Daily Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro chapter

Chapter 59

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Done. A nice twist, and a cute and ghostly love story. I liked this chapter. A good volume opener.
Do you like taking pictures?
See you tomorrow!

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Thanks Op! I like comfy spooky stories.
Yeah but not as much as I used too. I took one that I like to think could have been a ghost once, but probably wasn't.

the coat comes off
it's srs bsns time

Sen: Traveler in Bats

the fuck
how much time passed between and ? why did kuro and the gang take the picture, then go off somewhere, then come back to talk about the camera? is it very obvious and I'm being a big dummy?

> art project
Surprise GA chapter

I think you may have missed the "days earlier" bubble.


It's back

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Photos are nice but I've never been one to take many myself, the only photos on my phone are of cats. Once I went on a trip to the faraway wonderland of America and visiting many famous sites; and the only time I thought to use to camera I brought along was when I saw a squirrel.

what the fuck what happened to the photographer

I love taking pictures. Here's one I took last year (quality sucks b/c it was taken by holding binoculars with one hand and holding my smartphone up to the eyepiece with the other)

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I don't take many pictures. Thanks OP

He died at sea and became a ghost bound to his camera. This happened before the events of the chapter.

Thanks OP

>and the only time I thought to use to camera I brought along was when I saw a squirrel.

Well, post the photo of the squirrel, user.

holy shit how did i miss that

i used to do that in university, taking pictures of magnified things under the microscope

Ah, the almost schizophrenic episode

Feels like Kuro has grow

One of the more memorable chapters just because of the round storytelling. Everything just works, this chapter even works if you show it to someone who’s never read Kuro before.
Top 5 chapters of the entire series.

Nice suspicious detail here if you pay close enough attention. he doesn’t cast a shadow

>quality sucks
Looks fine to me. There's good bokeh focus and the circle frames it well.

aye, giving it a second look it actually looks pretty stylish. I like the artifacts (lens flare? dunno the jargon) that made it out of the circle

the reflections on the water work well too

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Did he discharge?

Ah yes, the old thing about cameras stealing souls, being a while since I saw it mentioned

Good friend ;_;

wait do kuro and sen even know the man is there? do they interact with him at all?

Hmmmm. Does it only apply to the right half of the page then?

(for the spoiler-afraid, it's just speculation about this chapter, not plot spoilers)
oh shit, I don't think so

think so. they could have changed the background colour of the page so one side is one colour, etc.

the moon outside my windows is just like that yellow and curved

GOD i don't know why but i really love bits like that. just tickles me just right.

This one was really clever. I had to read through it twice to understand what the fuck just happened.

I'm starting to think the reason some people have trouble following along is because they're reading right to left instead of up to down.


They're even sitting on the fucking moon too. Satoko I kneel

They be playing D&D

>Trying to pick up a ghost girl
I would do the same

Cute scared ghost

t. Haraki

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I think it's the first time the characters are shown as photographs.

smooth guy

Damn this guy secured that ghost pussy

Beautiful paneling

Is she kissing him?

This was some sixth sense shit.

Thanks OP, correct me if I'm wrong but Kuro and Send couldn't see the ghost guy right?



excellent fucking chapter thanks OP

cute dogs