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Chapter 39

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Hey I was right on time

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It's a real issue

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Cute girlfriend Petra

Damn bitch you live like this?

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And that's it for today
Petra is getting a bit jealous, let's hope she doesn't blow his head off

Do you have any preferences / types when it comes to girls? Do you also hate redheads or are you a fan?
Brown hair, clumsy, wearing glasses and so on and so on, I have my type and it's not a secret. Redheads are fine though

Thank you for reading
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Incredibly cute and jealous girlfriend Petra.
Also, its nice to hear that Sando got paid to fuck models, you just KNOW.
>Do you have any preferences / types when it comes to girls?
Physically small, but strong willed
>Do you also hate redheads or are you a fan?
I am neutral on the Redhead Question



>you dressing like a slut is absolutely vital to the mission

Thanks again for the dump and congrats for being exactly on time
>Do you have any preferences / types when it comes to girls?
Glasses and tomboys
>Do you also hate redheads or are you a fan?
Red heads are alright
We also have another Shuffle chapter this month

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I have a very strong preference for redheads

>We also have another Shuffle chapter this month
Anime announcement?

Jealous Petra is cute but it seems like having less conditioning that the other girls is also making her more rebellious.
Dark hair, clumsy, energetic, slightly chubby.
Thanks OP.


I do believe! But if the chapter is out then I would expect some big two page spread about it

>Do you have any preferences / types when it comes to girls?
Preferences are really autistic. I used to convince myself that I for some reason didn't like blondes, but it was really just a part of some stupid ass larp that I maintained, probably thinking that it all made me cool somehow. It's been a while since I was 16, however.

>Do you have any preferences / types when it comes to girls?
Yes I always liked short light brown straight hair, kind of like Henrietta's, I also like green eyes, as for personality I like very feminine and clingy, intelligence is always a plus.
Picture for reference.
So now that you have my preferences when is my custom made cyborg waifu gonna get shipped?

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Weapon list for today:
Sandro's penis

Thanks OP.
My dream girl's appearance would be freckles, green eyes, brunette, modest dress like skirts, athletic and have an easy going personality and I'd give her lots of hugs.
Redheads have grown on me over the years since most tend to also have freckles and green eyes.

He's really good with the disguises


How does he keep getting more based

Cheeky android, you need correction NOW!

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Thanks, OP.
I'm not terribly picky, but the prettiest girl I've ever seen was an Icelandic girl I sat next to on a plane once. Couldn't talk to her worth a damn and it didn't help that I hadn't washed my shirt for over a week, but oh well.

>Yes it is mission critical for you to dress like college jailbait and for me to feel you up during the conversations
>For once, at least

Damn this chapter is hilarious

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>Petra looking up names with both fingers while stepping from foot to foot

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You know that could be where this is going, OP. If I didn't know better I would think that's what this is leading up to

So how many of you have already converted to Petragang?

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I welcome our yandere cyborg

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NO! I will never betray my imoutodaughterwife Henrietta! Never!

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Riko gang for life

I wonder how the other cyborgs would react if they learned Petra got to first base with her handler.

I had a friend who looked at me like Petra looks at Sandro

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Thanks for reading everyone!

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>Creates a cover that excuses him to dress up Petra even more and feel her up in public
He can't keep getting better

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First time or re-reading? Because Petra is about to wreck that faith.


Re-reading. My loyalty to Henrietta-chan is as strong as ever whatever happens.

First time. I don't see how my mind could change.

Blonde or redhead Petra?

I like the mediterranean type, relatively dark hair and slightly tanned skin. And I don't really like redheads but I mostly don't mind.

Petra posters definitely have ruined this story time. No point of reading it with Yea Forums at this point. Never though I would see GSG threads devolve into waifu posting. I just want all you Petra posters to know that she dies a miserable death from cancer

The problem with these threads is there are like 13 posters, so the vocal minority can really stink up the place.

Thanks OP. Sandro is living the dream, from sleeping with terrorists and killing terrorists afterwards to playing spy and killing more terrorists with his cyborg girlfriend.

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At least she fuged
Also you can't complain about waifu posting during these volumes, try again when shit hits the fan in the story

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I was a Petra convert from the moment I saw her
I will sex Petra and there is nothing you can do about it

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I reread the entire manga over the last few days. It's one of my favorites because it does so many things right. The cyborg loli concept, the cute girl moe, the relationships between cyborgs and handlers, the side characters, the italian cultural references, the role of the social welfare agency, the italian federalist movement, the guns, the action scenes, etc. Not only are the individual chapters entertaining but they work as part of a larger whole due to the slowly progressing character development and the political situation that develops throughout the manga. Most series feel like the author is making shit up as he goes along but this one feels like the structure was planned from the beginning.
However there are still some things I dislike such as Sandro (he's too special) and the final chapter (I get what the author was going for but the execution was terrible).
Best girl: Priscilla
Best cyborg: Beatrice