When the cutest girl is... a man.

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Neither of those are true.

But then she's also a girl.

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>I would say that the prospect of his reaction to going there and seeing the entire town razed to the ground is quite interesting, considering the trauma he received after she got nommed. He'd probably have yet another mindbreak, but perhaps worse.
I would feel bad for him I really would, but I also really want to see his reaction of that, even for a moment, I want to see how he would crack as a person.

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My wife Aleis-tan

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Sweet oni sisters.

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Cross posting...

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Why do you bother hiding your chart behind a spoiler and a fake post?

Subaru... step away from that shota..... and give me attention instead

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He wants people to see it. People wouldn't pay attention to his 878th shitpost.

A new chapter will come before that thread archives. Also, I love Rem!

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Rem-ember to hide b8 posts.

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Remsider to royal guard all bait/troll posts.

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Remsider user? Long time no see!

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Cute Remus

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I'm not them, at least not the original remsider guy, just a guy who sometimes makes Remsider edits that's actually an old one

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We know Subaru.

A new Rem added to my folder

bland characters with blands designs

Late night drinks with Rem!

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That won't last long.

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What a nice family

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Tomorrow. Tomorrow. I know it... It's coming tomorrow, r-right?

The Interlude felt a bit underwhelming tbhfam.

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Probably they're leaving the attack on Guaral for sidestories or something else, at least we know that's going to be a thing.

Has the 4th emilia chapter for arc 7 been translated yet?

No, the Ottofag who claimed it is going through at a snails pace since it's pretty nothing and there's barely any Otto.

Looks like Erifuru got assassinated by the same car that killed Discount.

he told me he purposely claimed it so he could drag his feet on it just to dab on emiliakeks

Until Subaru and Co. return to G̶̗̈́̇u̶̗̽̾a̴̳͎̓̄r̸̛͉͐a̷̩͍͠l̶̫̓͋. But I'm ahead of myself.


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Well there aren't any other Ottofag translators are there

i mean nothing much happens, they sit down with ottos parents and boom off they go to vollachia

Even that's pretty much an over exaggeration. Roswaal begins to negotiate with Otto's dad and the rest is just an update on what the rescue team is currently doing.

Who's in the party altogether?

The whole camp except for Ryuzu, Clind, and Meili

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this was made way before the genderbent IF

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Ram would be a manlet while Rem is the tall one. Since thats the male equivalent for attractiveness, and malnutrition definitely affects height.

>Fred, Garf, and Petra are coming
>no Meili

Hold up, even Annerose?

Ironically enough Subaru became best waifu

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Oh lol, I forgot she existed. Nah she wasn't mentioned.

Annerose is staying behind obviously, the clown needs his spare to be safe amd sound in case anything happens to him in collachia.

Also forgot to mention, Ana's camp is coming too. The exact members weren't said but it's probably going to be the usual suspects.

>Generic bros and generic moeblob are coming.

>Generic bros
tell me at least 2 "generic bros" that have had as big a role in the story as Otto and Garfiel. I'd genuinely go read a series with bros as good as those two.

Neither will I when I’m with her.

Always has been.

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I guess the main story won't cover that battle, it'll probably be taken care on side stories.

When the cutest girl is a loli as it should be.

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Not generic-kun, but I'd say Analbeadsman from Penisman is a bro with a relatively role similar to them, though that story does have plenty of perspective shifts besides him, but in terms of bros there are plenty.
Pic-related is another one, albeit with a somewhat lesser role but still good imo.

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Now, tell me....
Do you think Rem will get her memories back?

It's a weird reversal where the Emilia SS is done last.


This is his chance to ruin her so Emilia finally reigns supreme. Maybe he'll add NTR

I want to see her reunion with Ram without it, honestly.

The cutest girl is Petra and you have to kiss her first