Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru

Marin is too basic. All my bitches love Nowa.

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Ah the contrarian waifu

I prefer the long orange hair girl. Too bad she doesn't have a name

all the girls so far (except Non Chan for obvious reasons) are grade A waifu material


I hate Twitter tourists so so so much

kill yourself for watching this show

she does, wait for s2

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You mean Rune?

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Literally who?

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body counts?

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Marin is a violent person

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Oh yeah, that chick that shows up for one page and is never heard from again. Just like Non chan.

sexual frustration makes her violent

the bitch in need of sex

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>fake nails
>fake hair
>fake eyes


built for amane

Seething spic.

>"Oh.. So you're still playing with those dolls?"
Imagine the shitstorm.


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i can already hear the seething

squeenix is gonna start whipping fukuda harder to get more chapters out

That problem is being resolved

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The love taps are the best.



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with marin

This, also all mexicans.

SEX Nowa
fucking SEX Nowa


TrapCHAD will make her open up emotionally and physically.

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Whats the timeframe on these sales?

I like how Nowa and the other Marin friends became tertiary characters once the friendship with Gojou was established.


Gojou's friends are superior anyways.

you mean the ones that took gojou and did it all at once right in front of marin?

Unprotected sex with Juju

I like that line better when user translated it as "I don't smoke cigarettes".

They look like sluts

Yo wtf, this show is so good

And the manga is even better

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user I'm not even watching the subbed release, you think imma read this shit in black-and-white?

I want to commit a crime (against God).

>dresses as a nun
>immediately thinks about a night-long pounding afterwards

You'll be under arrest

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lol did that really happen?

Also does anyone know when dubs usually roll out? Do they come on Saturdays or Sundays?

and I don't really care about dubs, so I don't know

0 but masturbates, 100 maybe more, 0 and doesn't even understand how masturbating works, 1 but only because she was tricked with sweets

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I gotta say I really don't care for how some of the promo material like that seem to try and give off such a haremshit vibe

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she's stolen so many hearts with so few word(s)

>Rune is Non-chan
would be a shock ending.

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0 0 0 0
All pure anime waifus

What's going on here?

Gojou gets to pick her next cosplay. He chooses Hestia. She has her doubts. He pressures her into sex. She becomes mindslaved and loves it. It's not a bad doujin.

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Considering the people Marin hangs out win, Nowa easily wins by associations

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>user I'm not even watching the subbed release, you think imma read this shit in black-and-white?

Kill yourself.

thank heavens i've read enough manga to know that if they were experiencing a moment of mutual attraction a breeze would blow through

>tfw no bride of christ marin

basic how? she has more character development than that minor character