Its finaly out

its finaly out

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And no one cares..

I have a feeling the threads would be dead even if this were aired weekly.

I’m enjoying the new season so far, but does anyone know why there was such a large gap between seasons? Afaik Netflix didn’t even announce this was happening, it showed me the T&B movies before it showed me the new episodes. Also, I don’t really care for Mr Black and He Is Thomas

Why is the sound mixing so fucked? Dialogue is whisper quiet but sound effects and music are blown way out.

I don't think so. Weekly threads are great because they're on a schedule. Everyone can plan around them, and everyone can catch up easily to join the threads later if they can't watch right away. When the whole cour gets dumped at once, it's impossible for watchers to coordinate.

Personally I'm staying out because I don't enjoy binge watching. I'll keep up with the archives but it absolutely sucks that the netflix dumps kills all discussion.

Did anyone watch a dubbed version of it?

I did, it’s the same cast as the first season

Now that it's confirmed that Ryan is back I see even less of a reason for the new heroes to be there. The cast is getting bloated as hell and we're wasting episodes on developing characters nobody cares about.

Did you download a specific batch? Or are you streaming it right from the website? I won't make fun of you if it's the later, but user two posts down might call you a faggot.

>netflix dumps kills all discussion.
Dragon Ball threads always reach the bump limit and there hasnt been a release in years, maybe you should try having an anime that doesnt suck.

The new heroes add so little, I’d rather the show focus on the pre existing character. The cat girl is cute but not cute enough to warrant existing

Did Dragon Kid do herself a favor and upgraded to Magical Cat after getting over her crush on Blue Rose?

Which language?

Obviously. Karina is into older men, not younger girls.

I don't care that much, but this show has got to have the most boring OP I've seen in a very long time.

>tfw it's not available on nyaa yet

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It's there bro you just have to look harder

>The new heroes add so little
They were the victory card in the last battle.

They're definitely going to sell those metal camping mugs with T&B's emblems from the end credits at a premium, aren't they?

I meant more personality-wise

After watching 2 eps it really feels like old T&B in a nostalgic way, shame it's late by like 5 years. Did they get the same writer back?

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no one cares, tiger & bunny sucks and now it's netflix shit lol

Don't understimate fujos.
This series has managed to get generals for a long, long, time to date on other boards. Just wait until first ep. has been shared on more sites.

Ryan coming back as a regular was a nice surprise. Don't know why we needed the other newbies, though, other than to balance out the whole buddy thing. The catgirl was a nothing character and Subaru and Thomas just retreaded Tiger and Barnaby's dynamic but worse.

just finished, overall loved it but besides fat agnes the only thing that annoyed me really was them fucking teasing lunatic in the intro then he never actually shows up. At least there was lots of Yuri.
Also I thought Yuri was a judge, does he still do that or is this now his thing?

>no logos
holy fuck did they really

No they're still in.

>"I didn't know Bunny-chan thought about me!"
>"You're oblivious."
>Barnaby looks at Kotetsu's ass the moment his back is turned
>all smiles

>that forced tsun in the 1st episode
Bunny is not even trying anymore

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Aw shit, I forgot about scarf-tan.

Is it any good?

I'm only on episode 3, but so far it feels just like old T&B

I wouldn't be surprised if Kojima did something for one of the character's design.

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Black and White were kinda pointless. Seemed like they were going somewhere with making White be a new age Lunatic but that didn't go anywhere. Black is just Tiger but as a self centered shitter in his teens. Ryan was alright but he was already established in the movies so they could spend the whole time developing more of his character and relationship with Rose.
Although, if you liked the old Tiger & Bunny you'll certainly like this one. It's just that these episodes felt like they were more of a refresher course and setup rather a true sequel and continuation to the world and premise. they said there was going to be another batch of 12 episodes, right? hopefully, those end up being good.

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>QUALITYgym is back
You’re certainly right.

The QUALITY in episode 2 was so nostalgic, I couldn't even be mad about it. There's a fantastic shot where fat-headed Kotetsu is standing next to bonnychon

>the ED

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I have to say I'm pretty disappointed with Great Value's T&B I know they wanted to show how Kotetsu and Barnaby's (faggotry) friendship again but it didn't work pretty well with Black being a self centered shitter like you say and with White being that pedantic. At least seeing Ryan again was good.

Image related: Sky High being that original really made me laugh.

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Ryan ending up being the same egotistical showboater but having those hidden depths was nice to see. I wasn't super into his character in the movie, but he really grew on me here as we learned more about him. I agree that the newbies were kind of pointless and unnecessarily bloat the cast, though.

What, does T&B have an anime Mads now?

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Does Bunny still have the LISP

Sky High always has been and will continue to be too pure for this universe. although, on a personal note it's nice how they made Bison a more respectable guy. they leaned more into how he and Tiger are old timers which was really nice and built the world well. Barnaby being seen as another old timer now was a nice touch. probably the only thing the newbies were good for.
>Ryan ending up being the same egotistical showboater but having those hidden depths was nice to see. I wasn't super into his character in the movie, but he really grew on me here as we learned more about him.
this. they fleshed him out really well. kinda made White an afterthought because he's so similar but not developed nearly as well.

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His allergies were just acting up that day, he does not have a lisp!


our Mads is the ugliest

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One more for the collection

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Black was fun.

It does feel like they made more of an effort to give the other heroes more focus and development. As much as I love this series, one of my big complaints about the first season was that the rest of the cast, particularly Bison and Dragon Kid, got sidelined pretty hard when the plot really got going.

What the hell he's becoming Jackie Chan and assimilating into everything

I’m really hoping that Lunatic shows up in the second half of the season. It would be so disappointing if they teased him but just didn’t show him. He was a fun character.


Did he get a second dog to get over his crush?

Even better, the second dog is called JohnJohn

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The kid lampshading that was almost like the writers laughing at us.

God bless this man.

outside his comedic fuckups he was insufferable for most of his screen time. didn't help that he got paired with a giga-autist that gave him 1 sentence replies to nearly everything he said. basically, all the payoff for black's development has been locked into the second half. barely saw a glimpse of that shit in the last half of the last episode. it's all going to come in in the second set of episodes or black will remain a shit chara.
I legitimately thought it was going to be a combination of drug side effects of a lunatic deux ex machina that would save the day in the last episode.

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I'll try finishing the episodes while at work, please keep this thread alive until tomorrow, moot!