Shingeki no Kyojin

imagine an ending a la devilman where after destroying the world and fighting his friends, eren and mikasa are the only ones. In the end, the boy gets the upper hand and wins. they both lay down on the flattened blank canvas that is now earth (like akira and ryo at the end of devilman) and eren finally confesses to mikasa, only to find out she's dead and half of her body is missing. eren would then scream in pain.

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This but with Lainah

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Man I wish all the War for Paradis set up for the final battle between eren and everyone else (so... 105-133, minus Path/Shiganshina 2) was better and made sense because then I'd be able to appreciate alternate endings, as it is I just can't see why anyone would want anything but some "it was all a dream/everybody lives/everybody dies" ending given the shit buildup and circumstances

awaiting for cummies

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She's gonna need to open a lot wider to fit my very large benis.

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Worst posters in these generals

AH stop *spank* please Mikasa I swear *spank* won't get into fights with kids *spank* over that book

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Think we over years will get alternative endings and corrections aka Eva?

Siblings in a cube

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The KINO we lost

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That’s actually really kino. Too bad HACKsyama is too much of a cuck to make a compelling story

still wouldnt make me care about the characters, they are all assholes

Back then I wished that WfP would set up Eren and Armin against the rest of the cast and them plotting something together.

You will never be an Eldian. You are an incel, with no nation, no pride. You are a shitskin /pol/tard twisted by memes and shitposting into a crude mockery of isayama's fiction.
All the “validation” you got from Isayama was two-faced and half-hearted. Behind your back he mocked you. Your parents are disgusted and ashamed of you, your “friends” laugh at your edgelord mindset behind closed doors.
Actual chads are utterly repulsed by you. 139 chapters just to lure you into self-inserting as Eren. Even self-inserters who “pass” as white give themselves away as soon as they open their mouth. And even if you manage to get the "blonde aryan waifu", she'll turn tail and bolt once she learns about your deluded fantasies of Germanic heritage and genocide.
You will never be happy. You wrench out copium after copium, telling yourself Isayama retconned the ending, that he was secretly on your side, but deep inside you feel the truth creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight: He was laughing at you.
Eventually it’ll be too much to bear – you’ll buy a rope, tie a noose, put it around your neck, and plunge into the cold abyss. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live in fear of you acting out your violent fantasies. They’ll bury you with a headstone marked with your distinctly non-germanic name. Your body will decay and go back to the dust, and all that will remain of your legacy is a skeleton that is unmistakably nonwhite.

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Demon child in about a year...

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I wish Ikuwaa's art was gathered somewhere, they draw some very specific Mikasa art but their accounts are a mess to search

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Kidnapping and molesting Ereh…

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wow... mikasa... her hands are so big... she is so tall... and pretty... wow... mikasa... i love hugging her toned body, feeling her generous, pleasant bust against my chest and her wide, chiseled back with my hands... wow mikasa... so cool... her short hair and beautiful neck... so elegant... oh... mikasa...

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359 days to go....

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Were her boobs really that big all this time? I didn't notice any of that in the manga ever.

>ENTER CHADLUCHIGENIA-KUN (Forma de Anillo Antiguo)

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It's been a year since the ending. How are you coping, /snk/?

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Whorstoria's daily meal (Farmer cock)

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Elden Beast
-Giant translucent Hallucigenia-looking worm
-Ancient origins, implied to be of alien origin, sent by "greater gods", very closely linked to the crucible, the source of all life
-Parasites the Elden lord, entering Radagon's (and probably his predecesso) spines and giving them their godlike powers
-Leaves Radagon's body when the player kills him, then fights the player
-Created a magical, ethereal Yggdrasil (Erdtree) and smaller trees (Minor Erdtrees)
-Bestows the inhabitant of the Lands-between with grace, magic powers
-Shown to absorb souls and store them in the Erdtree, which is the "Afterlife"

-Giant translucent Hallucigenia-looking worm
-Ancient origins, said to be the source of all life, implied to be of panspermian origin
-Parasited Ymir and the following Eldian kings, entering their spines and giving them their godlike power
-Leaves Eren's body when he is killed (twice), then goes to fight Reiner
-Created a magical, ethereal Yggdrasil (Path's coordinate) and smaller trees (the one we see with ymir and beren)
-Gives all eldians their titan powers, and link them together
-Dead eldians exist in the Paths, which serves as an afterlife

You're not telling me they aren't from the same place.

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The only remedy for Whorstoria's depression

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the best case scenario is a fan-made alternative ending or continuation that fans can like and be satisfied with aka Re-Take

the author and the editor seemed satisfied with the ending, the magazine probably will come with spin offs to keep milking the cash cow until it dies, but respecting the main story, is pretty much over for them.

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What made Farmer such a chad while Eren was a larping incel?

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I can't belive Miyazaki and fatso copied HACKsayama of all people...

Was it confidence?

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Was it the fact he was a hard working man?

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Or maybe the fact he was hot enough to make Hisu realize she was no dyke?

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Well, whatever it was he's ploughing the fields at day, and Hisu at night

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>Eren is the fath-
lol, this cuck could never fertilize a royal womb.

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Who the fuck is drawing these shita

>has the most sexual tension in SnK

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The OST that plays in S4E20 from 7:11 to 9:35 (Eren and Zeke look at EM meetup/Scarfening) is the same as the one that plays in S4E21 from 9:35 to 14:30 (Ymir's backstory from the moment she meets fritz to her death) is the same as the one that plays in S4E28 from 14:37 to 21:14 (Eren's flashback with Floch/Historia/Zeke + Alliance navy)

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People with good taste, Cuckrenfag

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How is that whenever you remove Eren from a ship and replace with someone else the chemistry increases?

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Slutren is canon

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I rabu him, and he did nothing wrong.

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>That's right, suck up my cum with your royal pussy

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>ywn be Farmer-kun and have these slutty eyes staring at you

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I realised that in the anime we don't see Historia (her face/all of her) in any of these three panels, in left we just see her hand, in top right we just see a flashback of S3 to the handkiss focused on eren, while bottom right was simply cut.

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Biggest losers of the story

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Do y'all still cry when you rewatch the anime? Because I do.

Say hi to canon

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>You fucked Mikasa
>I fucked Historia
>We just keep moving forward until Eren's dignity is destroyed

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