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Are both of these yours, OP? If so, why have two?


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(Forgot something.)
Also, colour version.

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you remind me of myself before I watched DBZ and Naruto...

And anime.

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I like Akachan To Boku as well.

t.middle eastern

Nice colors.

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Tell me what top mid is
Fanart is bad
Beautiful dreamer ended poorly

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>Fanart is bad
Maybe. But the kind of fanart an anime or manga gets still tells you something about it. And fanart grids have been a thing for a while, even if they are controversal.
Personally, I don't have a problem with fanart grids as long as they
A) don't mix official art with fanart for no good reason.
B) they are as easily recognizable as official art would be.

4/4, Spectral Wizard part 3 never
>Tell me what top mid is
'Latin' by Enaga Takabatake.

Fanart is bad and your grid is fucking ugly because of it, stop coping you fucking faggot

It's not my favourite of my grids, and not one I post too often, but I really don't care whether you like it or not, user.

>spectral wizard part 3 never
Feel like you said this exact same thing to me a while ago, and still no more chapters since then. The ending is a downer but if feels appropriate at least
Fanart is cheating, I know you have plenty of other grids but nonetheless you posting fanart encourages other anons to do the same. A 3x3 is not valid if you haven’t spent hours trawling through all the official art you can find for just the right frame

What goes through the mind of someone who likes that rubbish? Is it all incoherent thoughts?
Fanart looks ugly
Colour fanart still looks ugly, also Endevi has a horrible premise and wasn't funny or interesting
Never post this again
ACCA is the comfiest political struggle, very nice
I preferred the colour version
Like other user said, stop making excuses for fanart, even as a joke 3x3 they're not good

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The absolute state of these shitty threads lmao. Go cry me a river.

>Endevi has a horrible premise and wasn't funny or interesting
I don't think I've ever read that kind of opinion on it, but you hold quite a few unusual opinons on lots of things, so I'm not really surprised.
I do hope it didn't rub you the wrong way because it conflicted with your religious beliefs though.

Boa have other songs????
>I preferred the colour version
Well obviously that one has more effort put in, but posting the same thing every time is boring and my fave characters need some love too
user stringent gatekeeping is a core tenet of 3x3 threads

2/3 BLAME was solid.
Charts too ugly to rate, yuck
5/6 You have my favorite Tezuka manga there, great taste.
6/7 Slam Dunk is one of my all-time favorites, lost count of how many times I re-read it. Also, you need to read more manga, especially outside of what your favorite YouTubers and e-celebs tell you to read.

>read manga user getting told he needs to read more
He’ll never recover from this
Where’s your grid, and why didn’t you rate my perfect taste

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>He’ll never recover from this
Nah, he's a tough nut, he doesn't crack that easy. And he can be quite a jerk himself, so he's used to getting to hear some unkind words as well. Remember when he had both One Piece and SnK on his 3x3?

Why are you talking about yourself in third person?

Not the first time he did that, Australians are fucking mental.

He’s mellowed out a lot recently, he used to just shit on your taste even if you had stuff he’d previously said he likes. Perhaps he’s finally taken jesus’s teachings to heart
>one piece, snk
And dragon ball, haikyuu, bleach.. to think the biggest shonenfag in these threads is also the most elitist

I'm not him. If I was, I wouldn't joke about him having had One Piece and SnK on there. SnK in particular must have really dealt a blow to him, since he was very wary of it possibly ending badly.

I have been addicted to Yotsuba lately. The chapter where Yotsuba was riding a bicycle to deliver milk to Fuuka was amazing. The interaction of Yotsuba and the outside world without Koiwai and the other support characters really makes it standout from the rest of the series.

Post your 3x3, if its not schizo level I've probably read it all
I still do that because I can't rember my opinions except on things I like right now
One Piece is still good but the art from Punk Hazard onwards just doesn't do it anymore, I had it on after reading Skypiea and going through Thriller Bark, but took it off at Punk Hazard because I hated that section
Dragonball is unquestionably great composition, Haikyuu had the best Jump ending since Yugioh and Bleach was always good
SNK could have gone in two directions with one good and the other bad, but Isayama and editors instead went a third route and ruined the entire story in a way nobody predicted, it was a worse fall than Naruto
I read lots of manga and the reason WSJ stuff stands out is because of their standards for art
Most magazines don't push the artists as hard, or take expensive risks, so WSJ is always a good place to find great artists
A lot of you faggots don't care too much about the art, but its very important

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Tiger Mask is pretty good. Wish more of it was subbed. Feel like rewatching it a bit. The OP is a masterpiece.
I really like your grids. Even if the manga are bad you manage to represent them well, case in point Hen here. Looks all cool and artsy.
I will regurgitate the other anons and say that fanart bad.

