I'm really glad that this is just fiction and not true at all

I'm really glad that this is just fiction and not true at all.

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Then later in the story we find out that he's a hypocrite that refused to look at the inside of that one woman. He's an incel, and if you relate to him, so are you

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Glad you enjoyed this.
Check out Ultra Heaven too.

women have a natural sense towards potential partners, if you're a fuck up they'll know.

>women have a natural sense towards potential partners
Trust me, they don't

Why can't girls see the inside?


And they see... that ur still fat and gay;_;7

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Is ultra heaven still on hiatus?





I do wonder how many men who complain about women being shallow cunts ever tried asking out an ugly girl with a likable personality instead of awkwardly hovering around women just because they find them insanely physically attractive.

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Not just that, imagine how many hedonistic anons pick multiple waifus. Can't even be loyal to the ideal of a woman.

Cel here. I've asked out 4/10s and they are still the same. Women cannot love the way men do, and that's all there is to it. I get the impression that people who get triggered by this must be incels themselves, since their unwillingness to recognize the nature of women is both unscientific and debunked. They are inherently hypergamous and evolved to primarily care about status, resources while being adapted to male polygamy.

>girl with a likable personality
Not a real thing

pretty much this, men know what girls want and girl know what men want. Keep it simple, talk freely.

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An ugly girl with "likeable personality" wrote this post.

wtf i thouught it ended with that last chapter

Well he was always a massive hypocrite. Dude didn't even know how good he had it at the expense of others until he met a taxi driver who was put out of a job by the company MC used to work for

But inside doesn't matter

>Girl with a likable personality
Way to out yourself as inexperienced.

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this manga was decent until the fucking burp/vore and plastic surgery chapters.

>women have a natural sense towards potential partners,
That is why women never get murdered by their husband, that literally never happens
Women are super humab beings that have 2 extra senses and can figure out who their SO is via fucking leaf readings and horoscope

If you consider women humans you already lost.
Women are not people and they are your enemy.

>They are inherently hypergamous and evolved to primarily care about status
So same as men, only incel hypocrites disagree

Men only care about women's looks

and a prettier girl will up your status

The last chapter was a cliffhanger.

>Same as men
Okay, I thought you were a roastie/tranny. Good to know I was right.

Men select for beauty (indicates good genes + health) and fertility.

i read it awhile ago but i thought it was like an abstract thing

not the same user and you literally posted "Women cannot love the way men do" which contradicts yourself.
All humans are inherently egoists, women are just more obvious about it which is a good thing

thats not the same thing retard. one is general, and one is specific to what is found attractive in the opposite sex.

It's often the same thing retard, attraction to the opposite sex if tied to self-benefit either way

This but unironically

Incel website.

>ever tried asking out an ugly girl with a likable personality
I'm still looking for any girl with likeable personality. Only one I remember was some normie retard from highschool. Kinda neat to hang around with, but too retarded in the end. Also happened to be a christcuck, tho I'm sure if she wasn't she'd just be a woketard... Maybe her being a christcuck is what prevented her from going the woke route? But yeah, she had a "likeable personality" which came at the cost of like 60iq points.

Drawing out and assessing a potential partner's inner qualities is a skill. Some women do it subtly. Most do it by clumsy questions and presenting outlandish scenarios. Of course they'll only exert any genuine effort on blokes who actually deigned to make a show of being on the market.

Femboys are looking better every year

They don't look any further because even the men can tell there's nothing inside of you.


Yes I've fucked a fat pig if that's what you're asking.

What's inside doesn't matter, exemplify your internal qualities. Everything mankind has ever accomplished has been a roundabout way of getting laid. Most women aren't going to give a shit about how much you know about physics but you can bet coming up with general relativity got Einstein copious amounts of pussy and that was part of the plan. The reason why the human brain is so big relative to other animals is because it and the penis function in tandem to the point where you could describe them as functionally the same organ and this has been true since the day of the caveman where he who could use his surroundings the most intelligently would thrive.

Yes but unlike cavemen when women do something stupid we're no longer allowed to beat them into submission which throws the entire balance

>it's women's fault they're not attracted to me
Pathetic thread desu


Pic related.

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You can you just have to be more subtle about it

Honestly you idiots who INSIST that women must face all the exact same problems men do will never understand anything about relationships

Men don't do this shit when women complain about their problems, so how about you learn to shut up and not be the center of attention sometimes? Damn cunt.

>He couldn't see into her
>She saw into him, and saw a devil
Dude was so superficial he ended up seeing only himself.

>30 pages of him having sex with a girl with his face

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women are more shallow than men

>tried asking out an ugly girl with a likable personality
no such thing

ugly chicks have souls as ugly as their face

His inner narcissism bleeding into his perceived outside world. He failed to settle his psychological problems and instead was devoured by them. Dangers of staring into the abyss.

Most ugly women act just as entitled and cunty as their hot counterparts, and some are just selfish and/or insane. And a few, I assume, are good people.

I knew a hamplanet too fat to wash themselves. It wasn't fun being around her after the 6 year mark since she was pushing her 30s and it was getting obvious, but she suffered from ADHD and Autism, her future was really fucking bleak.

I came.

i don't remember much of this manga but wasn't him just crazy at the end?

"looking inside" is a meme, every personality is interesting/endearing or boring/repulsive depending on how you look at it; looks are more important because they are a less subjective measurement


I'm not going to go after someone who is a fat tub of lard if i'm not fat

People only care about looks. Even the people who are aware of this aren't immune because it's such a deep part of what humans are, it's completely instinctual.