Dragon Ball Super

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Goku is for Bra


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VERY good thread last time. Keep it going!!!

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Baby. Now kneel.

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Goku is for Bara.

I want more Caulifla Black

Bejita's favorite Cure? Cure Muse.

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SLOBku is 2-0 against his Prince and his diet.

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Moe? Lives in your head rent free.

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Is she wearing a vibrator?

Any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots who mistakenly believe that they're in good company.

If you keep pretending to like moe you're going to bring actual moefags here.

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Imagine this:
Heist movie with the ginyu force, where captain ginyu is putting together the Ginyu force to accomplish a certain mission from frieza.

Is it kino?

Gokubros are to blame for this fucking MESS.

Sounds too much like RoF


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>Any community th-SCLORCH SHORP SHORP

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only if they do poses at the worst moments

There is no cuter couple than them.

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So... anyone here an ACTUAL Dragon Ball fan?

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Ginyu doesn't need to heist anything. He and his team are all world ending menace. They TAKE it.

She won.

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How does it feel to give in to Moe?

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pretty sure we all liked moe since forever but pretended to be against it to gatekeep which attracted anti-moebros who are ACTUALLY against moe with a passion and now we're circling back into liking moe in a blatant way

I am! Kyun~! I also love Magical Girl shows btw hehe kawaii! Creamy Mami ftw!!!

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I am. There's just not much to talk about lately.
I miss Toppo and Jiren.


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Vegeta is a cuck that got sloppy seconds

Other way around. No one ACTUALLY hates moe, it's all a joke. Then you got cringe idiots like those who post bulging muscles pics and scream about it in their every post ruining it for everyone and we can't get rid of them.

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>Any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots who mistakenly believe that they're in good company.
So that explains the Goku fans...

You fucking LOVE Krillin like a second father and you prefer OG to DBZ and DBS

>pretty sure [HEADCANON]

Could this be the source of my phantosmia, or was it covid?

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Gokubros here might appreciate the KINOkai chart.

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I always figured that was the case.

>Hiding behind RoF
Super in general, is shit.


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I seethe, cope and kneel.

Explain this Bejitabitches

We know. That name is fitting btw.

Fuck off, this is a DRAGON BALL thread. We have ALWAYS hated moeshit. Get the FUCK out.


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Gokubros, they finally acknowledged us!

Gokubros?! Is this the kind of games that we play?

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What ever helps you cope, Yamchabro.


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Bejitabros... we play gacha games???

Misogi-chan? I shagged her.

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Smart Liz!


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You look pretty strong!

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Yes. I, Bejitabro, wait for MOElusine with IMPATIENCE. Have I told you that she's top tier?

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God 18 with battle damaged clothes is so hot.

Bejitabros...I love moe so much...

get over yourself already, your diapered, kissless hero lost.

is that time again?

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>Any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots who mistakenly believe that they're in good company.

Bishouri love!

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I'm going to end ironic moeposting.

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I fucking HATE Goku. Post everyone single anti-Goku image you have to humiliate this fucking RAT.

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Ask me how I know you fucking WORSHIP Bejita IV

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There was also a surprising Jiren vs Goku reference

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Pan? The Sarada of DB.

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I fucking HATE Bejita. Post everyone single anti-Bejita image you have to humiliate this fucking MIDGET.

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>>going to
We're about two years too late for that, grandpa.

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>IESLB trash

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Moe...has won. /dbs/ could only resist the tide for so long.

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>the tSHITmugifag not only had to hide behind Vegeta, but is now hiding behind Tien
Worst mastermind, btw. Even Kazuo was better.

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okita's a warrior, she's a lil better then usual moe

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Morgan? My wife.

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MarisaWolf is fucking trash.

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Beerus sama, please delete this moe

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I don't. Bejita jobs to green.


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Enough of the moe! Discuss the manga NOW!
Can Moro defeat Gas?
Will Moro ever return?
Can the crew defeat Gas?
Will Granolah get along with Goku and Vegeta?
How is Granolah going to spend the rest of his lifespan?
Will Bardock return?
How did Bardock defeat Gas?
Will the movie reference the manga?
Ideas for future arcs?
Do you like the art?

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>tardkurat LITERALLY babbling about inane drivel only he understands

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Do it yourself.

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>twink twink

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Moe apes are strong...I don't think this is a battle you guys can win easily /dbs/

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Based and femdompilled

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The CHADnga will save us from the plight of moeSCUM. Toyotaro’s austere mastery of these threads with his skillful traces will serve to be our salvation.

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>pretending he wasn't the same poster

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GODGODGOD? Mastermind of /dbs/.

who are they?

>He's here...


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Oh my god.

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Female empowerment? Unfathomably based.

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>Vegeta was TORTURED by Buu and still held his form longer than SS3

"It will only slow you down a little... to be killed by the green devil again..."

Either way, he's not the real Vegeta

>haha, wanna fight in bed young girl? waku waku

You... jobbed? Can you describe what you mean by that, exactly?

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Based GODccolo

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>*tracing babble*

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Piece of Peace.

So let me get this straight, Goku refuses to pay rent in Bejita's mind and soon, Gohan manifests inside Bejita's mind, who also refuses to pay rent? Then, as a means to cope, Bejita thinks up the kissless 'joke'? Wow, the Son family really do live rent free.

>pretending [schizophrenic delusions]
Bejita won
Tenshinhan won
MOEku lost

My wife chino is so cute!

>Can Moro defeat Gas?
Maybe Planet Moro could.
>Will Moro ever return?
He must be sealed or in hell and nobody is going to revive him anytime soon.
>Can the crew defeat Gas?
Goku will defeat the pissing bitch in the next chapter
>Will Granolah get along with Goku and Vegeta?
After the arc is done he will become an ally.
>How is Granolah going to spend the rest of his lifespan?
He's going to undo the wish and live happy for the rest of his life with Monaito
>Will Bardock return?
No, he is dead as fuck.
>How did Bardock defeat Gas?
He aimed at an unknown weakness.
>Will the movie reference the manga?
Merus will appear in the backbround and that's the most it'll get.
>Ideas for future arcs?
Journey to other universes to fight their baddies.
>Do you like the art?
I don't hate it... desu senpai baka

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>cope cope

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it sure is comfortable

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Should I start?

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