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Is he the most useless Straw Hat?

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That's not Carrot.

Yes, but he's a jack of all trades so he fills the mob/cabinboy crewmate role nicely

Fuck the Yamato thread

he do some shit sometimes

it's chopper if doesn't save Zoro's life

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*ding* *ding*
Just a reminder for newfags:

Jinbe? Already joined.
Zeus? Already joined.
Momo? Will join.
Tama? Will join.
Yamato? Will join.
Vivi? Will rejoin.
Law? Will stick around until the end.
Caribou? Will get his ride on the Sunny.
Kin'emon? Will live happily ever after with his wife.
Carrot? Will go back to the zoo to munch grass.

Thank you for reading.

Chopper at least cured the Ice Oni things. Usopp has done fuck all the entirety of Wano.


>recruited hundreds of soldiers
>took down the lookouts
>converted half the gifters
>saved tama
>captured bao huang
>saved kiku and kinemon


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Elbaf is the Usopp arc

Because with the her death Zoro became his most promising student.

you need to read between the lines

Chapter 1046 Usopp vs Chapter 1 Luffy, who wins ?

Carrot will never be a Straw Hat. She has no dreams, she has no function, she has no drive. She's a furry fapbait, twisted by self-inserts and fujos into a crude mockery of nature's perfection.

But enough about Yamato.

Touch grass.

Considering the last named character Usopp has ever defeated was a 10 year old girl, I don't think Luffy has anything to worry about.

In battle? Yeah he and Nami are pretty bad but overall Nico Robin is also a jobber who never wins AND unlike Usopp and Nami who have actually useful jobs on the ship, Robin is just the "Poneglyph girl"

It's Oda's fault, rushing kills the gag and adventure parts and Usopp is useful there.
Ship battles aren't special either and he would shine there

Munch grass.

This purely because Oda can't fucking use him. He's a sniper: anyone knows to put him at a far away point, aim at the eyes in battle and boom: you won

You're never getting your Yamato, Momo, Tama, and Vivi are all joining scenario.
You will seethe when Carrot still sticks around.

he's literally the best character

Usopp Noise saved Alabasta

He literally saved everyone in dressrosa. Once in a gag way, another in an epic sniper way.

Elbaf will be his arc

"Falling down the stairs" is an euphemism, Kuina commited suicide. She was depressed because her dad informed her that w*men are inferior.

>You will seethe when Carrot still sticks around.
Kek this is way more unlikely than the first option by hundreds of miles.

Maybe pre timeskip, but post timeskip he's just
>asspull no flower

>just the "Poneglyph girl"

That makes her one of the most important people in the world.

Usopp is the most useless character followed by Nami. I swear it's such a massive disappointment that they're worse/weaker than pre-time skip. At least pre-time skip they were actually engaging in one vs one combat almost every arc and pulling out interesting strategies. Now? They're just cowardly and fighting only level 1 henchmen while depending on Luffy to do everything else.

The threat has grown and they haven't. Its amazing they aren't brutalized and turned into donut-hole mush.

Usopp's best shining moments were always when he was outclassed by an adversary but managed to bullshit his way to victory.

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>judge a goldfish by its ability to climb a tree

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it's zoro


Still not using the tranny thread.

finally, a based woman

>you need to headcanon
do zorofags really

Nah. Usopp's best moment was appearing in the Lucci fight imo

>weeb don't understand nuance
many such cases

Why didn't she just learn haki?

The Straw Hat ranking from most useful to least useful is basically Luffy > Nami > Chopper > Robin > Sanji > Franky > Zoro > Jinbe > Usopp >>> Brook

Yo wtf its yamato

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Zoro, unlike every other Strawhat, has no useful role
He's a fighter, and a worse one than Luffy at that

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>announcing the arrival of the elite forces of gluttonous, decadent enforced diversity

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Tell me how can any Yonkou crew be stronger than 86 freak babies.

>converted half the gifters
That's not Usopp's feat alone lol, speed and the other dumb gifter did most of the job, also tama


Usopp will take down Blackbeard screenshot me


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>86 freak babies

Big Mom has like 6 strong children. That's what she gets for fucking jobbers like Pound.

