Onions sauce on egg

>onions sauce on egg

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I said onions sauce.

thats not gross tho people usually complain about the raw egg thing onions sauce just tastes like salt

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I prefer garlic sauce desu

Every fucking time HAHAHAHA

Let me guess, you've been here since 2016?

The heat from OP's rage cooks the egg.

Soi sauce

only one egg?

Fuck off, tourist.

the heat of her rectum cooks the egg

newfags cant ꜱoy


The egg from the heat rice the

Likely even newer, that filter has been in place for a long time now

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That is one hot rectum


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the filter is placed back in 2018

so this is the power of the "nip food bad" posters


Doesn't get old.

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Uh oh user looks like you're computer has a virus. Better go get it checked out at your local Geeke Squad TM. Did you have the latest booster patches installed on your anti-virus software (Moderna or Pfizer)?

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lately I've been microwaving potatoes then lightly frying them after smashing them in butter and onions sauce
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Yeah, Yea Forums mods banned the word S_0_Y after users spammed the S_0_Yboi meme on that board, Really stupid but what can you do?

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醤油 goes on everything

We heard you first time

Lmao even

Onions goes great on eggs you dumb rootypoo

simply ebin

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delete system32, user, that'll do the trick

>microwaving potatoes
Explain further, I see no scenario where that goes well

You just punch holes with a fork all around the potato and it doesn't explode

I really wonder why they keep this old word filter, which only accidentally triggers now, and don't add new ones.

ONION sauce?? Why would you put onions on eggs user??

>Punch holes in it with a fork
>Microwave for 6-12 minutes depending on the size
>Rotate it halfway through so the bottom doesn't get tough
>Pierce with knife when it's finished, if it slides in it's good if it doesn't keep going
From there you can do something like slice it and pan fry it, or just cut it open and fill it as you would a baked potato. It saves having to preheat an oven for a single potato. The skin can get leathery and tough depending on the type of potato though

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s o y

Hang yourself frogspamming twitter immigrant.

You can thank Yea Forumsermins for that, newfag.


Spamming your frog the last 2 days wasn't enough?


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The heat from the rice cooks the egg

Just call it shoyu, you baka gaijin newfag. Seriously though, it's great on eggs.


Lurk moar

>a single potato
Ok that more more sense then

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>pouring milk on rice
This isn't rice pudding, you bitch.

Yeah. I wouldn't try doing more than 2, or one particularly large one (such as a sweet potato) because I don't think they'd cook properly but it's handy if you just need one for a recipe or are just cooking for yourself

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why not make bean sauce of out of other legumes?


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I dare you.

Why did he do it?





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egg frie this ri

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god damn it