Should the Atelier series try to have a larger presence in anime and manga?

Should the Atelier series try to have a larger presence in anime and manga?

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I need Ryza's thighs on my face

Gust tried several times to gain a presence in anime and they all failed. Maybe its just not meant to be.

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When's the Totori anime?

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No. It's a great game series but the story and characters don't really have enough substance for an anime or manga. If gust wants broader appeal they could try introducing isekai elements into the formula and also try to capture some of the action RPG market, though it might be safest to test this out in a spinoff.

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They should but they've already blown all their Ryza profits on flops.

Did Sophie 2 not sell?

It's doing okay but okay does not look good after the success of Ryza.

Screw that the adventures of Firis would be better.

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Atelier got as much substance as half of the shows airing every season. So much absolute trash gets anime so why not this.

Firis is too fat

Not even close to fat enough.

the only reason its that popular in the first place is because its a SoL game
if you turn it into an anime it has better things to compete with
not that I don't like atelier

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Someone post "That Face"

>13 Chapters (Ongoing)
>Licensed (in English)
If they tried any less it just wouldn't exist, so sure. I don't even know if I like Ryza's manga because it only ever got 1 chapter translated and going full autism in the games is part of the fun.

I would love a comfy atelier annie slice of life anime

Was going to ask this

Firis is cute today!

TotoMimi > Eschatology

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Ryza anime where her canonical love interest is Lent's Dad when?

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An SoL about a little girl going on an adventure with her childhood friend and slowly turning gay for a cute little girl she meets along the way would do fine. Mix in a little fanservice during the giant octopus scene as well.

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Surprise Blue Reflection Ray BDs announcement any day now.

Nah. Totori is cuter and she has more interesting companions.

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So Ryza best game for newfags?

I just want Lydie and Sue doing cute little girl things

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damn female brat!!!


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Mana Khemia could the best fit for an anime honestly.

Ryza is too weird of a series with how sexual the designs are, but how little sexual stuff is actually in the writing.

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Cute best frens and family of almost sisters.

Ryza should try to have a larger presence. By that I mean eating more and becoming fatter.

Pretty sure she's already a popular fap material but I won't mind having an anime adaptation

Ryza's manga volume will be released on the 19th of this month. It will include an extra chapter.

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Ryza just wont be topped
and its popularity is killinh the franchise at the point giving her a whole new game series would be viable, not as Atelier but as Ryzas game

Give me blue reflection manga instead

Well, Ryza or most atelier series definitely can work as coming of age stories. Manga probably won't boost their popularity much, but decent anime once in a while should

Never ever since that series flopped hard in nipland.

Still the sexiest.

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At least it has higher metascore than Far cry 6,Diablo 2 remake, AoE4. Dying light 2 and Tiny tina's wonderland. Were these "AAA"s shit?

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They already aged her too much.

Why don't they go all in? This half ass shit always pissed off people

probably because they animated only the second series of a trilogy and even the third title didn't even resolve everything about the post apocalyptic setting.

Nah, Ryza popularity is vastly overrated. Her games are ok, Sophie 2 is as good as Ryza 2 or maybe even better.

>Were these "AAA"s shit?

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Meruru anime never!

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I wonder why they never bothered with an anime after E&L, Ryza would have been even more of a hit.

I am not counting Blue Reflection because that's a multimedia franchise and a passion project anyway.

Story was weak as hell but most anime now is just cute girl shit anyway

Based Firisbro
Fanbase too niche maybe
There are still 4 Atelier-related things to be announced this year, maybe an anime

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Sophie 1 and Ryza 1/2 are just outliers. They sold 400k-500k while most games are between 100k and 200k.