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Why does no one like Vegeta?

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I like Bejita but his fan is mentally ill. I wouldn't want to associate with him even in the slightest, so I just post other characters.

SSJ God SSJ Trunks

You clearly do, as you can't stop posting about him.

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Moekurats WILL NOT be able to refute this image.

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I like Bejita but his fans are very delusional.

Typical tardkurat using tourist language

T? T.

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SHITkumonkeys don't like it when a stronger, cooler, and more handsome and accomplished saiyan gets screentime since it exposes how shit SHITku is.
SHITku lost btw.

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Dragon Ball was better when Shitjita barely showed up.

...Said the seething Yamchafag crying over Bulma falling in love with a prince.

>goku out of nowhere
>yamcha out of nowhere
Why are vegeta fanboys so insecure about other characters?

I agree, i don't mind Bejita, but the Goku vs Bejita posts are getting old. It's the same bullshit over and over again with two schizos just screeching at each other.

That saiyan's name? ONIO

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Shitgeta fans hate when other characters are important.


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>Open thread

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>cheaTer? cheaTer.


>that jawline
would be a chad if he lost weight.

The best duo.

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It was just Bejita until you HeroKuFags showed up

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I prefer Piccolo alone but yeah Gohan is somewhat alright.

Oh man this is delicious. I can't believe they gave the winners of the Tournament of Power these!

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Jiren had one too. Twinkdroid on suicide watch

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...but enough about BITCHku

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>Jiren in the background

The tin-can was never a winner.

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>no one
The entire Dragon Ball community is no one now?

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>on suicide watch
...But enough about SHITren.

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It's just one acceptable shot. It's still shit.

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I swear it seems like people think Vegeta fans having any opinion at all makes them annoying.


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>MVP of team
>Gets eliminated before suicide tackle attack

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Why do Tienfags like Tsumugi so much?


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Wait a dang minute

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Who? Did you forget your meds again, Kisslesskusister?

17? Won
SHITren? ERASED and forgotten.

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It's the same with Sony fans. No different than any other group of fanboys but people bitch about them the most.

>Why do Tienfags [headcanon]
If you want to talk about moepedoshit with someone here you're better off asking a bejitabro, I hear they LOVE mugi

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>it's MY turn!
pretty cool though

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>tSHITmugifags have been posting Tien in both this thread and last thread
>this Tienfag unironically called her Mugi

R? R.

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BASED CHADroid 17.

Renji jobbed? Renji jobbed.

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>newSHART wasn't around for bejitabro btw posting (before it got stale) where he would shit on moe while talking about how much he loves K-On
You STINK of the wiki

Go away.


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Unreliable referee.

I can see your fat lard ass through this post, SHITjitafag.

Worst girl. Post Mugi instead

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>Solos your verse

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>takes advantages of the darkness to drool
the absolute state of ratkubros...

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I was here for that and this post doesn't contradict what I said.

SHITjitafags are pathetic.

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Character 1 (One)

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I have to say /dbs/ this past couple threads have been absolute kino ever user here is so based and redpilled.

we only take capsules here

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Father of? WUKONG the MC
Grandfather of? CHADhan the one and only
Great Grandfather of? Pan chan the protected.

POV you are WeakLy, Uglyren, Jobjita, PiccoNobody, Humanfags, Villaincucks

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