Daily Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi storytime 24

Chapter 47: Rindou's Fortune Telling

This will be our last storytime before the anime starts if I'm not wrong. Would you like to see all three remaining chapters today or just two?

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Forgot to link last thread btw: desuarchive.org/a/thread/236302240/#q236321887

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Of course mumbling is necessary to divination

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The absolute incarnation of disappointment

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I think finishing it all before the anime airs is a good way to do it, so 3 chapters please.

Might as well finish today

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Since thousands of years prophecy is both a blessing and a curse

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She can be wise too sometimes

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any of you guys play hanafuda?

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Only on Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, never understood any of it and the game just suppose you are japanese enough to know. Thanks as always Nasu.

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I don't think that's how you do fortune readings.
I only remember it because of that one Conan movie but I don't understand it at all.

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Checkmate, nonbeliever, it was true all along! Even if it was just predicting Asagao hijinks

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Chapter 48: Modelling after the perfect smile

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That is one creepy smile...

Scary how easily she draws it

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She's trying her best, and wants help!

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It's cute when a scary girl acts embarrassed and blush.

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She just needs a push of confidence I'm sure, not like these dumb ninjas would know Other than Mokuren

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Shakuyaku's smile is doing things to me.

I need Rindou
and Mokuren

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Girls too want Mokuren

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I want to meet Tsubaki's lips with my dick

"Doing your best to relax"

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So Rindou can transform other people and not just herself, interesting.

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She knows many weirdly powerful jutsus even while not being as competent as Tsubaki, maybe it's just specialization

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Cutest smile

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I'm scared.

Those lessons weren't wasted after all.

And now we end on a plump note with chapter 49!

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Chapter 49: Heavy

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Cute as this fat butt

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This is getting unhealthy

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>panel where branch snaps
>panel where she's already on the floor
I get what's happening, but not only is it confusing to not show the action or any kind of impact even offscreen, putting it on a page transition makes it look like there's a page missing
There's another case of this in the first chapter when tsubaki releases her transformation into asagao
I like yamamoto a ton and wish I could draw girls half as cute as he does, but he could use some better panelling sometimes for any action scenes. It's not like he can't do poses or even convey movement with some speed lines or anything, he's done it before
But that's just a dumb nitpick, don't mind me

A great show of willpower

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Yeah, he's not a great action author, but I guess that's why he focuses on the cute girls and not what they actually should do as a job

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Tactical eating action

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The moment of truth...

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We should all be very proud

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And that's how we end it, hoping to see it come to a more dynamic medium soon! Thanks for following in my first Storytime ever. Next time I might try doing Kowloon Generic Romance.

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