Remember when Yea Forums was fun?

Remember when Yea Forums was fun?

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Fun is reddit now or something, but yeah.
I actually miss board-wide hypes too. We will never get annoying-fun shit back like the times when TTGL, CG and other hyped anime were airing.

It was fun for the first couple of years I was here, but then the novelty wore off.

Should have left for a different site years ago then. Like, a decade ago. Also, complaining isn't going to solve anything.

I only started posting here in 2015 so no. I at least got to see the last year before the mods opened the shonen floodgates

Then why are you still here

I still have fun every day laughing at pissfags and huntertrannies

Yea Forums was never fun

Bring back planet threads, you fucks.

second time Ive seen you post this shit TODAY you fucking dipshit teenager. Anyone old enough knows Reddit is an infested shithole and thats putting it lightly. Now fuck off and blow your brains out

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The weekly Kengan seething is super fun what are you talking about

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Just a few hours ago, but it was deleted

Literally my first post today, not everybody is the same person, ackfag.

Thats what they all say

Letting shonenshitters run wild without confinement was the first big miss step

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Yea Forums vs Yea Forums

It was all fine till DBS came along, since then we are in hell

My ass, shonenhell started when moot unbanned naruto threads.

Mass mind break into being gay for a 7 ft fall Chinese jobber

>Fun is reddit now or something
Yeah it's fucking unbelievable, and I've met actual people online who literally think fun = reddit, at least depending on what they mean by fun. It's pathetic.

no one ever funposts or effortposts anymore, it's all low-effort troll shit and porn dumps

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Dude if you put Yea Forums in the title your thread will 99% get deleted for metaposting mods are retarded

not him, but at some point someone's going to post konata pointing at a sign that says you're here forever, which is basically just an excuse for a lack of will and a way to say "lol shikata ga nai", repeating it so often they actually start to believe it's impossible to leave.
why? most anons can't leave because they have a severe case of fomo (fear of missing out) and social media addiction (i.e. a severe case of retardation). that's it. you're welcome.

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That's sounds like some intense projection.

I've always just seen it as a playful meme to disguise the fact that no matter how terrible Yea Forums is, it's still one of the only places where one can talk semi-freely and that keeps people coming back.

Remember when the internet was fun?

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not really. it's just what i've read over the years on this site whenever the topic of "why can't i leave?!" came up. of course i'm not going to act as if i'm any better (or not as retarded in this case).
>no matter how terrible Yea Forums is, it's still one of the only places where one can talk semi-freely
oh, you mean being able to say nigger? there are other imageboards out there which allow you to talk as freely, too. sometimes you get banned for the dumbest reasons here, too. the mods are in an extremem state of buttblasted sometimes.
i consider what you mentioned just another excuse to be desu. is there any reason to swim in a sea of shit just because you can do it "freely"?

Oh god

I had fun here yesterday

Yeah, then smartphones came along and everything was ruined.

I had fun today

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2010 here, Yea Forums was never fun.

The internet is only as fun as you are! Age can definitely kill that bright eyed wonderment we felt as kids but I think there's still fun to be had if you avoid social media.

Maybe I don't want to believe that people have rationalised staying against their will. If the fun is over, then it's over and they should try something new.
>oh, you mean being able to say nigger?
I mean this is definitely a plus, but you're right about getting banned/warning for no good reason. I'm not here solely because of the freedom but because I feel a sense of group camaraderie when posting that I don't really get elsewhere. It's hard to explain but I get a lot of joy when shitposting or discussing things I like with people I don't know. I do like using other imageboards and IRC too but they're a lot slower usually.

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Yea Forums was already dead by then, you missed the fun years

Still pretty fun to me. Not my problem you people love going to places with people you don't like and seeing opinions just to get angry at them and THEN bringing them here as if it was my duty to get angry too.

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Clearly you didn't see my lesson on the Super Saiyajin form and its real life equivalent.

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Yeah when people my age were here making OC with their computers now they are alll gone and only ironic newfags/-25 years old phone posters remain

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nyan long and prosper desu

>I think there's still fun to be had if you avoid social media.
I whole hearty agree, social media is a huge killjoy.

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>I feel a sense of group camaraderie when posting that I don't really get elsewhere
fair enough, but i have lost that. personally, i am here because i like editing anime screencaps and manga pages and then i also like sharing those images.

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is there a point to this imagedumping?

To remember the good times

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