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November 11th.
Created, written, directed and edited by Makoto Shinkai.

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is this going to be another sappy love story

PV1 on April 10th (Sunday).

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Of course it will. Shinkai is remaking that one movie again, and this time is going to be perfect.

who cares

>executive producer
>visual arts teacher
>has a masters degree in japanese language and literature
>former video game producer and marketing director
>made his 1st film entirely by himself
>wrote the best-selling japanese novel in more than a decade
>directed, edited and wrote the highest-grossing novel adaptation in japanese history
>last remaining auteur in the anime industry
>voice actor
>manga artist
>best-selling author
>independent creator
>industry consultant
>acting coach
>storyboard artist
>background artist
>professional photographer
>director of art
>director of sound
>director of photography
>director of animation
>digital painter
>graphic designer
>character designer
>sound designer
>color designer
>film critic
>heir to his parents' construction company
>Apple's poster boy in Japan
>has an asteroid named after him
>director of music and visual production for the Planetarium and Space Theater of Omiya
>owns all of his works
>married to a retired actress and tv producer
>10yo daughter is already a child actress, voice actress, dancer and singer
>is still in his mid-forties
Can't wait for this masterpiece.

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Visual by Shinkai himself.

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We all do. Even you, who bothers posting here.

I honestly don't care about this movie if there's no romance.

Is this post-apocalyptic Japan?

It's probably the same universe as Weathering with you, so kinda.

There's no information that says this will be a love story so no.

holy based.

What a genius.

Will it have a character I can self-insert myself

nice to see that ultrarealistic style being used for something other than normal modern tokyo scenery

but enough about Tomino

And yet he can't do a single proper romance story where two characters kiss.

Oh no, she's ugly

will there be radwimps insert songs


Why the chair? Why?

>boy meets girl
>they have a connection
>longing and surprised looks, shyly reaching for each others' hands
>they get separated somehow
>some kind of supernatural or sci-fi shit as well
>they reunite and seem happy but it never actually progresses farther than that
>Tomino laughs as he continues to be right and Shinkai begins plotting his next hollow seishun romance

Like all mortal men, destined to die. And everything, dust in the wind...


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Ponytails are EROTIC

Best blowjob hair.

He dress nicely at least cause of money, if not for his talent he would be an incel salaryman by now

Is it just me or does he make on of these every 2 years? I'd be impressed if the story wasn't the same
Poster water looks good though

Well, Ghibli makes the same movie everytime but every 8 years so there's that.

Shinkai is on a regular release schedule like Mamoru Hosoda. Seems to be a similar work ethic they've committed themselves to, which makes sense since both directors are mainstream moneymakers at this point.

Why green uniform though

The first PV probably won't show much since the release date is so far off, and the movie was going to face huge production issues if it was going for the usual summer release like Shinkai's last two movies. Hopefully he's able to get better animators this time since Weathering With You's animation was a noticeable step down from Your Name's.

>reveal on your name day
Sasuga shinkai sensei.

Amazing hair to be ruined by cutting it short because muh development.

seems about right!

Looks kino already. Remind me this exists once it comes out Yea Forums. I`m counting on you.

>has a masters degree in japanese language and literature
>should have read kino fiction such as Mishima, Dazai, Kawabata, Abe, Murakami, Souseki, Oe .
>should have watched kino cinema such as Ozu, Mizoguchi, Kobayashi, Kurosawa, Sono, Iwai, Hamaguchi.
>Keep making wish fulfillment YA shit that are either fluffy romantic or coming of age borefest.
The absolute state of Japanese's animation nowadays...

Has something to do with children.

All of those are babies first nip film directors. Apply yourself pleb.

>ma-mai t-taste is more obscure than uu!!
go back to >>>/film/

Music by Tenmon. Theme songs by ???.

shinkai took down his old soulful website. He's beyond redemption now.

I have a master's degree and I'm a neet
which is a qualification that Shinkai sorely lacks.

He cute.

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Nigga, it'll be the Shinkai film with the longest production window by far. Wtf are you talking about?

You're not black. Don't say "Nigga" to me, you racist piece of shit.



So this is a sequel of his previous movie?

I am racist, yes.

>protagonist of Hosoda's last movie was Suzu (鈴)
>protagonist of Shinkai's new movie is Suzume (鈴芽)
What did they mean by this?

It means that Shinkai is the whole loaf while Hosoda just the crums.

user, kindly learn how to spell before you presume to opine upon the relative merits of directors of Japanese animation.

Kill yourself.

Yes, all movies with water are sequels.

Exactly hahaha
Usually Yea Forums would call someone who's just bad at writing as hacks, but the actual hacks are people who CAN actually write something good but decided not too because of ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥

>boy meets girl shenanigans without any real romance

this fucking hack

He fuck your mom or something?

It's not a shinkai movie without a sappy love story

>closing doors / tying up loose ends
I'm a bit concerned. That sounds like prime "this is a sequel" bait for Garden of Words, Your Name, and Weathering With You. And as much as I loved Hodaka, Hina, Mitsuha, and Taki, I'm not sure I really want them taking up a lot of time. Part of what I really loved about their respective films is that I felt like you got enough time and focus with them to understand what they're about and how they change. Small appearances are not bad, Yukari was hardly even noticeable in YN, while Mitsuha and Taki's appearances were nice little bonuses that still managed to actually keep a focus on Hodaka while letting us see how they were doing. But a focus on "tying up loose ends" makes me concerned they might take up too much time, if that's where Shinkai is going with this.

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I wish

He was married even before Your Name hit normie status, user.

I mean, it's the most on the nose about it, but the previous movies followed each other. The heroine from Garden of Words was also Mitsuha's teacher, and then Mitsuha and Taki both appeared in Weathering With You, after Mitsuha had to move to Tokyo. It's just "more" obvious here because Hodaka decided that he had to flood Japan to save the girl he liked, so the ramifications of his and Hina's choices are much more apparent to a viewer.

This is kirara. No boys.

I just think you're overthinking it

The story follows Suzume, a 17-year-old girl from a quiet Kyūshū town who meets a young man looking for a door. They find a door within ruins in the mountain, and Suzume opens it. Soon, more doors begin to open around Japan, bringing disasters from the other side. The film depicts Suzume's liberation and growth, as she closes the doors that are causing disaster.
That is at least one boy.

Tomino keeps requesting Makoto Shinkai to add sex in his movies. Do you guys agree with Tomino?