Rosen Garten Saga

Chapter 19 is out.

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Dump it

Are we finally caught up with the raws?

I don't even read this shit but you are a attention whore retard if you make a chapter thread and don't dump it what's the fucking point

Close, 19 out of 21 soon to be 22

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Is there anything as funny as this? I need recommendations as many as possible

Pump it?

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Aiki is the closest thing that comes to mind

Man, the start of this manga was lame as fuck.
But this Battle Royale is legit hilarious

You like nacked men? Grand blue.


Oolong tea is great but Rosen Garten has absurdity on complete another level
Anime confirmed when?


Especially this naked men arc remidns me of some Gintama episodes a lot.
But Gintama is sprawling monster, it has a lot of different comedy styles, and worse, it has its tiresome shounen arcs.

But I suspect some of the roots/tastes are common with RGS. And authros might like it too.

Anyone have that pass that makes dumping faster? I could try dumping it but it'd take a bit since I dont have it.

Here's the first page anyway

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I love Attila so much.

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Why am I reading this comic with a lot of nacked men's butt?

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I wonder where that info came from. That's not how Lynn acts either

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Its not (that) gay if its funny


can we get a Rosen Garten Saga anime powered by fujo crowds money?

Just realized my last comment was made too soon. Fuck it

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Okay now my comment stands. Wonder why her info is wrong

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>I wonder where that info came from
check how Brunnhild acted in chapter 2 in Lynn's village.
She even made the stupid face, so it is probably relatively common knowledge she is like this. Everybody in Rosen Garten Saga has a dork side. Kinda hope nipsycho desn't, he doesn't deserve one.

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Oh yeah I forgot about ch1. I doubt this one is a fake though, so I wonder what changed

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Holy shit I love this ninja so much.

lol fucking ninja

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>disinterested female
damn guys, Lynn's queen is so hawt,
How do we get to go carpet for our girl without making her our boy?

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Didn't realize the chapter was so long, I regret deciding to dump it for you degenerates

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Thanks user, somebody had to

The 1min wait between posts is fucking hell.

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Atilla is the best

We went 20 pages without needing to hide under a spoiler tag, a miracle for this series. About to change though

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oh sorry

Mjinn is too cyute

i love this manga

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Thanks for your hard work.

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Sorry for what

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I preferred him naked to be quite honest

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>You now remember that alibaba agreed about fucking with aladdin