One Piece

Is Wano a good arc?

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Are these good outfits?

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There’s no reason to hate it unless you’re a Carrotkek

For a hybrid rocker/pirate aesthetic? Sure.

Hancock will win

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>longer than 4th Great Ninja war
>way smaller scale
>way shittier fights
>basically no plot, just characters running around the castle
>the little story we got in Oden flashback, was just offscreen like always


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It's really long. I don't really remember what I'm supposed to be invested in. Gear 5 is cool but I'm pretty tired of the arc. It's supposed to be a huge arc that we've been building up to but it's missing something. Idk what it is but there's just something and no I don't mean soul because that's retarded

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reminder prime whitebeard is planet buster tier.

>unfinished arc
>>it's missing something guise


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how did rodger block his punches then?

The main problem is the length. Yes shit happens but there are so many chapters of nothing happening in between the chapters that push the plot so the pacing feels very off. Even arcs like arabasta were interesting because the plot never stopped moving. In wano the plot constantly stop.

I just realized Franky confirmed zoro is alive this chapter

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Bros... Kaido looks so happy to job. That is literally all he has ever wanted, to job.

>recently caught up
>first time experiencing weekly releases


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Are you talking about yourself?

Would you give up your dreams for her?

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When One Piece ends, do you think WSJ will make spin-offs about specific characters?

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Tama's name was mentioned in the first chapter of Wano, and she was introduced in chapter 911, It's like Oda desperately wanted her to be in the first chapter of Wano but also wanted to introduce her in chapter 900 and 11

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Did kek.

Shitposter bros.. This is not looking too good for us, two weeks ago we were pushing the possession and joyboy theory, but we just got BTFO'D by GODA. We need to meet back up on our tranny discord.

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Tama did 9/11
Confirmed to be the real villain

How did Luffy come back from the dead? Was it his inner hollow?

I started reading in Enies Lobby.

>Nami breaks all her teeth and dies
Based saram_80

old, dying, stabbed and has pirate aids whitebeard was able tou cause tsunamis and sink islands without even trying and made earthquakes felt across the world so he was planet buster tier. prime whitebeard is galaxy buster tier.

Ok so why did you say that

Kaido won't job
He hasn't even revealed his final form yet
This is like if Goku had gone super saiyan and was fighting toe to toe with third form Frieza
Luffy is fucked

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Talking about (You).

There are no quakes in space

Monster trio is the past.
The god duo is the new reality.

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He did not

A CHILD???? IN A WAR???????? NOOO THIS CAN NOT BE!!!!!!!!!

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What's his final form, user? Keep the hope up for me, tell me.

whitebeards fruit like most fruits definitely do not follow the normal laws of science

I've given it some thought
I think Alabasta might be the best arc in the series

No it's not

He's a main character and Oda does not kill characters so who cares he'll make it

Sanji alrady has his own spin off

It's pretty much a perfect finale to everything built up between Reverse Mountain and Alabasta itself
and thinking about the arc I personally fail to think of a single flaw
I think it's the best one

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Yamatofags are annoying she will be stronger than Jimbei and thats it.
>But muh Coc!
weaklings like Ulti can tank those attacks like nothing. Just by having Adcoc you wont be a top tier, you need to have other abilities

I don't know user, I don't see her in the not joining official list...

The next island should be Nakrowa

But Jimbei is stronger than Sanji


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Is Luffy the only strawhat that doesn't know Tama is on Onigashima? I'm not sure if Zoro was awake to hear her.

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> Pell fiasco
> Best arc in the series

Yes, because it introduced us to the 10th addition to the straw hat crew—Yamato.

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He'll have a sad flashback about coming to terms that he isn't JOYBOY and then show his awakened form
Him mentioning awakening in the last two chapters is clear set-up for that

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you're right, Alabasta is the peak

Kinemon, Momo, and Pedro all sailed on the Sunny unlike Yamato

zoro is weaker than law and kid

ZKK I'm right sister?



law does not even have Coc and got carried by kid in the big meme fight

Kinda weird we didn't get a Franky Unit VI yet that upgrades the Iron Pirate


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Wano was a bland, boring arc.
Onigashima is a good arc that's starting to overstay its welcome.


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See? A dumb zoomer from Yea Forumseddit.

Zoro has Coc and could barely beat the weakest yonko right hand

Yamato is so hot i'm gonna shit myself

How many more chapters until I get my Blackbeard pirates ambush?

Quite the opposite, act 1/beginning of act 2 is peak Wano and everything after is shit

I can't type out all the HAs this question made me feel without being reported for spam.

I wonder if she's using that mace for other things as well...

where the fuck is the step by step guide on how to get a yamato gf?

Yup, it's pretty good for me. We got some nice crew interaction, some training, nice power-ups and battles and I like G5 so far. Biggest flaw is the red scabbards, they should be 3 characters top and no forced Oden wank.

>Oda makes one beat a tobbi roppo and get hurt by bullets and slashing attacks
>Oda makes the other beat a YC2 and be unaffected by Bullets and swords without even using haki. not to mention Sanjis superior speed feats and mobility.
I wonder who is stronger? and Jimbeis strongest attacks needed him to have large bodies of water around

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You're gonna have to go basement diving

>> Pell fiasco
Didn't happen during Alabasta.

Which BB pirate will she fight?

>but also wanted to introduce her in chapter 900 and 11
I dont understand the play here, is there some nip pun?

>Kaido’s daughter
>Mythical Zoan
>Fought Kaido 1v1 for 9 chapters
Yamato is stronger than Sanji and it’s not even debatable. Probably Zoro as well
The only argument in favor of them being stronger is “muh monster trio”, which is a flawed argument from the get-go

Kiku has a CoC

Step.1: have a hot brother

OK no but seriously, Oda better have a genuinely great Denjiro reveal to explain where the fuck he's disappeared to all this time.

Maybe a captain of one of his affiliate crews, if she joins the final battle with the samurai after staying in Wano this arc.

Denialfags call me...
A coomer
A furfag
A tranny
And many other nasty names that hold no credit.
In reality, I am just an average guy reading the story carefully and it's my belief that Yamato joins because of my reading of the story. That's it.



>Some troon in a discord im in just started OP. >Read 300 chapters in a little over 3 hours.
Just read a fucking wiki if ya gunna skim jesus christ.

Jimbei lowdiffed WW. Meanwhile Sanji fainted from Queen
And yes if there’s water nearby, Jimbei beats Sanji mid diff

No, I'm very smart (and correct).

What's he thinking right now?

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