ITT: Anime/manga world maps

ITT: Anime/manga world maps

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That world map is pathetically small

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My dick would cover half the grand line.

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not surprising

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>OP shitter is also a /pol/ tourist
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>immediately derailed
many such cases!

Why aliens like to starting shit north west of the planet, also broly and gogeta really fuked up the ice island

>didn't read Dark Continent arc

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I did and you're retarded

Tsunade's homeland.

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What is happening in Rice?

>Land of That
Wait, they couldn't mean, THAT?

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>oil kingdom

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>land of milk
>no land of honey
What did they mean by this?
Also what's between canyons and sound?

>you will never live in the land of Oranges and fall in love with a tsundere land of Lemons princess

Karafuto and Etorofu belong to Japan.


Nice, what anime?

Nothing will ever beat pic related as the laziest world map of all time. I'm still utterly baffled it's getting an anime

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>Land of the Sea

>Sabaku Sea

Flat Earth, no oceans.

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>when a bunch of filler episodes build the world for you

Names are shitty but i hate how this is the best shonen map by far

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lmao that one user is right. Half this map had to be constructed around areas mentioned in random filler arcs. Incredible.

I love imagining world maps from random-ass patterns, though.

Ok Yea Forums, how do you draw a good fantasy world map?
Most just suck.

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That's my dick

Map of a place i made up, it was a fun little project

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Pic-related for starters.
I suggest learning how and why the real world works in the way that it does. Once you know that add one fantasy detail that twists something basic.
Instead of running wild, try taking one thing you've changed about the way your world works and see how it affects everything.

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Thanks user i was in dire needs of this

You could look at other planets for inspiration

What are some adventure anime/manga that explore big worlds and see cool places and people and have a big ol’ World map?

One piss

So, basically Earth but expanded at the corners.

Doesn't have a world map.

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When you say, "that" you mean...?!?

Hidamari Sketch

The ones on the right looking like they're having a fine time.

i tried to find the tld version but sadly i never saved the mega folder with it

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Fucking kek

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Ah yes. The country of one dragon humping another.

>that map
I want to live in Carl

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>The Thousand Islands
Are they tiny islands or are the continents that big?
This map is just hilariously bad.

This map is fake.

Are hippopotamus actually horses?
People just name things after a feel. It's thousand islands because there several islands in that archipelago, not necessarily actually a thousand of them

>Clover kingdom
>Leader has obtained wizard status
Of course

Don't use my favorite elf to shitpost, you cur.

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Isn't Yami from Japan so shouldn't Japan be on the map?

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