Who's the better shirou?

Who's the better shirou?

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Left is a cooler character, but right has better "highs" or hype moments, if you prefer.

I can't help but feel like I've seen this thread before.

Mercurius did nothing wrong.

dude just let it go..

Ren is better than both

They are completely different characters thowever
But most importantly di thread. Where is my aditya translation

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Don't know who the faggot on the left is, but he looks like some shitty edgy character a nerdy teenager would draw.

He's a well written punk.

>le nazis

It was released before you were even born zoomer.

So mature but you still turn to falacies.

Emotes are here to stay

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Left is a more fun character to meme with while right is a better written character.

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Since where were you under the assumption that we were arguing?


this cup's Onii-chan.

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Better question: who influenced more teenagers?

I hated Shirou. Fucking Gary Stu had to ruin Bey vs Schreiber

>I hated Shirou.
which one

Shreiber ruined it tho

he's clearly talking about DI Shirou.

>which one
>Bey vs Schreiber
Come on, user. Have you watched or read either of these?

When will we get another Masada game translated?

>Have you watched or read either of these?

fate shirou is more relatable

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Light is out of business. I hear the author still makes content for Dies Irae, but I wouldn't hope for an official translation of any game anytime soon.
Both are pretty good. Watch/read one sometime.

That's a shame. I really loved DI, and IkaBey was even better. The writing and production was just peak enjoyment. Hard to find other VNs like that.

You can thank gatcha shit for that

How about Shizaku Kururugi vs Shirou?

user is not up to date with news, light is back and released a new visual novel this year.

No way source?


>not up to date with news
Apparently not. Thanks user.
Here what Light released. Their new VN is at the bottom.

This looks fucking garbage

this is the 8th time i've seen this thread

gotta start your way from the bottom to the top I guess.

Whaddya think?

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okay but who would win, a servants or whatever member of the LDO?

Top 3 of LDO could probably solo most servants from a HGW

Yetzirah is more or less Servant-level strength. Aziluth is insta-mogg for Servants but not many can use it.

>Where is my aditya translation
You'll have to wait for Avesta (the vn) first and see if that gets translated
See above, he's finished one work as a LN which is getting turned into a VN and has already started writing another.

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is that suppose to be Emiya? His hair looks like shit there kek.

I have a raging rape fetish, wouldn't care if women returned to traditional gender roles because I'm numb and I find this faggot fucking pretentious. Also, I love hot girls fighting for the former reason and clothes ripping or sexy shots.

>I think alarm clocks are degenerate
Kek. This have to be a TL error, right?


are you new to fate?

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he doesn't like them since he wakes up with his internal body clock.

Nasu finds school shooter tier edge cool
>this chair

Nah it was pretty fun. The last route was great. My only complaint was that it was all-ages with literal fade-to-black H so it blue-balled you kind of hard.

Oops. Fucked up the screenshot.

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That's the original line (which was removed randomly in Realta Nua btw). The "degenerate" is maybe a little bit of a funny word choice, but it's not wrong.

The 3 LDO commanders have ridiculous regen on top of their haxxes so they probably solo most of fate

I always though Yusa Shirou would actually be some kind of clone or son or whatever from Reinhhard because they kinda look alike like Ren and Mercurius

Such a basic theory

I mean reinhard an shirou are apoptosis of mercurius and ren respectively, it makes a biiit of sense they look alike

shirou sucks

which one