Stupid virgin succubus!

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Overlord should have been a pure SoL dark comedy series like Tonegawa.

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Nobody cares lmao

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Shes's such a cunt. Literally impaled an entire village Dracula style including woman and children and all because of a single faggot her faction manipulated.

At least it's in demiurges nature to enjoy suffering but Albedo does it out out of animosity.

no fuck off. SOL shit can come later as an spin-off.

She is supposed to be evil, user.

Albedo would've been better if she was actually just a hyperslut

wtf I love her?


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Yeah, she's a succubus who doesn't fuck, who has a thing for a guy with no penis.
Like it's OKAY if some of the women have sex, you know. Ainz doesn't even care about romance anyway.
Albedo would be more interesting if she actually fucked people. Even Shalltear is only really interested in women.

Imagine this anime but without Albedo

Skeletons are just goblins without green skin

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>I am angry
>I am angry that the villain did something evil
Imagine not liking evil women.

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> (canon) hairy pubes

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Absolutely disgusting

not canon

that's a shitpost

Hot as fuck.

As it should be.

would play with and gently brush

>hairy pubes
wait til she shows her true form

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>(canon) hairy pubes
Flatchest Shalltear womanlet can't even compete.

>judging by the wings
hairy baboon?

It's from season 3 of the anime. Albedo Bush is canon

you're a shitpost

I have the BD and no.

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>hairy baboon?
Shalltear did call Albedo a gorilla.
Keep in mind that Albedo called Shalltear a lamprey and we know how that turns out.

How long til she die?

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A fully mature woman, not to mention a succubus, which is an embodiment of sexuality itself absolutely should have natural hairy pubes. It's not even a question.

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Incompetent succubus.

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>that pic
Mushoku Tensei tier cancer

maya chan is so cute

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>she will never join Ainz because she sprayed insecticide on Entoma
Breaks my heart

>Entoma is about to kill Evileye
>flashback of Keno hitting a dismembered dragon enter Ainz's mind

>later as a spin-off
Ple Ple Pleiades.
Also Nazarick shenanigans are the best part of the series.

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Fuck you I teared up a little just imagining it.

Sebas Tian dragon form when?

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Albedo a best

she will die horribly and you will like it, Satoru.

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will be winning the Ainzbowl cap this.

too based for the author. not happening sadly

at least she won in the side story.

her lonely demon heart yearns for a boney caress

konoshitba tongue my anus

Christ she's so much more innocent in the side story, in the mainstory she's literally a edgy emo teen.

she was sheltered in the side story.
Ainz tried to hide his evil shit as much as possible in that world.

Cucks and degenerates should be burned

>nooo cucks!!
It's better for her character if she didn't revolve around sucking Ainz's dick. It's fucking cringe, the entire part where Ainz changes her personality reeks of editorial garbage and it doesn't even fit the man's personality, he's not THAT sort of loser.

She's also a cunt.

Demiurge is evil and makes parents eat their own children but I love him, mostly. I hate that he too is a cunt when dealing Sebas and his wife. It's workplace bullying.

I already know you're a cuck. Obviously being a loyal and loving woman is gross to you

>We want the Albedofags.


The entire cast revolves around sucking his dick.

How many diseases did she have?

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When we add the dragon Loli baba to his harem

>Overlord should have been a pure SoL dark comedy series like Tonegawa.

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