I find them creepy. Very creepy

I find them creepy. Very creepy.

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I find them cute. Very cute.

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t. Manami

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Creepy why? I personally find it unethical to tell someone that there's a person they're not allowed to fall in love with.

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What's creepy about them?

A few reasons
The fact that their brother and sister is one

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Their brother and sister what? Did their brother and sister do something bad?
I actually wasn't aware there was another brother and sister, that's interesting. I wonder how they feel about Kirino and Kyousuke.

As long as they don't have kids, I don't see the problem with it.

They are both siblings. And they get married to each other.

Didn't the author's sister refuse to talk to him after this?

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As you should. Incest is creepy and wrong.

I seriously hate megane bitches who interfere with true love.

>Didn't the author's sister refuse to talk to him after this?
Well its hard to talk to someone when you're constantly sucking their dick.

He doesn't have one according to interviews, but there was a parody article written from the perspective of a sister.
So good job reading the anime version of an onion article.

>3 oreimo threads on Yea Forums
>in 2022

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Won't be a problem at all once we start science'ing our babies.

It's not like it will ever be topped so what's the issue?

Truly elevated to a timeless classic on the same level as LOGH, Evangelion, Berserk, and other greats of the industry

I want to write a fanfic where Kirino and Kyousuke have children but they have to keep the father a secret. It all comes back to bite them when one of their kids finds out the truth.


Today is Kirino's birthday

Why didn't the father beat the son harder?

Because his wife was also his sister.

>punches her in the glasses
I don't give a fuck who's right or wrong, you don't do that shit.

you should. They're abominations and should be imprisoned so that their dysgenic spawn may never see the light of day

And after finding out the truth they scheme to have a family orgy, and it works


Glasses fag here, I don't think it should be banned in fighting

sounds cute, what's the problem in there?

She threw the first punch without putting them away, it's her own fault

This is a valid point.

How can you find this creepy?

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incest isn't really dysgenic

More like continuation of TRUE ending

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>nbr timeline
never post again

You know when you think about it a brother and sister can theoretically share absolutely 0 dna
Well not 0 dna,then one of them wouldn't be human. But you know what I mean, if you get a random half from one parent and a random half from another parent then they can both get completely opposite halves

I guess I meant to say share 0 chromosomes


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Because fathers shouldn't beat their sons, or any male for that matter. They can beat their daughters and wives though.

This. Same shit in Yosuga no Sora.

Why is the son blonde, kirino dyes her hair

He also dyes his hair

It's hilarious to me that Manali is my brother's favorite girl from the show.
He just finished watching the first season and he is like "I hope she has a happy end!"
And I laugh internally, I can't wait for him to watch the end.

The kid's designs are so low effort. The son is a Kyousuke recolor with blonde hair and tanned skin. The daughter is Ayase with pigtails.

Still better than the other kids who were just carbon copies of the mother

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Who is the right center girl?

I suppose that flat loliesque idol?

>he got with Saori


It's a VN. You can choose who Kyousuke ends up with

>You can choose
I thought it would be limited to girls that were interested in him as a man. How many more options are there?

Besides the girls in that pic, there's also Sena. She the only one who doesn't have a child in her ending, though

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There's a Tamaki route

i just think it's funny how many people were unironically mad that kuroneko lost
wow fellas you're telling me that the series about the guy who wants to fuck his sister he ends up with his sister weird


Stop lying. It's all one ending.

You fucking wish. Harem endings are garbage

Incestuous mating press nakadashi (for the intended purpose of procreation)

No one mentioned harems, schizo.
Clearly that's the 6-timing ending.

Play the game yourself and find out, then

why is he wearing the same shirt in every ending what the fuck

>he doesn't have a favorite shirt