Kaguya-sama Season 3


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Reminder Hayasaka doesn't love Prez and Prez only loves Kaguya.

Would you hold a sweaty hand of a girl?

Tsubame a best. A BEST.

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Appu, please

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Ishigami's wife was really cute this episode!

sure, maybe except for you.

Tsubame has no romantic feelings for Ishigami and she will break his heart.

Just make a kagushit general over at /jp/ already. Holy shit. You people need fucking help.

Next chapter will probably be karaoke. He is gonna get mad.

I need more fucking KEI

Very cute.

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What was once broken can be mended.

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Reminder that Shirogane will impregnate both Fujiwara and Hayasaka.

What did you expect when the mangaka has been openly shilling for discord? And I mean unironically, literally, shilling for discord on page.

Are you proud of being dumber than discordfags?

So 100% of Kaguya readers uses Discord, is that what you're saying?

why are modern anime so cringe?
the episode was pure cringe
they made 10 minutes out of the read sign in line
cringe cringe cringe

That's not how lesbianism works.

At least the anime team warned its viewers.

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Am I wrong for unironically thinking EP1 was one of the greatest episodes of anime ever produced?

>they made 10 minutes out of the read sign in line
I can tell you're an autist who cannot relate to it because you don't have friends. Sad. You're not the target audience.

>typed like a reditor
opinion discarded

about as wrong as is


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>to start... once again...
Miko x Ishigami's spark during middle their school days were bliss and it shall come again.

I can telll you had tears in your eyes typing out that reply. Just go look for a show that accommodates for pathetic losers like you.

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We know, Osaragi.

Might be because every person in Japan uses Line for communication and everyone can relate to that?

Would you prefer them turning a chapter into a short two minute scene like the speedreader you are?

Cute Iino Miko


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Japanese Kawaii

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Will Momo show up more often seeing she appeared in the OP for whatever reason?

Shut up Ishigami.

Why is Kei such a semen demon?

No. What I'm saying is that Aka has a severe midlife crisis.

you're only just now realizing romcom fans are mentally ill?

Aka loves playing Apex, though.

thats the point gaylord it's taking an something people can relate to and blowing it out of proportion

Any other stitches? Heard from the first discussion thread there were quite a few stitchable monments.

There are several stitchable scenes but I don't think stitch anons have come around yet. So far I only see those two and this one made.

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Fujiwara is a dyke

>he thinks it was really about the read sign
ahahaha how lonely you are?

>ahahaha how lonely you are?

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For Hayasaka

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>blonde Rika
now my dick is confused


cringe times 9000

Jesus fuck what happened to Aka?


zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn brat! become a cow! zamn

The lengths he goes to protect her.

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This episode was kind of nostalgic for me. in school days we used to do arm wrestling championships, most of the girls also participated.

I've already lost to girls about 3x

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fujiwara a volcel
hayasaka a femcel

Funny how he was going to talk about Tsubame like it was something meaningless just to get their attention.

Waiting on stitch user.

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Did they fuck you afterwards?

Compared to Ootomo it's nothing.

>comedy vs serious drama
Not a fair comparison. But Ishigami would surely have done something drastic if Miko were out in a similar situation as Ootomo.

Isn't this show basically for hype teenagers on social media though? That's always been my impression. I can totally see why this show would be super popular with twitter and Tik Tok teens with the constant shouting and wacky reaction meme faces.

For me it's mikadoguya

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>Isn't this show basically for hype teenagers on social media though?
It wasn't at the beginning but yes.

Dumb anime only yuri haters gonna be really mad

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It always has been, retard. Aka wrote about things he experienced and thought people would find relatable. Since the very beginning. Think, when did the twitter chapter happen?

I love Hayasaka.

>putting social media shit on a manga makes it whatasdklasdkljasd
Ok. I...I don't care anymore. Think what you want to think. Blocked.

Humor based on relatability has been Aka's way of making 99% of all jokes in this manga, be it social media or every day situations.

>Reddit, Twitter and MAL rave about animation production value spike in S3 and are foaming at the mouth praising A-1 again for directing and production values in a seasonal 12 episode show
>Alright lets check out the episode
>Looks like...okay basically like most seasonal A-1 stuff
>Most of the episode is people shouting, flashing text, speed lines, reaction takes as per usual

Every single solitary time. Further convinced A-1 could just animate an episode entirely composed of literally still frames and social media tweens would insist it looks like Ghibli in their prime. Not saying a Romantic comedy show in it's 3rd season needs to look mind blowingly outstanding, but this recent crop of antwitter shitters have fully diminished what it means to have a stand out episode of quality animation in a TV show over the last several years with their insistence about some of these things that look pedestrian as all fuck. Maybe they should just stick to commenting on all the shouted lines of dialogue and wacky reaction takes and leave commentary on animation and directing to people with some critical analysis skills who are preferable at least in their late 20's and seen more than a bit of animation from around the world.

Mikado kneeled to Prez already.
>kusokari meme

Why are you using reddit, twitter and mal?

>t. nobody ever

Kaguya is the best girl and y'all are crazy for thinking otherwise