final arc in the history of popular shonen evern snk at least was exciting at first

>average of a post every five mins isnt slow

>the worst character in this gay homo capeshit faggotry manga

>implying slow threads are bad
I'll take this over bakuck spamming the thread to bump limit in 5 hours

Why are you still reading?

because I want to kiss Endeavor

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When you first saw Dabi and the rest of the league did you think Hori would make them such important characters?

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To see if DfO and Bak-U-Go come true, as well as whatever assorted reveals and asspulls Hori has in store.
Yes, they're the antagonists. Dabi didn't tell Shigaraki his real name, which was pretty blatant.

Imagine the dekufag mass suicide

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>Hori would make them such important characters
Other than Shigaraki the others aren't that important.

I wouldn't say Dabi is that important by himself but he did end up connected to two major characters

Imagine how much worse is the idea he'll end up using.
>Inb4 passing on OFA to literally everyone Naruto style

Dabi and Toga seemed important. Everybody else felt disposable to me until MVA, except Twice.

Hori is a really fucking weird guy. So the person who bullied his self-insert is wanked during the sports festival, wanked during finals, wanked by All Might, wanked by the villains, wanked by Aizawa on live television, tries to kill Deku, is a huge asshole to everyone, and is rewarded with the strongest Quirk in existence and unquestionably winning over his rival?

As a plot device to push the other two major into a closer relationship.

This arc is very bad user no one wants to talk about it

>unironically wanted his protagonist to get cucked by his childhood bully at the end
This is why everyone makes fun of deku

Hori has some issues he should go take care off and it shows.

now I wish he'd actually saved that for the series ending, the salt would have been funny

I unironically think Deku saving Tenko and defeating All for One is the best we can hope for. Deku and Bakugo sharing One for All shouldn't have ever happened if Hori couldn't top it

Shouldn't we be making fun of Hori? This is like ending Naruto with Sasuke killing him and becoming dictator.

This would be the ending though. Sasuke would've stopped the child soldiers program bullshit and put Orochimaru through justice instead of letting continue human experiments like a cuck.

What do you think All for One is more upset about? That he can't steal One for All like he can every other quirk, or that the brother he looked down on bred a quirk that in so many ways surpasses his own?

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Sure, but Sasuke would still be the tyrannical dictator of the world.

He'd probably be happy about the second part if he could steal it.

Because I love this manga.

And Naruto is the tyranical dictator of the world. But at least Sasuke would attempt to make serious changes unlike Naruto who lets everything continue exactly the way it was.

I still think it's impossible. I don't think anything All for One has done has ever got him to the point he can steal One for All. The will of all the former users is way to strong. I don't think him or Shigaraki alone are capable of it. All these effort and in the end he will still lose. Pathetic