Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road

>first Happy Sugar Life and now this.

Why are yuri anime so violent?

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Because sex and violence is cool.

that jump backwards looks so bad it ruins the entire scene

less violent compared to AgK

yuri domestic violence is a time honored tradition

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nobody expects the faustian execution!

What is Akari thinking here?

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>Two Car

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>doesnt die because she is MC
So generic, this is just another generic isekai SHIT

Is this show going to get decent threads or is it going to be bitching and shitposting all season?

>girls talk to each other
>they must be lesbians

It's literally 2 episodes user we don't know if it's good or not.

LNfags say it's good, but LNfags say everything is good because they eat shit every day.

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Just report and ignore the obvious schizos

>yuri in the OP
RIP thread.

It's tagged as "yuri" on Wikipedia, though.

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it seems like it's going to be like your typical romcom or harem threads with lewdspam and guessing which one is going to kiss cock first

It's good.
t. Just read it up to v2
Going to read v3 now

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The LN is alright. It's not going to take any big turn for the worse and there's some cool stuff down the line, so if you like it so far you'll probably keep liking it. The anime is making a lot of small changes too, mostly for the better. Like this scene at the station introduced Ashuna early and is already building her rivalry with Momo.

I can't wait for Usotsuki to get adapted

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Use the category next time, not the search bar. This is the yuri category/tag:百合
Nowhere is Shokei Shoujo included in it. It's included under the "for men" (dansei-muke, for the intended target audience) and "isekai series" (for the genre) category.

When are they going to fuck though

Don't bitch and shitpost and actually discuss shit then

Classic: it doesn't count because I don't want it to count

No. It's been targeted by "funposting" schizos and anti-yuri schizos. I'm pretty sure the people who constantly made the midweek threads were the same people who made "muh Gojou self-insert" shitposting threads.

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This one isn't about a pedophile and it has a happier ending.
Can you believe the guy that did AgK ended up redeeming himself by making a manga that isn't shit?

Kindly stop with off topic shits already

>Ika musume as ntr'd lesbian loli pink slut
Poor Ika...

but do they kiss like the pedo kissed her loli?

>kill a show
No matter what autists here do or shit on it will NEVER affect sales or who watches what.

Don't use the shitposting version.

Those two girls in Two Car picture are gay though.

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I am going to drop it if it fails to deliver battle part of the show
the perfect doll anime sucks massive ass don't even know why you're bringing it up

>"Once in Gram I'll make sure she takes a bath with me this time around."

You are missing yuru camp

All I'm saying is that it has lots of lesbians but it's not yuri. Yuri is a subgenre of romance, ranging from light romcoms to hardcore LGBT preaching. Sometimes you just don't want to be associated with that crowd, especially if you look at the absolute state of /u/. It's much better to see this as an isekai fantasy work.

Just drop it and fuck off already

>I will endless 8 you until you get over here and fuck me.

>get spoiled in previous thread that this isn't the first time they have looped
Should've known better than to think it's okay to read spoiler text. One question for those who already know though, will we find out that Akari "knows" about everything this season?

Yuru Camp isn't gay enough.

>Relationships change as they come into contact. Through their journey, Menou gradually forgives Akari, and she feels a sense of unease with herself as an "executioner. Momo, who is worried about Menou, deepens her hatred for Akari, and a mysterious love triangle (?) develops. The story even takes on the aspect of a "love story".

The author talking about the story and how, as everyone already knows, how yuri it is.
I won't give the source now cause I really want someone to say i'm fucking lying

>this stupid bitch thinks I don't know she murdered me
>I will rape you eventually fufufu

>women campers
>not gay

why I like battle yuri, probably my favourite genre
Next episode
Akari will be showing her titles

>read a couple of chapters of skelly isekai years ago
>it gets an adaptation
>start watching this
>wait a minute, I remember this from somewhere
>read it years ago and now it also got an adaptation
This season is fucking weird

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This is me every season. I was surprised when another anime got a S2...and I didn't even know it had a S1 in the first place.

It's revealed near the end of the first novel

Probably in the first half of this season

He's right. It's the 21st century. Female camping isn't just for Subaru-driving bulldykes anymore.

>he doesn't know about the movie and about their new butch haircuts

>like series
>excited to find out its getting an anime adaptation
>turns into the designated shitposting show of the season

Is it even yuri? Some people argue Happy Sugar Life wasn't yuri but said people are idiots. What about Virgin Road?

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Love triangle? Can any ln fags explain

Who gives a shit? If it's not extremely popular shitposting usually dies after the first few episodes anyway.

Read this


>Sword of Salt
>Mechanical Society
Ah I was hoping they would show glimpse of these 4 places in the anime.

Also I feel like these being scary extinction events haven't really sink in for anime onlys since I saw a lots of how the church should help with mind fuckery problems or send Isekaijins home etc

>Also I feel like these being scary extinction events haven't really sink in for anime onlys
All the underage retards are still crying about "OMG GIRL KILLED BOY".

I want to be killed by her in the most gruesome manner.

What does this mean?

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