Daily Hellsing

Order 5: Sword Dancer(Part 2)
(Ord. 4)

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If that parts is still relevant, do they send Iscariot to kill random Icelandic neopagans?

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kek at the note

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Flag of the Faeroe Islands

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I love how the sketch of the gun is used for effect here

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It's so they can have that cool reflection as silhouettes.

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Biopunk moment

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The end. The manga's over. Hope you enjoyed.

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Thank you OP. God bless and Amen

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End of Order 5
Integra looks fucking amazing here.

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thanks for the dump, OP I was waiting on ya since I didnt want to make a thread just to complain about Hellsing Ultimate being the worst fucking shit I've ever seen. Except for this second and a half of footage I'll keep for myself.

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what was so bad about it?

nice "pain" expression

Not him, but I really didn't like how it tried to play Alucard and his story so straight and serious but kept the overly silly comedy bits as well. It just was bad tonal whiplash that really bugged me.
The TV series turned into a mess with its anime-original ending, but at least it made the wise decision to ditch the comedy and keep its more serious tone consistent.

It's almost cute

he's so majestic

Yup, the tone was a huge problem for me as well. The overall pacing was sluggish and the constant change of tone mentioned above didnt help either. I felt the anime was more tastefully done during the slow moments, ultimate felt like a constant monologue-spouting fest of contorted grinning faces.

The anime felt like a breath of fresh air compared to ultimate, the ending is shit but anime endings tend to be shit anyway.

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This is a pretty good reaction image

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What the FUCK is wrong with his eye?

He's it's best traitor

>origin unknown
So none of these people have ever heard him speak a single word then?

Here's a fun game to play, count the number of characters with glasses, blond hair and white gloves.

Hellsing is real.

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More yaoi hands.

ESL Trainspotting user, we need you!

I also wonder about the other stuff, the serie mostly focus on the nazi vampires and ghouls, that are only made by vampires, but do all other kind of monster exist? And probably in numbers too?

Tv anime had a better start but ultimate is better overall. The tonal shift shit is just people trying to adapt hirano's style, drifters had the same problem

Those are some big arma

I like Anderson but now I'm dreading him in these threads because sometimes I'll be able to read his dialogue and other times I'll be stuck on one fucking line for 5 minutes

Damn you're right, works really well.

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had to reread it a couple of times and im still not sure what some of the words hes saying are

We know at least werewolves exist in universe


in da club

>nice moon out, ah?
>you freaks.
>my my, what a sweet voice, the moon really hurts, lady
>that on its one would be enough to kill your kind, though.
>because not a one of those went through your heart
>it's been a long time since I went vampire hunting! [I] got to have some fun
>how right you are... you Hellsing mongrels
>so you're alucard. ellsing's trashman, the vampire that's sided with humans and hunts other vampires
>I dealt with him a while ago
>he was jsut a punk. no time for even a spot of fun
>floor creaking (but in gaelic)
>the only things left...
>...are you filth
>(laughing in roman catholic)
>a technique humanity had to develop to fight the likes of you!

i'm an american who only slightly studied in britisher by using the Enfield in video games, so let me know if i missed any of these translations. i still don't know the conversion rate of a Greggs or how to play Cricket, so please be gentle

>the moon really hurts
>that on its one would be enough to kill your kind

that on its [own wouldn't]* be enough to kill your kind, though

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Thanks OP.
The fuck is this?