Be nice to this adorable retard!

Be nice to this adorable retard!

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Be mean to this arrogant twerp!

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I love Bojji and not in a sexual way.

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Depends, how retarded is he?

are you human?

That's kind of racist, just because I'm black doesn't mean I'm not human.

He literally did nothing wrong. Fight me.

Being retarded is actually freeing. It sounds like a meme but I pretended to be retarded for four years straight when I was in school till I left this school. Teachers never asked me to do anything because they thought I was retarded and incapable of doing shit or talking and classmates and other people even casually told me their most fucked secrets because they assumed I wasn't really listening or getting what they talked about but I did. Felt good.

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good anime, and accessible enough to introduce to normalfag friends.
go Bojji!

He's only deaf and has 0 STR

Based and claudius-pilled

Pledge your allegiance to this stacked mommy

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He's not retarded.

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why? you can be as cruel as you want to him and do whatever and it'll be fine as long as you apologize.

Leave it to this guy

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>it'll be fine as long as you apologize.
Not if you don't mean it.


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he's never sussed out a lie. do whatever you want to Hilling, it'll be fine just say you're super sorry!

He's not retarded at all, he's just undersocialized due to being deaf in a world where too few people know sign language.

The only one who never did anything wrong was Despa.

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I want to hug Despa.

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I unironically want Despa to be my big bro. Would brother-NTR. I would be less miserable if I had had someone that had motivated me to believe in myself.

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We get it Kage, sheesh.


He wouldn't even understand anyway
The dumbass mute cocksleeve

I genuinely want to see them meeting each other now that Ouken is slightly less retarded than usual and see what happens

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He can read lips just fine.

Just wear a mask

I don't speak Japanese though.

A huge benefit to crazy Ouken's armor is that once he takes the helmet off, he no longer looks like the creature who made Bojji witness his best friend being brutally ripped apart before thrashing and stabbing Bojji himself

Yeah I wonder if he will even recognize him.
He is still wearing his hobo armor though so maybe.

Me. too. I'm excited for when they meet. Hope it's soon. He still has that same armor on so Bojji and Kage will recognize him right away.

>now that Ouken is slightly less retarded than usual
Rude. Ouken is probably only a tiny bit retarded now, and the rest of it has been replaced with wholesome brother-taught and brocon-fueled violence

I just realised now that Ouken won't know/recognize him. Well that's weird.
Kind of have two brothers with brain damage and amnesia now.

It's better if Ouken doesn't remember what he did, honestly. I think Bojji will be able to look past what Ouken did while he was literally out of his mind, and the two of them can get along easier without that baggage. I think they'd like each other. Bojji admires cool, strong guys and I'm sure Ouken would appreciate Bojji not only as Despa's disciple, but for all the makings of a great, kind king he has. These two could make such a good team. I think the real Ouken is the kind of person Bojji really wanted to see in Oyab, aside from the lack of disability.

I cannot read nihon but it's fun that some website seems to release the exact same chapters Yea Forums is reading right now because I see a lot of artists talk about this guy and chapter 159 and 160 and such just as we do. Lucky coincidence I guess.

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Chapters 158 through 165 are all focused on Ouken. After that, the story returns to Bojji and Kage all the way to where the manga is currently at.
These Ouken chapters are in volume 13, which just released physically on the 12th, so a bunch of people have only just read them even though they came out ages ago for the webcomic.

Yeah I really wonder. I think Bojji will "find" and identify Desha before Ouken but maybe leave afterwards, it would make sense to use an encounter with Ouken to lead him to Desha later when he realises he is searching for him.


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user it's not the 12th, not even in Japan. What do you mean?

It's an underworld deity you should be able to summon him with some bloody sacrifices.

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>he can't project his astral body a week into the future

Who could possibly be mean to him?

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I-I'm patiently waiting for the 12th to order my copy.

They are mentioning some website called bookwalker or something I assume maybe the single chapters are getting uploaded to buy too because they seem to be stuck to the early post-anime chapters we are reading as well right now.

Man, it would be great if Ouken, Bojji, and Kage went on adventures together while searching for Desha. And have a lot of Despa, too, because they need him to help figure out how to restore his memory.

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where can I preorder the manga?

I see your Despa and counter with Bebin.

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>went on adventures together while searching for Desha
>Bojji realising it's him but walking away for reasons
>coming back to show Ouken
>Desha is gone
Could possibly happen once that guy isn't completely starved and too weak to walk.

I have to like, kill shit for this? Should I kill a baby for my army's morality and then assist in ruining another child's life for my wish?

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Wonder how Bojji would react if he sees how he massacres gods. Bojji doesn't know them so he doesn't know the context.

Still better than Bosse.

finished season one recently
show was great until that last 10 episodes
every character's motive and decision making went complete spaghetti

To the army, it may look like he was standing with them but I think he killed the child more for its sake than for the mercenaries. He didn't want it to suffer anymore so he stepped in.

How'd their motivations go to spaghetti?

What I mean is that I have lost all track of time and I should go to bed

Hang on, didn't he admit it was for them since they'd lost so many troops? Now you're making me wanna go check the ep.

The only guy really drifting back and forth is Apiss and he is just indecisive like Bosse but with a better moral compass.
It's a trait that isn't well liked but I never considered bad writing, he is just a meh character, which is a difference same with Bosse and Miranjo. None of the other's motivations meandered.

Not him but he allowed them to torture the kid and allure the gigantes with it, he killed it to end the suffering, not to join the sadistic power play. Otherwise he wouldn't have killed it so fast. And we have seen him anguishing about his decision later when Despa shouts at him.

Desha got some food. Bojji left him behind though and still doesn't believe that he's Desha. Desha is totally in limbo right now.