Why isn't Shizuku more popular?

Why isn't Shizuku more popular?

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Yea Forums has bad tastes and too busy fighting about what two 12 year old boys are up to.


Thought she had a QOS tattoo on the thumbnail


Not enough screen time, not enough porn

Homosexual fanbase

Girl in a yaoi manga

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POV : She gives you the succ

I've seen weight gain art of her, so she's popular enough.

why did she make her power a vacuum cleaner? seems uh... kinda sexist to herself


Stop liking evil women.

but i can literally fix her

so, just be gay then?

They joined a criminal organization that LITERALLY treats human life as worthless, has no qualms about killing children or old people and does all that just for material gain. There is absolutely no fixing either of them.

Not all women are evil, look at Mito-san or Bisky, also Palm sort of.

What if I just like evil women being with other evil women?

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She isn't evil, just has no problem killing.

machi is superior

But short hair and glasses!

Your tolerance for evil is too high.
Just because she is not cackling in a cartoonish way while killing people does not mean she is not evil for killing said people.

HxH is a BL manga

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A what now?

Boys Love

Top five girls

Because she’s a tattoo’d whore

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wew lad

she's very popular with my dick

>Why isn't Shizuku more popular?
She's pure sex. But chronically forgetful, to the point you could hook up, fuck and she'll murder you in the morning, by shoving Blinky up your ass, all the while screaming rape, when she forgets you got together the night before. That said, I'd still hit it and happily die the next day.

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this stupid bitch doesn't get it. Shizuku's appeal is how fucking clueless she is.

She sucks.

Shizuku is a legit 10/10

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She is a murderer. She doesn't deserve our love.

Imagine Shizuku with a pregnant belly

She's gonna die horribly in the SW isnt she. Too weak to take on hisoka

Dead series, that's it.

Her glasses.

Shizuku isn't evil she's just very autistic, please understand

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It's weird that she's a conjurer since she's an absolute airhead

She has a support ability, she's not weak per se

Can't die if the story never continues

The idea that there's any heterosexuality in this garbage series is offensive and should be a bannable offense.

Just pretend that it's Hisoka experimenting with gum and texture

Me, having my soul drained

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Most likely retarded.

cope, HxH has some of the best girl designs ever

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Just from the top of my head: Paku, Machi, Zazan, Palm and the busty side character from the GI.
Also manga Pitou is debatable, anime one isn't.

>loli form Bisky
>the announcer girls
>the female Kakin princes
there are a ton of cute girls in this series

fucking please. Killing a couple of non-nen users shouldn't even be considered a crime

Gon should have just raped and impregnated Pitou

Most likely a barbie doll down there.

Pitou is female and has a vagina.

I doubt it.
Sexual urges for the RG would just be a distraction.

They don't have sexual urges but that doesn't mean they can't have sex.

Everything that doesn't help with protecting the King is redundant.

How strong do you think Wing and Izunavi are?

Isn't that photo pretty much off model, she's a nerd

no she canonically has big tits and an hourglass figure