Urusei Yatsura got a new anime

>Urusei Yatsura got a new anime
>Bastard!! got a new anime
>City hunter got a new anime
>still no new Fist of the North Star anime despite next year being the 40th anniversary of the series

T-there's still time for an anouncement, isn't?

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>moralfags are delusional

Do you really want a series after seeing what happened with fist of the blue sky?

Jap men are no longer GAR, they're herbivores

HnK is too manly in 2022

Yeah, darker series aimed at an older audience (because that's what FotNS is going to be nowadays) means PS3 CG. It'll be an abomination.

Is this the stealth barafag thread?

no, it's about a series from a time where everything related to weebshit didn't revolved around fetish crap for coombrains of both sexes like you're probably used to

Well Bastard!! will be 2D despite the fact that the MC is a sex offender somehow

this, when I read the manga the impression I had is that calling it "the manliest manga ever" was a understatement. A better way to define it is stating that the series is the polar opposite of everything on vogue regarding anime and manga today, it doesn't even look like it is this super influential manga that inspired many others.

Of course a moetranny sees a male character that makes them feel insecure and inmediately starts projecting homosexuality

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coolest character design ever conceived

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I await a Cobra movie for either Six Heroes or Hell Crusaders.

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isn't a new Cobra anime on development hell right now?

who cares
modern animators wont do any of these series justice

FotNS got the Gaidens a few years back and those still hold up, it doesn't need any remakes or shit like that, besides it like people said modern animtors would fuck it up, new Bastard looks like shit and totally moe'd up from the originals, Privates Eyes was pretty lack luster Urusei Yatsura will be garbage like everything from Rumiko

Oh yeah, user, really looking forward to the netflix CGI shitfest.
You're getting a new pachinko machine and you will like it.

When did City Hunter get a new anime series????

it will be a movie actually

no thats the eddieposter

you forgot
Saint Seiya
Dai no Daiboken
Dragon Ball
Captain tsubasa

I think it may just be straight up canceled

what eddieposter?

is this true, hokutobros?

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and still no Kinnikuman despite the 2011 sequel being by far the best battle shounen being published right now

did he even made his manga sequel?

>And now, we no longer strive to become Raoh the First man to ride on a horse, but rather fancy ourselves to become a horse itself that Mikage, Krista, or Sawa mounts on
I'm going to go puke my eyes out now, thanks

we know there's only one horse we all should fancy ourselves to become

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poor german girl

I wish it would get a remake. The anime doesn't hold up at all. It's a shame because the manga is a masterpiece.

no current studio would be good enough for it

Davidpro would have made a remake a long time ago if studios were allowed to animate whatever they want instead of sucking off their shareholders


say his name

honestly I think Sakigake Otokojuku should be the top priority for any anime remake. The series has the absolute best tournament arc ever made and the original anime got the axe just before it, similar to what happened to the original Dai no Daibouken

forgot the pic

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no we need peek furyo back to show those tokyo revengers fags what are true manly gang

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or they could release shobaku on western netflix, It's already on jap netflix and it is the best delinquent kino I have ever seen

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that pantsu is too clean for this era

Why didn't Roku get a full anime then?

anti-delinquent propaganda from the japanese media I suppose

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Bros, are they going to add a black character to urusei yatsura? It just feels inevitable

romcom fags deserve it

Kamiya Akira san.... T_T
That Death Note motherfucker took Mendou role in new Urusei Yatsura.
City Hunter new movie just got announced
Hokuto no Ken can be done plenty since Kenshiro doesn't talk much.

I feel so sad watching older seiyuus getting old...................

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I added characters i know.

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Most delinquent anime only ever got OVAs. Sometimes they'd be pretty decent like the Shobaku anime, but others would be cheap looking and incomplete like the Crows OVA.



After 50 chapters I sadly gave up on it. Wasn't clicking with me...and this was one of the big Shonen titles from the 80s that no one wanna talk about.

>still no new Fist of the North Star anime
Remember? We got Kenshiro in a Chinese wind dress

To be fair, it's not like Toei did them any justice in the 80s either.

Neither of the Souten no Ken anime is very good though.

You want this after shaman king?

I want a Fist of the North Star remake like I want a Wizard of Oz remake.

I love Hokuto no Ken so much. God please bless us with a good remake

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>A state of maximum over-cuckery
>Beta males so beta that their dicks are withering into vaginas
This article is just proving that we really do need more FotNS

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What would
>Fist of The North Star (2022) A Netflix Production
look like?

the moment I hear about it I'll gouge my eyes out so as to not permanently sully my image of hnk.

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First of all, Kenshiro would be a mad black transwoman
And he goes around fighting the patriarchy

They said they were going to add 2 new characters.