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Nobody is joining in Wano and Jimbe doesn’t count because he joined in WCI

Big Mom has the post powerful crew in the series.

Fuck off shitposter


t. didn’t read the manga

Holy based.

Nice headcanon. Possible, but maybe not.

Why would a serious character like Crocodile hang out with these goofy motherfuckers?

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I'm laughing because I assume it's making fun of Yamatroons but I don't get it.

>capslock posting
Time to turn off the computer, grandpa.

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Nice samefag.

there were useful to his operation at the time. he didn't stick around the cafe the first time goldenweek broke them out.
>das boners

Then tell us who has a more powerful crew, nerd.

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>hang out
it was all anonymoose kisaru

Nice schizo.

Literally how can Zeus defy Big Mom if he is made of her soul?

Why is Big Mom so disgraceful?

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>no argument
Concession accepted, retarded virgin.

That's like asking how can your children defy you if they're made out of your cum. They have free will.

False equivalency to the max.

do they live on after the users death? did any of caramels stuff stick around?


No, that was Pandora.

They were supreme grade stairs

Who is that dogger

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true, I forgot

It's just how her power works.
It seems that the more soul she gives things, the more independent they are.

Also, keep in mind that although she's the one creating them, she's not necessarily using her own soul, she takes soul from others.

Queen solos 90% of Big Meme's crew alone.

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>Millions of pirates dreaming of finding the One piece not knowing that without robin it's literally impossible

Usopp peaked at Sogeking and went through character regression as the timeskip went on.

It's always fightfags bringing up the question of uselessness. Why? Because they never bring up Zoro, the man who has zero use besides fighting. Luffy leads, Nami navigates, Sanji cooks, Usopp plans, Chopper doctors, Robin studies, Franky ships, Brook musics, and Jinbe steers.

I love how simple, unnecessary, hypercompetent shit like tricking crocodile twice, sabotaging the Ark Maxim, and closing the gates of justice could've went to Ussop to solidify his character as weak in battle and indispensable outside of it
instead it goes to the chef
STAMPEDE did a phenomenal job of making Usopp useful

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Nice headcanon bro.

but the fruit

>failed to capture jinbe
>failed to capture the straw hats
>failed to capture the fishmen
>failed to capture bege
>needed their entire military might to capture Germa (they're still about to break out from their prison anyway)
>Katakuri is literally the only member of the crew with an awakened Devil Fruit and some sort of advanced haki (still jobbed)
>Big Mom just jobbed to two side characters

Wow, such an amazingly powerful crew.

Any of the Germa siblings beat Queen
Sanji is confirmed to still be the weakest one

>she's not necessarily using her own soul
Retard, Zeus, Prometheus, Hera, and Napoleon are explicitly made from her own soul.

>3 things that happened 20 years ago


Reminder that Lanji
>Lost to Gin
>Lost to Kalifa because of his simping
>Lost to Absalom and failed to save Nami
>Got 1-shotted by Zoro in Thriller Bark
>Got stuck on the tranny island where he belongs
>Almost died because of his simping
>Was so weak he needed Jimbei to beat Wadatsumi
>Needed Zoro to stop him from raping Nami's body in Punk Hazard
>Lost to Vergo
>Nearly got himself killed because of his Viola simping
>Got his ass kicked by Doffy
>Was turned into a joke by Bege
>Nearly got Luffy, Nami, Brook, Chopper, and Carrot killed because of his daddy issues
>Got his ass kicked by Neiji
>Almost got Luffy, Nami, Brook, Chopper, and Carrot killed because he was too busy simping over Pudding
>Saved BIG MOM
>Lost to Page One
>Blew Robin's, Nami's, and Shinobu's cover in Wano when they would've been fine without his simping
>Needed daddy judge to save him from Queen
What a fucking joke of a character

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Usopp isn't indispensable, he just has a lot of heart like when he gave Luffy that pep talk.

Luffy and his 3 commanders

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The most recent SBS said Sanji was the weakest
Germa is literally on the level of a Yonko crew