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Based Godzo chapter filtering the fanbase.

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Other urls found in this thread:>The world's best shipwright >The world's best navigator >(Soon to be) The world's best sniper/

Our narrative...

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What an actual clusterfuck.

kizaru is the strongest admiral

>We will never get Clean Piece ever again

>He laughed


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>Luffy is dyi-
No he isn't, the whole point of Luffy is that he isn't going to fail like Roger the Odensimp
Gear 5 won't have a retarded "decreasing lifespan" meme. There's a reason Gear 2's lifespan decrease isn't mentioned anymore, which is because Oda dropped the idea.

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Delete this, you piece of shit.

Luffy has
>The world's best shipwright
>The world's best navigator
>(Soon to be) The world's best sniper
>(Soon to be) The world's best swordsman
>One of the world's best archeologists
>(Soon to be) The world's best doctor
>A world renowned rockstar
>One of the world's best helmsmen
>The world's best chef
But sure, the fact that Yamato offers nothing new to the table and have no unique skills is no big deal. It's not like every crewmate is exceptionally talented in their respective role

>There's a reason Gear 2's lifespan decrease isn't mentioned anymore, which is because Oda dropped the idea.
Didn't Lucci just speculate that on the spot? Did anybody besides him mention it? The only credible thing I can remember saying that Luffy was wrecking his lifespan was Ivankov saying that Magellan's poison would take off a decade.

I fees so bad for ussop holy shit

>(Soon to be) The world's best doctor

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He has the most important role in the raid.
He is Tama's babysitter

But he defeated Bao Huang

>GODA blessing us with a CHAD raizo chapter
we eating good GODA bros

What is with Oda and giving Usopp all these battles with women. Thriller Bark and Dressrosa he literally just scared some goth roastie and loli to sleep lmao. Only the battle with Van Auger is left to redeem him.

When is one-off speculation in a shonen ever just speculation? The author puts these things in for a reason.

Usopp can only deal with opponents who are very, very physically weak of body and mind

I can't believe we're getting Carrot, Yamato, Ulti and Page1 joining all in Wano as well as Jinbei finally getting his toast

Attached: 1649251470853.jpg (1331x893, 422.13K)>The world's best shipwright >The world's best navigator >(Soon to be) The world's best sniper/

Imagine being upset over a fictional character joining a group that you would not only spam copy-pasta, but do so with zero self-awareness of how much of a disgusting 'Next Nakama'-fag you're being. Fucking cancer.

>Carrot, Yamato, Ulti and Page1 joining as well as Jinbei

Imagine the sex

Keep doing it, it's fun to see them seethe.

Yamatofags complaining about posting spam is hilarious

Lucci, Usopp, Iva, Kaido, and Luffy himself have all brought it up. Then you have Luffy saying he'll definitely beat Kaido no matter what happens over and over, him smiling more the closer to death he is, and death being a central theme of this fight. It's a plot point waiting to be resolved by Law.

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>Kaido brought it up
No he didn't, he only said that Luffy was dying right there, nothing about lifespan.

>Everyone who doesn't accept my schizo shitposting spam is obviously from (insert boogeyman here)

Pure fucking cancer.

Same difference. The idea of Luffy dying is brought up once again.

>Everyone who criticism me is the same person
Same to you my friend

No, it's not the same thing. One is about an action decreasing his lifespan, the other is he is literally dying right there because of damage and exhaustion.


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The lifespan thing is about it adding up to an early death, brainlet. It leads to him dying. The whole point is that it will have to be resolved and therefore functionally the same. Stop being difficult.

Bring me the full detail spoilers

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Who gives a shit. Luffy isnt dying and theres no cancer in a toon manga

Raizo wank and Yamato looking stunned and shocked just like the last 15 chapters.

Break next week. Enjoy, faggot.

-[irrelevant samurai point]
-[irrelevant bird cage plot point]
-[luffy punches kaido a bit and grabs a thunder]
-break next week

Law will die and Chopper will inherit his will

Kaido is beheaded by Luffys toon scythe

Surgeon =/= Doctor

Raizo chapter. Discuss.

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The same way Zoro is violently racist Usopp is violently mysoginist.

Ussop observation haki foreshadowing...

the way he spazzes out in this scene screaming 'that's the 'G'' never fails to make me laugh

it's a two weeks break

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ussop already has observation if anything he is going to get advanced observation and become the ultimate sniper

I feel horrible for lao g, he spent decade's storing away his strength for a special fight and ended up getting one shot

Law WILL LIVE and continue being the best surgeon, he, best Doc Chopper and Marco + Whitebeard sluty nurses WILL create the best Hospital.

Luffy pulls out a mallet looks towards the panel, does the eyebrow raise thing and hits kaido with the mallet

No it's break, chapter 1047, then 2 breaks

He could have saved Ace by giving him a cow's heart.

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ussop will get advanced observation haki infused shots that can leap through time

No, user. I meant the Skypiea scene foreshadowed Ussop getting Observation Haki. He knew what Luffy was doing despite the distance. Sanji didn't seems to know it, if that's him on the rock.

Actual retard.

>Kaido STILL hasn't shown awakening
This arc is never ending

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What one piece women have that big clit energy?

I hate this meme. I am pretty sure his hybrid form is the awakening

big mom is a giant who has birthed many powerful kids and every part of her vagina is definitely massive

Oda should let kaido win but lose at the same time

>usopp getting a zoan weapon upgrade

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That makes no sense


drunk kaido was his awakening. his physique visibly changes


Why do people keep thinking Kaido is going to awaken? Isn't it more likely that the fact he's a dragon at all mean he's already awakened? We all already know that his fruit is a reference to folktales about fish climbing waterfalls and transforming into dragons but the actual mechanics of his fruit haven't been explained so isn't this the simplest explanation until we are told otherwise?

wait, we're on break now?

Drunk Kaido most resembles the Impel Down guards.

Because neither full beast nor hybrid are awakening.
Although I believe Oda might have sneaked in Kaido awakening already

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no, retard, momo started as a dragon for a reason
it's the azure dragon fruit

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It's a mytgical zoan, have we ever seen marco's true hybrid form?

Fight has another volume left. Why do people think Kaido has used everything he has?

His cheekbones are also more prominent and his jaw is much bigger

Now that I think about it
Luffy being a Zoan explains how he outlasted fucking Katakuri

There's barely any difference, and his dragon form has been somewhat malleable in terms of features as well. If he doesn't get a very obvious new transformation then it would be shitty.