Daily Hellsing 3

Chapter 3: Murder Club
(Ch. 2)

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I fucking love this page

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iIf you love that page so much why don't you marry it lmao

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Lady Integra was my first crush.

Godly taste friend

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Look at these lovebirds

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She certainly looks cuter than in the anime.

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In the anime they just used her later, inferior design

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Man, early hellsing artwork sure feels different

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I love how he hates literally any other vampire that isn't Seras
Hirano was fresh out of making doujins and it shows

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Who's the no life King

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I think it's Alucard himself unless I'm wrong

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The whole thing about taking the shot remind me of the abridged version

End of Order 3
Integra got it right this early kek

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I forgot a ton of the abridged jokes over the years

I have been rewatching it from time to time over the years, so I remember a lot

Thanks OP

The artstyle really changed as the serie progress.

Oh good, I thought I'd missed it.

Integra has some shifty eyes in that first panel.

Evil lovebirds

Alucard honestly has a lot of strong convictions and hard morals for an eldritch abomination.



Take the shot, police girl.

Alucard doesn’t like knock offs.

Thanks OP
But how could it possibly be the Nazis??

I haven't been able to post before, but what the hell is the protestant church supposed to be? Does she just mean the church of England?


This is one of my favorite pages of all time

yes, Anglicanism



Is it bad that I only know about hellsing thanks to the abridged version? I did end up watching all the Ultimate OVA's but never found the need to read the manga

It looks cool.
>Is it bad that I only know about hellsing thanks to the abridged version?
I wouldn’t say so.
>but never found the need to read the manga
You’re missing out.

The Manga is super fucking good, Ultimate is 1to1 but you miss the insane artwork in the manga

he really looks like Vash here

This is hot. Makes sense seeing he came from hentai

>stretches out his right arm backward on the first panel as a windup
>throws his right arm forward on the third
>hand that comes through the guy's chest is left
>bleeding hand on the next panel is left too


Oh shit didn't know this was going on. Glad I caught it early on, been meaning to read Hellsing for a while. It was my first anime like 10 years ago.

For me it was seras, but then I watched the anime so integra wasn't that appealing

Oh hey Seras doesn't have her uniform yet at this point in the manga. Pretty sure she did in the anime.