Ragged elf

>elephant whale skin

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Soulless trash.

>so her bangs were cut short
In what world is that short? It's still covering the eye

I saw some pic of this story before, but i never read it because it looked extremelly horrible with what they did to her. Does anything got better at the end?

Well, he'll steadily trying to get her nursed back to health and restore her ability to have somewhat acceptable quality of life
Her arms and legs didn't make it though an now she has transplanted leg and arm (just one of each, which is sad)

elves are pure sex


look at this medic
now look at yourself
why aren't you like this medic user
TFW YWN medic

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I thought it was cute at first, but theres something beyond fucked up about this whole premise doesnt help that the dude is making a prequel how she got potatoed

didnt he draw porn of this too ?

He is drawing prequel(porn) at the same time, paywalled on fanbox.

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I'm expecting she will soon get an arm and leg prosthesis, and maybe a glass eye.

No need for prosthesis, there's no reason for them not to go back to frankenloli at some point to get her another eye and the remaining limbs. He even said he was glad to have her since she gave him all kinds of interesting data. It wasn't mentioned but I'm guessing they only did a few at this point to make sure her body could handle the transplants in the first place, seeing as she's still in rough shape and it took awhile for the limbs she got to start responding and moving

And an onahole replacement

>It wasn't mentioned but I'm guessing they only did a few at this point to make sure her body could handle the transplants in the first place
he didn't have more body parts to use.
He also said he learned everything there was to learn. Hope that was just being tsun and he won't refuse further help.

where can I read it, I remember watching some art but with original text no translation on authors twitter

mangadex works

The Dex.

That's just the fate of all elves.

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He's probably being a cheeky cunt but at the same time the Apothecary's at the point where he'd go probably hit up the nearest whorehouse and straight murder a girl of similar build if Reszurre asked

cute elf

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but she is too weak

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no, apothecary is a good guy

Both are true. What happened to the girl is incredibly fucked up. What is happening now is good, but of course it would be better if it was never needed in the first place. The part that makes you feel weird as a reader is that even without the prequel, her trauma is still our entertainment.

Ultimately though, that's part of story telling. It's just not obfuscated here. You can't have a true act of selfless kindness without something that necessitates it. Typically, authors use unnamed third parties so our hero can be heroic without the readers having to see the cost.

When our hero stops the thug kingpin and save the day, she's one of the nameless hundreds who he used up to become the kingpin in the first place.

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To be precises, the fucked up feeling is coming from the author himself. I get the feeling the guy is boredline psychotic for envisioning the scenario in the first place, depending how you look at it, its pure torture porn

So what was Adam wanted to talk with her in private about

god damn it
fine, I'll go work out earlier than planned

Her entire reproductive system has been put through the cheese grater.
If she ever wanted a new one, Adam could arrange it

that's a fun mental picture

Should they, in theory, be able to await for that surgeon to restock on compatible limbs and finish the job?
I mean, might as well go all the way so that she can recover normal functionality.

Has there ever been any dialogue implying he's an isekai protagonist?


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A lot of projection going on in this thread. Like someone that writes murder suspense novels is secretly a murderer? I guess tom clancy is actually a spy super agent too. Quit assuming what a persons personality is based on their work.

Being an author means making the most interesting or relatable cast possible and then giving them trials to overcome. There's always an element of sadism involved. Odds are pretty good that your favorite character's best moment probably took place on the most difficult day of their life.

This story just strips away everything else. We don't get justice, we don't get a reason for her to have gone through this, there isn't any mystery in what happened. Just one character helping another slowly come back from a living hell, out of a desire to do good. It isn't a masterpiece or anything, but it is pretty interesting in that respect.

You're looking at it from the wrong perspective. An author's job is to hurt his characters to entertain his readers. This particular series isn't even torture porn, it's healing porn. Reszurre is getting better and better with every page he releases.

>Anonymous sees characters suffering for the first time
Feels like some people reading this are underage and it also happened in previous threads. Please, step out of your bubble and grow up.

That would be true if he didnt also write this mangadex.org/title/88c9e6d5-bea6-40ec-bf17-805fa5250026/elf-san-kako-hen

So can he or can he not fuck her? At least the blowjobs should be fine right? Especially if he can remove dentures

I see.
Being willing to go that far is pretty based if you ask me. Not going to read through the prequel, but still, good for the author. He enjoys making his creations suffer. That's a sign of a good author, I'm looking forward to his future works.

Didnt ask

elf bros....

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they are not human so it is fine

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Meh, 3rd rate character of a mangaka with hero syndrome.

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So becoming the little girl requires you to become a mad scientist?

it's a pretty viable path yeah

again, fuck these subhumans

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he does it for free!

Gripping her ear like a column shifter makes me giggle and then I feel bad

Is the new chapter out?

Fucking based. Also they do it for free never forget that!

Elf haet sausage

I did not care for this doujin series.

Did he cancel the prequel

random elf girl who is tortured and enslaved along with the rest of her race. she ends up becoming the queen of the human empire that enslaved her while also out breeding the human race

is good shit

The concept isn't the issue, I just didn't care for it. It's not even the best elf doujin out there.

He tends to flip flop about, updating the main story for a few pages before switching back to the prequel

Prequel currently has 13 pages, the scanlation group is behind.



I thought it was cute at first, but there's something beyond fucked up about this whole premise where anons keep posting this same comment in every thread about this series