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Ayumu's other film with 4C is getting released this June to burger audiences, are you going to watch?

>That grid
Ah yes, I remember when I was 14 and tried to be a pseud with edgy and artsy-fartsy picks that don't represent my real taste

>edgy and artsy-fartsy picks
>One Piece

>Token shounen for the "please no bully"
Who are you fooling, underage?

It sounds like you're still not old enough to post here.

That's all tame shit, shonenfag

One Piece is the "fartsy" part of "artsy-fartsy".

Yeah although I heard the background art is mostly recycled material from CotS. Not expecting anything super ambitious or a spectacle of any sort but it looks like it'll still be a fun, comfy and maybe somewhat somber time.

>edgy and artsy-fartsy
What's wrong with enjoying those anyway?

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Only the underage who want to act like pseuds put those in their grids.

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You've already been exposed, man, give it up

Shit thread, see what you’ve done by using fanart tarantula?
Post grid

>can't read
>in a thread about manga, a cartoon book that must be read

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Have no idea what you're talking about, mate.
I don't have one, maybe next time.

He doesn't like them, so surely nobody else does either.
That, or he's insecure about his favorites.

>Shit thread, see what you’ve done by using fanart tarantula?
Hey, don't blame me for people not being able to contain their autsim about fanart and other imaginary rules of conduct.

Then fuck off from our thread

I said I won't read that wall of trash you've typed. It's all just coping and saying absolutely nothing.

It was addressed to me and I read it all, it’s essential to understand the inner workings of read-manga san’s mind. Maybe one day I too will be able to read manga
You single-handedly ruined this board with your fanart.

>SNK could have gone in two directions with one good and the other bad
I still don't know which of those you'd have considered good and which one bad. Or rather, why. I think I remember you saying that you wanted to see some kind of genocide ending?

Why the fuck should I, faggot?

>Maybe one day I too will be able to read manga
He told you to read the artwork, user, not the manga.

Not him but snk was dead to me the moment armin was chosen over erwin. The only thing that could have saved it from that point onwards is if hitch became the main character

>intentionally posts something that would rile up people
>"i-i dindu nuffin"

Armin sacrificed himself, alone, to stop Bertolt.
Erwin told his soldiers to kill themselves.
Choosing Armin was a no-brainer.

Don't care, gay manga

If people cannot deal with a fanart grid, that's their problem. And it is the first time it has led to something like this, probably because poseters lose all inhibitions once one guy vents his autism and just join in.

why do I keep seeing tourists sperg out when they look at basic Yuasashit?

Why do I keep seeing "non-tourists" who react very defensively when an anonymous person calls them out?

But you’re the most autistic one here, the problem isn’t autism it’s fanart
Armin is the worst character in all of manga, he could have selflessly sacrificed himself a thousand times and I’d still take Erwin over him.

>the problem isn’t autism it’s fanart
You're just proving that you're definitely more autistic than I am. Also, let's drop this topic, since you're just ruining this thread further the longer this bullshit goes on.

Ok, let’s discuss Sarasa instead

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None of this would have happened if you didn't post this You're the biggest autist here, it's ironic when you keep spouting this buzzword at everyone.


that's too vague to be much of a question.
where do you think you're seeing that?

>where do you think you're seeing that?
I dunno, maybe take a look at this thread?

هل الأنمي اللي فالوسط اتبث على سبيس تون؟

No, you can't suicide bomb America, Omar.

Shut up already. It's clear at this point that you're only interested in further derailing the thread.

are you only capable of asking non-questions and giving non-answers?

انا أتكلم عن الأنمي -_-

Stop pretending to be a retard.

It's a thread on fucking Yea Forums, stop taking this shithole this seriously, holy fuck.