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Chapter 166: Niikura and the Path Part Two

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oh boy 5 oclock

162, 163, 164, 165 Part One

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Lightening fast

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And that's it. Unexpectedly heavy.
What are your thoughts on what you learned in school?

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is that the end of volume i see?

Not yet. Tomorrow's chapter is the last one in the volume.
Also, congrats Hina on the final post.


Wait what the fuck?! Why was that all so philosophical?
>What are your thoughts on what you learned in school?
I think it was all pretty useful. Certainly I learned enough to serve as a basis for further specialization. I never understood why people complained about what is taught in schools, because it really is a lot of good stuff

She's fucking INSANE
Well I think a lot of things I learnt did help me even though at first it didn't seem like it ever would. Latin for example
Thanks as always OP!

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>what you learned in school?
a lot. what I didn't learn was what I should have done with my life or what to work towards.

>What are your thoughts on what you learned in school?
School is where you learn about tribalism and self-delusion

You only grow up once you've sufficiently humiliated yourself.

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What, why? Doesn't that make them less effective at eating?

>frigate bird

Thanks user
The single thing I learned was a studying habit which helped me in many ways. My thoughs are more or less like Niikura says.

it's a sexual selection thing, and the males only inflate theirs during courtship

>tomorrow's chapter: Final Farewells
>background art is a moving company

Oh no.

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>Ecchan and Matsuri being separated

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attention resident soremachi expert, when did soremachi first start? more specifically, what was the first appearance of tatsuno or someone who resembled tatsuno?

Like when was it first published? 2005. Tatsuno was there since chapter 1. The author does reuse some designs but Tatsuno is an original design for Soremachi, created in 2004. She was based on the author's wife.

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>>tomorrow's chapter: Final Farewells

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Thanks, anonsito.

oh yeah? then whos this tatsuno spotted in 2003?

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I refuse to answer without my lawyer.

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Maybe Nichi2K isn't so bad

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it's not something he's proud of

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no user dont kill yourself nooooo

Give me one (1) reason to keep going. CITY will be ending soon and I will end with it

max out any credit cards paying for translations before you go.

CITY ended months ago and you're still here. that proves you can live without it

thanks, OP. i had some good experiences with friends learning fun things in high school and then uni was all about trying to past tests and get a degree

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Fair point, pizzas for everyone
The daily kept me going, I will die with it


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there will be other dailies! bigger and better!

but you can't have any more pizza when you're dead

lord enma will just bring you back to before you died anyway

was this really necessary

The next daily will have 3 readers after all the current ones join the death pact.

not particularly, but i could do it

>rational backpack contents layout
it's the little things
i can't believe Niikura is fucking dead
Nose guy is expected, he's endangered anyway
what do they even teach them in schools nowadays
People have several faces. That angry and/or stupid brat that annoys you between classes can act as a decent human being given the right circumstances
Thank you OP

Thanks for the dump like always OP.

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>because it really is a lot of good stuff
i wish

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but we already a tmkiz

is that a motherfucking higuma reference